You save lives every day.

And when you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle, I’ve got your back.

Are You Tired of Feeling Like You Always have to Be “Ok”?

If you’re like many first responders, you may feel like you have to be ok ALL the time. You may feel like you can’t be human. 

When the truth is deep down, you don’t feel ok. But you may not have a safe place to say, “I’m not ok.” Or at the very least “Shit! This F***ing sucks!” You may be afraid of what would happen or how you may be perceived if you say anything other than, “I’m ok.”

I’m an advocate for creating a safe space for officers and first responders to say, “I’m not ok right now.”

I want to be that safe space for you.

Why? Too many have succumbed to the pressures and ended their lives. I don’t ever want you or anyone else to feel alone. Like there was no way out. And no one you could talk to.

That’s why I do what I do. 

You save lives every day.

And when you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle, I have your back.

And I will fight alongside you to help you get your life back.

To have fun again. To laugh again. To enjoy life again.

It starts here.

Everything you tell me will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Whether you’ve recently started not feeling like your normal self or if this has been going on for awhile, let’s talk.

I Know What It’s Like

As someone who is not a first responder myself, I was asked by several officers as I began working with them: “Why did I want to help them so much?”

It’s because I understand what it feels like to live with traumatic events that you can’t acknowledge. I understand what a hyperactive nervous system feels like…especially when it goes unnoticed for decades.

It’s because I realized that my nervous system used to run like most first responders’ nervous systems run: super hot. Waking you up at night and keeping you fatigued during the day, requiring copious amounts of caffeine to keep going.

I’ve directly experienced the toll that takes on the body and the mind…the toll it takes on the nervous system…I understand that toll very well.

I know what it’s like to not be able to sleep at night or to wake up screaming with night terrors – or both.

I even know what it’s like to try anything and everything to numb the feelings and push them down.

Not every officer suffers like that. But the large majority do.

But now I know the peace that comes with calming the nervous system. The hilarity of dreams you can actually remember. How good being 100% sober feels. The importance of acknowledging everything inside that you are scared to acknowledge and scared to feel.

I know the peace that comes with facing that fear and realizing that the fear was vastly worse than facing what was creating it.

Now I can give you that safe space – where you can say as little or as much as you want – and I will help you:

  • Calm your nervous system
  • Sleep again
  • Get back to WHY you do the work that you do

Even when you don’t know what is bothering you.

That is why I do the work that I do. Because I know the hell of having a nervous system on fire, and I know the peace that comes when that fire has been extinguished.

Inside I was a mess. Anxiety was a constant companion, along with pain, stress, and anger. I wanted it to end.
I started on a new path to healing myself. The benefits of Cognomovement were so incredible that I knew I had to share them with others.

Traditional Medicine had failed me — and I was terrified. 

In 2018 I fully embraced the desire to live a life free from pain and stress. I started on a new path to healing myself.

And in 2020 I found Cognomovement, which gave me the key to finally ending my pain state. It felt incredible. Life changing. The benefits were so incredible that I knew I had to share them with others. I wanted to take what I learned and help people like you to enjoy life again.

So I became certified as an Advanced Cognomovement Practitioner (1 of only 7 in the world)!

When you transform your stress, and you transform your pain… you will transform your entire life.  

I’m living proof!

Before Cognomovement:

  • Stress, anxiety, worries, and physical pain made smiling difficult
  • Heavy medications to get through the day led to my eyes appearing dull
  • Chronic inflammation made my face swollen and red
  • Focus was on treating the symptoms rather than addressing the root problems

After Cognomovement:

  • Significantly reduced stress levels and virtually pain free allowing a big, bright smile
  • Eyes are bright and clear, no longer relying on pharmaceuticals for pain control and sleep
  • Inflammation levels much lower, allowing a brighter complexion, no visible swelling
  • Focus on addressing the root and knowing exactly how to quickly release residual stress and after effects of challenging situations

Ready to Perform Better, Feel Better, and Sleep Better?

On a personal note: When I’m not working, I love…

  • To change song lyrics and sing them to my cats
  • Playing with my dog (especially in the snow)
  • Snowshoeing, hiking, working out, fishing, gardening, and theater
  • Having fun, laughing, and spending time with friends and family
  • Traveling – I’ve been to 13 countries on 4 continents and visited 45 out of 50 states  
  • Unicorns!