Get your life back and have fun in the process! 

Hi, my name is Katie. I am here to guide you on your journey to experiencing more joy, connection, energy, and purpose again by using proven methodologies I discovered in my own journey.

Healing your body, mind, and emotions doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out painful process.

I will guide you through what I’ve found to be the fastest and easiest way to experience long-lasting healing for myself and my clients. And I’ll show you how we can have fun along the way!

Curious how I can help you?

Cognomovement Sessions 

Your First Step: Book a Virtual chat using the link below. We’ll discuss your current challenges (i.e., stress, physical pain, unwanted emotions, and how it is impacting your daily life) and what you would like to experience more of in your life.

Then you’ll get to experience the benefits of Cognomovement for yourself. After our initial meeting, I will customize a plan for you based on the information you’ve shared with me.

Let’s get started.

Click below to schedule an initial conversation and then we can set up an in-person (Maine) or virtual Cognomovement session.

While you can experience change in as little as one session, it’s recommended that you try at least 4 sessions to really experience the power of Cognomovement.

If you have questions before scheduling your first session, book a virtual chat with me.

Curious to try Cognomovement on your own?

Maybe you are intrigued by what you see here, but you are still feeling some skepticism. This is totally normal! The best way to challenge that skepticism is to give it a try at a very low price point with Cognomovement Essentials.

Cognomovement Essentials is a video package created by the Cognomovement Team that will break down each piece of Cognomovement so you can do sessions on your own! I advise every client to get this course, as it makes our sessions together much more effective.

Try it today!

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If you have questions before scheduling your first session, book a virtual chat with me.

Retired police detective and Army combat veteran Chad Bruckner shares about his personal experience using Cognomovement and the difference he felt after one session

Watch the below short video:

“I had neck pain, I have a herniated disc, and those were both flaring up at that time. They come off and on for me. And what I realized working through the session with Katie is my neck pain, my lower back pain was actually exasperated and was actually flaming up even more from the stress that I’m under. So it just fascinated me after this session my neck pain was gone, my back pain was minimal.” – Chad Bruckner, retired police detective and Army combat veteran 

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