The Pain Changer Podcast

Let’s face it…pain management is anything but funny. But did you know, a weekly dose of laughter can boost immunity, provide pain relief, lower inflammation levels, reduce stress and improve quality of life? 

What you'll hear...

Listen in as Katie Wrigley, pain management coach and Cognomovement practitioner, gets you smiling and laughing while empowering you with tips and tricks to have immediate impact around 4 specific areas of life and how they can influence your pain levels:

  • Verbal - words and tones you speak (and hear) and their impact on your pain.
  • Emotional - there is an emotion attached to every experience of pain.
  • Mental - how your mental resilience and the support around you impacts your pain.
  • Physical - from food to movement to cleaning all matters when you are talking about chronic pain.

Tune into The Pain Changer™ podcast and discover the insider secrets to overcome chronic pain so you can end your suffering and raise your quality of life for good.

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