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Stop doing the SAME thing that keeps you in pain!

You are spending time and energy attempting to manage your chronic pain but how aware are you of other areas in your life that will continue to influence your pain levels? When you raise your awareness in each of the following areas, you will be on your way to becoming unstoppable. 

Who Will Benefit from this class? 

  • CHRONIC PAIN (physical and/or emotional)
  • Endless visits to medical professionals with limited results
  • Sense of hopelessness at the idea that this is as good as life gets
  • Inability to participate in activities you love due to pain
  • Constant exhaustion
  • Prospect of long term or permanent disability
  • Fear and anxiety around possible of surgery or reliance on addictive pain killers

What Will I learn? 

Find Hope

Understand more about pain management and how to positively impact it in your own life.

Understand the Journey 

4 areas of focus to break apart patterns working against us and keeping us in pain.


Cognomovement stimulates cognitive function, which allows improvement in every area of your life.

About Katie Wrigley 

She's been there, done that.

I’ve been there, done that. Several years ago, I was rendered disabled after trying to run from myself and my issues. I tried every numbing technique that appealed to me: drugs, sex, binge drinking, high risk activities, high-paced stressful career...I tried it all.

Recovered and healed from very severe C-PTSD - and continue to monitor my progress and continue to improve.

Rebuilt a life from disability in 2018, making it the most fulfilling life I could ever hope for. I have learned the keys to harnessing our pain.

Canceled a neurosurgery consult for my lower back after successfully using Cognomovement to shift my own perception of pain.

Have been told 3 times that I would need surgery to resolve my body pain and I haven’t had any of them. Yet...I resolved my pain.

Have tried a plethora of various healing modalities with mixed results and learned a lot about how to utilize the various components for a holistic healing plan.

Certified Level 2 Cognomovement practitioner

Business degree

Become Unstoppable™
(utilizing the Pain Changer™ Methodology)

  • Start to Learn the healing secrets WITHIN YOU (not usually taught in traditional education and medicine)
  • Tap into your INNATE HEALING potential - dive into the heaviest pattern in your life and delete it
  • Remove limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck (in easier ways than you imagined)
  • Discover your TRUE IDENTITY (apart from pain)
  • Start to gain the skills to monitor and maintain pain-free vibrant wellness that lasts a lifetime
  • Experience A permanent change in your experience with chronic pain

What you get:

  • Weekly Group Coaching via private Facebook group and ~90-120 min Cognomovement classes every week
  • Benefit from community, support, encouragement, accountability and mastermind
  • Comprehensive Welcome Package & Tool Kit (includes 2 cognomovement balls, cognomovement basic training, Louise Hay Book, Journal, + surprises)
  • Lifetime access to online cognomovement training videos

What is Become Unstoppable™?

Pre-class: Journaling on VEMP - discover heaviest patterns weighing on you. You may be surprised by what you find!

4-6 weeks of weekly Cognomovement sessions with group coaching via the Facebook group and thrice weekly live check-ins into the group with me - I have done this program in other ways, but never like this. So it may be as short as 4 weeks or as long as 6 - we will figure that out as we go!

Online meditations posted weekly in Facebook group to help during pain spikes and restless nights

Guarantee:  If you do the work and literally nothing changes in your pain state or life, you will get your money back.


What's it worth

  • Cognomovement sessions - value $900
  • VEMP materials - $6250
  • Welcome package - $400
  • Online meditations - $500
  • Direct access to Katie - $2000

Value: $10,050

What you pay

  • $999 before February 5th 
  • $1,099 February 6th - 10th
  • Registration closes Feb 10.

Savings: Over $9,000

"I have been working with Katie for several months using Cognomovement. Katie has helped me work through some major resentments which have improved all of my relationships. She has helped me to work through some self-esteem issues which has helped my confidence immensely. Katie has even helped me to overcome fearing judgement of passengers in my car about my driving. All of these sessions have been effective at creating massive change in my life and I am so appreciative of her skills and welcoming nature. I can tell you first hand Katie is top notch as a coach and Cognomovement Practitioner. Thank you Katie!"


Class Starts March 2022

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