Does this Resonate?

  • You’re constantly fearful or anxious, with varying levels of hopelessness, feeling weak and easily defeated.
  • You don’t even recall what joy or bliss feels like anymore
  • You have started to withdraw from family and friends, perhaps feeling like a burden, or bowing out of plans due to fear of a pain spike 
  • Your health costs are growing despite insurance, and you have either already lost your job or you risk losing your job due to how much work you have had to miss for your pain care 
  • You don’t have much time left for you after all the doctors visits and treatments
  • You feel separated from Source, you feel like a victim, often wondering “why me?” 
  • Pain has become laced into who you are 

I’m here to tell you…it doesn’t have to be that way, and I can show you the way out. I can show you the road to freedom.

The road to unstoppable.

Would you rather have THIS resonate?

  • You feel confident, hopeful, strong, capable, unstoppable, calm & relaxed…joy & bliss are experienced regularly again
  • You have stopped wondering how to stop the pain, and started wondering how healthy you can get
  • You are more present in your relationships, and your social life is quite fulfilling
  • You’re more productive, on top of your game at work, and your expenses, especially around health care, have significantly decreased
  • You feel at one with Source again, connected, and able to be of service to others
  • You are eating better, sleeping better, you have much less stress, you’re moving your body regularly, laughing again, your mental health has improved

You have everything you need inside of you to do this already. 

I’m here to teach you how.

You can learn how to use the power of your mind, by tapping into your body, to experience true freedom and relief. 

You can do it without spending years feeling stuck, and going from doctor to doctor, and without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars of your hard earned money looking for the answer. 

I can teach you how to do this too, and save you the many years and the tens of thousands of dollars that I did to get here. 

I am here to facilitate healing…to teach you how to tune into your body…and you are the one who will be healing yourself. I will be guiding you, and teaching you how to do this on your own. I’m here to help you get your life back…or to create a better life than you thought was possible.

Let me ask you a question. If there was a way to get my system that will teach you how to step into your own power, and find your keys to freedom…that was less than 2 months of your time…and a fraction of the cost of working with someone in a similar modality…would you take it?

You have a choice

You can waste time, energy, money, give away your power and go it alone, continuing to feel scared and frustrated.
You can continue to go to doctor after doctor, looking for the reason you feel like you do.
You can keep throwing thousands of dollars at people who promise you that their thing is the quick thing that will change your life.


You can fast track it with me…by learning how to tune into yourself, where the true answer lies, and using Cognomovement to help you find that answer.

So…if you are ready to let go, you want support and a teammate on your journey, and you are ready to own the fact that you and you alone are responsible for taking this journey, no one else can heal for you…then this program is right for you.

This program is called Become Unstoppable. 

  • Even if you have a prognosis with limits.
  • Even if you have physical limits with movement.
  • Even if anxiety feels like a constant companion.
  • Even if you have to stay seated or lay back for the sessions.
  • Even if you are running out of hope.
  • Even if your doctors are not holding out much hope for you…and they are telling you that they are the only ones who can help you…this program is for you.

I will take you step by step and walk you through the 8 keys to freedom…the exact steps I took myself to be pain free. You will move from doubt to confidence, anxiety to joy…limited to unstoppable.

The 8 keys to freedom:

  1. Belief to heal
  2. Calming the nervous system
  3. The power of letting go – of everything that no longer serves you
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Eating for your body
  6. Moving for your body
  7. Doing challenging things
  8. Patience

Here’s what the Become Unstoppable program looks like

  • 8 weeks
  • A new module every week – introducing one of the 8 keys to freedom
  • You spend time with how you feel and what you think about that key. No matter what you may be feeling.
  • Several days later, we do a Cognomovement session 
  • You show up with whatever you are feeling about that key. Whether you are in resistance, you feel hope or anything in between…bring it to the session.
  • The session will help you remove the block, examine your belief, help with rapid perspective shifts…all the while activating all 3 learning centers in the body. This allows your body to naturally reorganize under the new neural pathway, allowing for rapid and more permanent change.
  • You also get access to me via text or voxer when you need some additional support, M-F 8-8 ET
  • Video meditations and other short videos to help you on your journey when I can’t be by your side
  • You get ongoing support through the tougher times when you want to give up
  • The new version of my workbook (not yet released) to help you sort your feelings around these keys
  • You will get your freedom back. 
  • You will leave with the confidence that you can do this, and continue to feel better and better, the more you do.
  • You will have better skills and tools to handle the curve balls that life can throw at you
  • You will know how to talk to your body, and listen to your body for faster results -and your body will reward you with faster and faster pain relief, the more you earn its trust that you are listening to it.

Added bonuses:

You’ll get…
  • Cognomovement Ball $99 value
  • Welcome gift: $50 value
  • Ongoing support and accountability with access to me – priceless!
  • Free 45 min consult to be clear on your program goals: value $75
  • Upfront investment bonus: an additional 60 min coaching session with me to help integrate the changes: $200 value

The investment is either:


2 installments of $1047


1 upfront investment of $1997

Upfront investment bonus: an additional 60 min coaching session with me to help integrate the changes: $200 value

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