When you're sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Create lasting change with Cognomovement.

Katie learned Cognomovement when navigating her way out of chronic pain. Cognomovement helped her realize that all of our bodies have the ability to heal and that accepting the diagnosis does not mean you have to accept the prognosis. 


Who does this help? 

If you've landed on this site, you're likely fed up with a chronic condition or pain. Learn more about who Katie works with and what the outcomes look like. 


What is Cognomovement? 

Cognomovement is a Cognitive Movement Exercise System that is designed for the quick and powerful change of chronic problems


Why Katie? 

Katie is on a mission to be of service to the chronically ill, distressed, and disabled so they are free to go live, love and laugh again.

Cognomovement in Action.

Watch Katie and fellow Cognomovement practitioner Cari Moffet as they give you a demonstration of a real life situation showing how a Cognomovement session can help you work through anxiety. 

Is Cognomovement right for you?

"...Katie has helped me work through some major resentments which have improved all of my relationships."

Listen to the full testimonial below.

"...I was so pleasantly surprised at the depth and effectiveness of the cognomovement experience. I cried, I laughed, and most importantly, I left with actionable insights I didn't have access to before the session."

Melanie Curtis

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