In-Person Cognomovement!

Come try Cognomovement! 

Monday's: I'll be available for in-person Cognomovement sessions at Complete Health 180 in Richmond, ME! 

164 Main Street Unit 3
Richmond, ME 04357

Fridays: I'll be available for in-person Cognomovement sessions at Integrative Health Center of Maine in Cumberland Foreside, ME!

15 Sky View Drive
Cumberland Foreside, ME 04110

A few things about me...

I spent 8 years in chronic pain. 

For twenty years, I ignored my needs through substance-abuse, and other methods of numbing which resulted in a failed marriage, subsequent divorce, and multiple surgeries. Some of my medical blessings include:

Six bulging discs in my lower back, fractured T10,  a herniated disc in my neck, bone spur in neck rubbing peripheral nerve, and a fractured facet joint at L5 with severe arthritis rubbing on peripheral nerve

Hysterectomy from severe endometriosis and adenomyosis


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

And a doctor’s prognosis that more surgeries were to come.

What I can teach you about healing chronic pain. 

Traditional medicine failed me, so I created my own remedy. In 2018, I fully embraced the desire to live a pain free life. I created a new path to heal myself. 

The rewards were immediate for me. They can be for you too. In total, I spent 8 years in chronic pain.

Every day, I heal.

Let me teach you.

  • Consistently and courageously live a healthy life, free from the shackles of chronic pain.
  • It’s hard to see possibilities when you’re in pain. 
  • Health is the foundational pillar to purpose, possibilities and pursuit.
  • Everyone has the ability to heal themselves.
  • Laughter serves your healing journey.
  • You can have a life full of joy and fulfillment.
  • There is an emotional connection tied to your pain. Finding it is exceptionally courageous

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Workbook: 4 Controllable Areas That Impact Physical Pain

What working with me looks like...

Kate Wrigley, I value so much as a coach and mentor. She helped me embrace Value Selling framework is a way that it felt natural to adopt. Her approach is to guide to the right outcome instead of telling me what I should do. We had numerous discussions which positively enabled me to become a better seller and a better customer advocate. My time with Kate was invaluable. She cares for her sellers, their success and gives nothing short of 100%. I can't thank her enough for her guidance, commitment and, faith. Kate is a great coach, mentor and would recommend her to any seller.

Belema Roberts