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A noticeable change of state (lower stress, anxiety, etc.)

Energetic releases (yawning, burping, temperature change, etc.) 

Boost in mood and energy

Curiosity about what just happened

What our Clients Say

Melanie Curtis

“In all my experiences with Katie, so much is clear about her character. She bravely does the work to heal, grow and give, both deeply and in action integrating and creating day to day. She has clarified her own boundaries and values such that she can calmly and lovingly hold space for others. She can always find a reason to laugh even in the hardest times while staying committed to the deeper work being done.”

Belema Roberts

“Kate Wrigley, I value so much as a coach and mentor. She helped me embrace the Value Selling framework is a way that it felt natural to adopt. Her approach is to guide me to the right outcome instead of telling me what I should do. We had numerous discussions which positively enabled me to become a better seller and a better customer advocate. My time with Kate was invaluable. She cares for her sellers, their success and gives nothing short of 100%. I can’t thank her enough for her guidance, commitment and faith. Kate is a great coach, mentor and would recommend her to any seller.”

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