“As someone who has tried many different healing modalities with great success, I was so pleasantly surprised at the depth and effectiveness of the cognomovement experience. I cried, I laughed, and most importantly, I left with actionable insights I didn't have access to before the session. Even with my experience, I still felt nervous. Katie facilitated such a safe and gentle space while clearly guiding me through each part of the experience. There's no reason not to try this!”- Melanie Curtis

"I have been working with Katie for several months using Cognomovement. Katie has helped me work through some major resentments which have improved all of my relationships. She has helped me to work through some self-esteem issues which has helped my confidence immensely. Katie has even helped me to overcome fearing judgement of passengers in my car about my driving. All of these sessions have been effective at creating massive change in my life and I am so appreciative of her skills and welcoming nature. I can tell you first hand Katie is top notch as a coach and Cognomovement Practitioner. Thank you Katie!"

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“Katie is the best coach I've had thus far. She is so extremely helpful, kind, caring, and empathetic. I feel she knows just what to say and how to help you realize what you feel is totally ok and normal. She knows what empowering questions to ask and how to help get you through tough situations. I'm so honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and I cannot thank her enough for how much she has helped me. I am so happy to hear her business as a coach is thriving and I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is willing and ready to change their life.”

Kate Wrigley, I value so much as a coach and mentor. She helped me embrace Value Selling framework is a way that it felt natural to adopt. Her approach is to guide to the right outcome instead of telling me what I should do. We had numerous discussions which positively enabled me to become a better seller and a better customer advocate. My time with Kate was invaluable. She cares for her sellers, their success and gives nothing short of 100%. I can't thank her enough for her guidance, commitment and, faith. Kate is a great coach, mentor and would recommend her to any seller.

“I’ve known Katie for two months now and what she has brought to my life in that short span, both as a friend and life coach, is amazing! Her outlook and approach is brilliant, informative, enlightening and supportive. This is my first experience with life coaching and it’s extremely fulfilling and even fun! I highly recommend picking Katie’s brain and allowing her to tap into your heart and mind.”

“Kate has been such a blessing in my life. Her way of coaching made me comfortable to share things in a space of non judgment. I was a bit of a skeptic at first but I needed help so badly. I was happily surprised that within a matter of weeks I started noticing the changes to my mindset and drive to follow-through. And her blunt and honest accountability coupled with her heartfelt care has truly made a difference in my life.”


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