Episode 30: How Soul Level Healing can Transform Your Life


In this episode, you will learn:

  • Where “nice girl syndrome” or “nice boy syndrome” comes from and how you can shed that part of your identity

  • The difference between a true “knowing” and your ego telling you that you think you know

  • The effects that happen to your mental and physical health when you deny a large part of your identity such as culture, sexual preference, gender identity, etc.

  • What can be possible for you when you let go of the beliefs and ideals that are keeping you small

Episode 30: How Soul Level Healing can Transform Your Life

Katie Wrigley  0:06  

Welcome back to the Pain Changer podcast. This is episode 30. Have you ever wondered what happens after a near death experience or wondered if the person’s life was the same? This week’s guest has had not one, not two, but four near death experiences. She has taken the Insight she gained from those experiences and has created a safe and powerful place to help her clients transform their lives. Stay tuned. That’s coming up next. 

Katie Wrigley  0:43  

Joining me today is Roxanne Chaput. Roxanne is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Roxanne Chaput Limited. She is a celestial guide, celestial and generational Earth shaman, quantum healer, and inspirational speaker and podcast host of Soul to Soul with Roxanne in addition to being a life love mentor. Roxanne’s purpose is to provide a safe and powerful place for her clients to discover the answers they need to move forward emotionally, mentally, psychologically, energetically, and spiritually with absolute purpose and clarity. She guides individuals in transition to create lasting sustainable change for their lives. Roxanne’s guiding belief is in the power of self awareness as this is the fuel for personal growth and self mastery. Yes, I agree, which allows her clients to make positive changes, find their happiness and create a Soul(filled) life at a “Soullular” level. I love that. With proven tools and techniques, her clients are able to discover their highest selves, their truest desires, and manifest the life they soulfully desire. In essence, her mission is to guide, heal, love, awaken, inspire, ignite energetic passion, and empower amazingness within one’s own self by guiding her clients to free their soul as they embrace and connect to their intuitive knowingness while embodying inner peace and inner love. That is such a remarkable bio. Roxanne, thank you so much for all the work you’re doing in the world. And welcome to the Pain Changer Podcast.

Roxanne Chaput  2:43  

Thank you so much, Katie. I am so excited to be here and honored to be here today.

Katie Wrigley  2:48  

Thank you so much. And I’m really excited to dive into the conversation. If you’re willing, could you share with the audience? What happened as this transformation in your own life came about from these near death experiences that you had?

Roxanne Chaput  3:05  

Yeah, it’s such a beautiful question. It’s funny because every near death experience kind of brought me closer to my soul’s mission, and really allowed me to dive deeply into my own soul and self mastery journey to really understand who I was at the soul level and not just at my intellectual or my emotional, or my physical being.

Katie Wrigley  3:30  

Wow. And so what has that shifted in your life to really connect at a soul level versus one not quite as deep?

Roxanne Chaput  3:40  

Absolutely everything. Everything has shifted, from connections from the way that I love myself, from the way that I’m able to love and appreciate others and not just my imminent family, but the world as a collective. Understanding that we are all divinity and we are all divine beings. Though it has brought a new perspective and a sense of unwavering inner peace within me that is priceless. It’s something that we all seek, we all seek fulfillment and happiness. And until we reach that we don’t realize what we’ve been missing for the entirety of our lives.

Katie Wrigley  4:17  

I agree. I’ve had glimpses of that myself. And it’s more and more and I couldn’t agree with everything you said any more than I’m just gonna stop talking on that now. Would you be willing to share a little bit of the story that you know, we had Roxanne and I had a conversation prior to this recording? And she really blew my mind. It was absolutely fascinating. Would you be willing to share that story today Roxanne in any form that feels of service to anyone listening?

Roxanne Chaput  4:52  

Yeah, absolutely so ever since I was a little girl. I just had this profound knowingness that I was being called to serve. And I never truly understood what that was. However, I had this burning feeling inside of me that I was being called for something more. And I remember as a small child, like, energetically, people would just come to me, they would seek guidance. Even adults, like as a five, six year old child, they would be asking me like, you know, what should I do on the next phase of my journey, like, I’m going through this transition right now. And they would be seeking my guidance, and they would just kind of be present in my energy and have like that calmness and stillness. And I remember my mom always kind of taking a step back and saying, like, Oh, my goodness, like, you’re such an old soul, like you are a wise soul. And I was like, I don’t know, like, I don’t know any different. And she’s like, You should really think about being like a psychologist or a social worker, and really counseling people but that just never spoke to my soul. So I kind of went on my journey. And throughout my journey, I was always asking family and friends, like, do you have this feeling that you’re being called? And they were like, no, like, I don’t know what you mean. Like, I know that I want to be a lawyer, I know that I want to go to school to be a doctor, and so forth. I’m like, well, that’s amazing but it’s something a little bit more profound than that I’m, I’m being called and I don’t know what direction to go in. And I was seeking guidance from others. So maybe that they could help me on the direction of my path. And going through life and experiencing so many trials and tribulations throughout my life, I endured a lot of unhealthy relationships to a very, very unhealthy marriage where I end up  leaving with my three beautiful children. And it was funny, because when I was pregnant with my daughter, which was my last child, I had this feeling, overcome me. And it was like, telling me like, my marriage was not going to survive the birth of my daughter. And as soon as my daughter was born, sure enough, it was like it was like a slight awakening, I knew that I wasn’t living in alignment, I knew that I didn’t want my children to witness the way that I was living in the way that I was being treated within the dynamic of the relationship. And shortly after, a year later, after she was born, I ended up leaving with my three beautiful children. And shortly after that, I experienced my first near death experience. And this was an incredible, an insightful, and a really awakening period of my life. Because I always told other people that I was fine, that I was good, and that I was happy. And I was content because I was just a very positive and optimistic person. However, in the depths of my soul, I knew something wasn’t in alignment, I didn’t feel great about everything that I was doing, I didn’t feel great about the relationship that I was in, I didn’t feel great about the work dynamic that I was in, I didn’t feel like I was serving the way that I was serving. And we were going skiing. So I’ll just kind of give the story of what happened for the near death experience. So we were going skiing with a family friend. And here in Canada, we have very severe winters, like tons of snow. And I had a feeling the night before. And I said I don’t want to go. There’s something telling me not to go. And usually I always follow my intuition on that. But I felt so bad and loyalty, that I was going to be, you know, not being a woman of my word and not following through on what I said I was going to do. So I pushed it down. And I was like, know  what, no, I’m just gonna go, I’m gonna go regardless. So I ended up waking up in the morning, and there was like, over two feet of snow on the ground. And I just had this awful feeling. And it might be a call, I have this angel pendulum. It’s like a crystal angel that was gifted to me by one of the cancer patients that I was really close to when she was at her end of life stages. And I touch my angel every time before I go on my journey. And it’s either I feel a good resonance, or it’s like, stay home today. And I felt her and it was just like, I just had this feeling. It was like something was off, something was really off. So I ended up picking up this family friend of mine to go skiing. And I let him drive my vehicle because he was like, he was a very experienced driver. So I was like, You know what, no problem. We’ve never went to the ski hill. So I was like, Okay, this was great. And as soon as we were driving, I just felt the momentum of the vehicle. I felt the snow underneath the vehicle. And I just knew I was like, oh my goodness, I’m going to get into an accident today. And it’s not going to be good. Like, I just, this feeling overtook me, but then what do you say? And I was like, I wanted to tell him like, slow down, please. Like I’m like, I’m a little worried. Like, I’m nervous. But like, I suppress that because nice girl syndrome, you know, kicked in, and I was like, oh, no, no, like, he knows what he’s doing. He knows he’s been driving his entire life. Like he’s in his 50s. He knows like, you know, he knows the roads. He used to be a truck driver. Like he was great. Yeah. ever saw. I didn’t say anything. And as we were driving, we were driving on this back country highway. And I just remember having this really eerie feeling on this highway. And we were going slow for like the snowstorm, but probably not slow enough for that section because we couldn’t see the signs because they were covered in snow. And neither of us had traveled on this highway before. And we’re driving on this highway. And all of a sudden, there’s a 90 degree cut in the highway. And one side is a rock cliff. And the other side is the cliff. And all I saw before it happens, like we are going over the cliff like we’re going over the cliff because what ended up happening is all the snow on the ground accumulated and pressed against the guardrail and acted like a ramp. I was like we are going over the cliff. So I just brace myself as much as I could, sorry, I’m getting goose bumps. I brace myself as much as I could. And sure enough, we went over. It was very impactful. We ended up landing on a frozen lake, the vehicle was going into the lake, and people were trying to help us but like our whole bodies were in shock. We couldn’t get out of the vehicle because the snow was like, surrounding the doors because the snow was sitting on the lake. So we were panicking a little bit. And we ended up getting out of the vehicle and we’re climbing up this cliff. But I just remember in that vehicle in that moment when it happened, it was like my life was flashing before my eyes. I saw my children and I as soon as we landed, it was like this feeling overtook me. And it was like if you would have died right now like and we’re questioning? Like, Are we dead? Like we’re looking at each other, are you alive? Are you okay? Like our bodies were in shock, because probably we should not have survived that we should not have survived that even the police officer said, I have no idea how you survived that because you technically the way that you hit the guardrail, you’re already veering to the left of the vehicle, that vehicle should have flipped and landed on the roof. And you should have been crushed instantly, you guys should have been dead instantly. And when they were sweeping my vehicle out of the lake, with this big boom track, we literally missed a boulder by two millimeters. And if we would have landed on it, we literally would have had four pressed up against us, we would have been smashed instantly. And we had went 50 feet out and a 90 feet drop. So it was a significant drop like we should have been severely injured or dead. And they had multiple accidents happen at this location where they didn’t survive unless they were a truck driver, like in a big cab of a transport. So the police officer was just in awe and like the tow truck driver was like, oh my goodness, I’m so thankful like they were so afraid what they were going to drive up on. And so was the guy that had seen the vehicle like the actual accident happened. He saw us mid air going over the cliff and he was like, in panic. So he ran to us right away. And he was like, oh my goodness, he’s like, I was so scared. I’m like what I was gonna drive up on, I saw you guys midair like Dukes of Hazzard crap. He was like, it was insane. And yeah, but I remember when we landed, it was like that moment. I was like, as if I would have had my life taken today, have I been serving and have I been showing up for the world, as I thought I would and that I wanted to. And that’s kind of what started that moment of really questioning myself. And then I started to embark on my own soul and self mastery journey from that point.

Katie Wrigley  13:30  

Wow. Wow. You just mentioned I got chills so many times, as you were saying that I think you just mentioned like, four or five like, oh shit moments that so many people are witnessing, including yourself like, those moments are incredibly impactful. And instead of staying in fear and getting locked, you started your journey. So what was the work that you were doing at the time and then what started to shift in your life as you continued down this path with this new awareness that came to you from this moment that you were thankfully not taken from this earth? So you had the chance with whatever divine intervention clearly came in. And that’s not the first time I’ve heard about that actually. One of my clients had an angel get her out of the line of fire five minutes before the Kent State University massacre back in the 60s. She was in the quad where they opened fire. And someone she didn’t know pulled her away. And when she turned around to thank them, they were gone. That’s not …. I’m getting chills again. Just even saying that. So please continue. Roxanne, what were you working in and what started to shift?

Roxanne Chaput  14:48  

Yeah, so in that moment, prior to my career history, I was always kind of serving, guiding, you know, people throughout the entirety of my life. I just didn’t understand that those were my gifts and abilities. Before my last job before that accident, I was working at a cancer center for almost 13 years. And I was transitioning a lot of our patients at the end of life stages throughout their life because they were palliative. And it wasn’t just adults, we had a pediatric population as well. And it was funny because I wasn’t like the psychologist or the neuro psychologist or the social worker of the program. However, they would come to me for guidance, and they would share their entire life story with me and kind of asked me what they should do with this next transitional period that they’re going through, how do they explain it to their family? How do they process it? How do they have those discussions with their husband? So I was always in this position of guiding, but I just never understood that was what I was intended to do in that moment. And I remember where I come from, it’s a very small community. And it just became very challenging to be in that presence of that position, just because you start seeing everybody, you know, coming in with illnesses. And it’s, it’s disheartening, it’s hard to process, even though it’s beautiful, to be able to witness their journey and to be able to guide them through that part of the journey. It’s very heart wrenching and it’s very taxing on your soul, like it’s hard to witness. So I knew that I needed a transition. So I ended up working at a local college as an executive, more on the other side of the spectrum, where I was able to witness students that were looking forward to the next part of their life and not end of life. So it was a really beautiful thing. But I wasn’t serving the way that I was, I was in an executive position, I didn’t have interactions of guidance with these students. And the dynamic of the conversations that were being held, were not the same as when you’re working at a cancer center. And someone is end of life, you’re having profound conversations, you are having deep conversations, there is no superficial illness. When you’re having these conversations. It’s like the real meat of who we are. So I really missed that component. I really missed my patients, I really missed that aspect. So I knew something already wasn’t in alignment. But I was, you know, stuck in the nine to five, get the pension, get the amazing benefits, get the great pay, get free education for your children, I was just trying to do what everybody told me that I should do go to school and get a job and a high paying job and work your way up the ladder, the corporate ladder.

Katie Wrigley  17:27  

And that, I can imagine what a big transition that was to go from conversations around end of life. One of the more impactful, I’m going to blank on the title, of course, as I’m saying this, but someone have written a book about the truth about dying, or the things that people really care about when they die and no one cares how hard they worked. No one goes, Oh, man, I should have worked more. It’s the loved ones that you didn’t say, you love. I love you too. It’s the fear that held you back from what you truly want. It was a limiting beliefs that you now see so clearly. And oftentimes, I haven’t been in a palliative environment. My understanding is sometimes it can be laced with regret. And I can only imagine how taxing that would be on the soul. So as you continued your journey, there was something you said earlier, I actually want to go back to as we go on this. So you had said something about “nice girl syndrome”. So what exactly is that? And what is the impact on someone’s mental health, mental state when they are trapped in nice girl or nice boy syndrome?

Roxanne Chaput  18:41  

Yeah, absolutely. So I have definitely been guilty of nice girl syndrome is something that has taken me years to master myself out of. Out of that conditioning out of those belief systems. When we are children, we are conditioned. And we are programmed to be nice, to be kind and to never express the shadow part of ourselves and never express the polarity of who we are or to demonstrate that polarity to the world. We are told to be kind as little girls, be nice, don’t do that. Don’t fight, don’t do this. Don’t do that. It’s everything what we should do in the container of perfectionism, which perfectionism does not exist and the reality of our dimension. So even for boys, the suppression of their emotions, don’t cry, don’t be angry, don’t do this. Don’t do that. We’re always told what we can’t do and what we can do, what is accepted and what isn’t accepted. So I also had an issue with my father not being around, he was in the military. It wasn’t his, you know, what he wanted for his life. However, he was in the military. He ended up having another family when he and my mom separated and divorced. So it was just a lot of feelings of abandonment. So how can I allow people to love me, is by being kind and being nice, right? Because that’s what I was taught. So it was going into these relationships and being an empath and being kind and sweet. And wanting to change the world, wanting to change them, wanting to fix them, wanting to show them enough love so that they can be happy and that they could love themselves. It put me in a perpetual cycle of unhealthy cycles of self sabotage and of self destruction is what it did. Because I wasn’t able to speak into my voice, I wasn’t able to be my own advocate, I wasn’t able to hold my power and to have that backbone because I was always worried that someone would remove their love from me, because I stood up for myself or that I stood in my power. And that was a really challenging concept to understand that I wasn’t just a nice person, I was conditioned to become this person. I do want to say no, but I couldn’t say no, because I had guilt. I had the guilt, oh, I can’t say no, I have to say yes. Because if I say no, they’re going to be disappointed. They’re going to be upset with me. And just getting into that cycle. And that opens us up to abusers that opens us up to be vulnerable, where when someone is of a manipulative nature, in their in their character, because of their own traumas, they’re going to seek out someone that is the “yes” person that is always looking to please them and not to please themselves, or to ensure that they’re happy themselves.

Katie Wrigley  21:17  

Absolutely. That was so well said thank you for sharing that part of your story, Roxanne. That really resonated with me, nice girl syndrome, nice boy syndrome. I’ve seen it across both genders. And it oftentimes is a symptom of trauma, we start fawning to please people to try to keep them in there. And this fear of rejection gets bigger and bigger and bigger. And then the next thing we know we’re trapped in a prison of our own mind, with all these limiting beliefs holding us back. So you had mentioned and you were doing really amazing work helping people transition to cancer, from cancer to the next dimension, whatever people believe on there. That’s personally how I say a death is a transition to another dimension. In my mind, I haven’t died, thankfully. So I don’t know that for sure. But that’s what I feel deeply happens. And a lot of people would say, Hey, I’m doing really impactful work, and you absolutely are. But you wanted to go deeper. So what happened along this journey? What day did you know that you had reached that level of depth that you are meant to serve people, Roxanne?

Roxanne Chaput  22:34  

Absolutely. So after my first near death experience that really allowed me to embark on my own soul and self mastery journey, I really started navigating through it, I really started taking accountability for my choices and for my life, and really understanding who I was at the soul component and not just what I was, or who I thought that I should be, or who I was told I should be. So it was a lot of self exploration, a lot of moments of contemplation of being able to have that internal introspective assessment and be like, Why do I think this way? Why do I feel this way about myself? Why do I think, why do I do, and why do I act certain ways? Where’s this coming from? Where’s this stemming from? So as I kind of embarked on that journey, I was driving one day. And it dawned on me, it was like an aha moment, it was just like, you’ve literally been guiding people your entire life, since you were a little girl. Like I was able to have that self reflection because I was able to be able to disconnect from who I thought I should be. And I was looking in from like an outsider’s perspective. I’m like, you have been guiding people your entire life. However, you’re only guiding those that have come, you know, across your physical path. Why are you not trying to serve the world? Why are you not trying to put your services out there to help others go through these transitions. And then at that moment, I was like, Okay, I need to go into the coaching element of guidance of being kind of that mentor. So that’s when that really started opening up. And I was like, I need to start a business and like everything happened instantaneously. Within a week. Everything was created and done within a week. So I just knew everything. It was time. It was meant to happen at that time, because there were no roadblocks. There were no challenges and creating the business and having everything ready. And I was worried about, you know, what would my parents think I’m leaving this executive position. I’m contemplating leaving this executive position for the unknown. And my parents are play it safe. They’ve worked, you know, countless jobs of stay in the same place, collect your retirement, get your pension, get your benefits, and then you move forward, safety, safety, safety never did take a risk. So I was coming in as a risk taker. And I was worried that my mom was going to be worried because the last thing you want to do is stress out your parents because you know, they love you and how much they support your endeavors even though they’re a little bit worried. And when I told her she was like, yeah, she’s like, I don’t know how you haven’t done this sooner. Wow. Yes, I absolutely support that. And I was like, it just feels that much better when you have like your mother or your father support. And Sure. So I was like, wow, okay, so it was like all these, like gateways were just open and like everything was telling me yes, do this, it’s time to do this right now. And so I started embarking on this journey, and it just has been so incredible. Witnessing other people throughout their journey. It was just like, Everything felt in alignment, it felt like I was serving the way that I needed to be. But there was still a component missing, I knew that I still needed to go a little bit deeper. And I just didn’t understand what that was quite yet. So coming back to my heritage, I am here in Canada, we are a Native American descent with some French. So it’s called a culture here that is called  Mayotte. And I’m of a  Mayotte descent. And we never really spoke of our heritage, growing up. I always wanted to understand my heritage, I always wanted to understand our traditions, our songs. Our language, however, it wasn’t spoken of in our home, because my grandmother never wanted to speak of it just because of the repercussions that happened within the history of Canada and with the residential school systems, and just how the natives were depicted throughout Canada that, you know, we’ve, it was a very bad stigma around our culture around our heritage. But it was all like, it wasn’t real. It was all what the media was portraying, and what it allowed our, you know, our tribal communities to feel like, but I didn’t know this as a young girl, but I always wanted to go to our pow wows. I wanted to go to everything. And I asked my mom, I said, why did my grandmother not disclose who we were? And she said, Well, if we didn’t look of that culture, we never spoke that we were of that culture, because we were worried of other people’s wrath. It was fear. It was all fear based, that we didn’t want to be able to express ourselves or to expose our element of our heritage, in fear of repercussions. But I understood that I understood it from that perspective, because I know the dynamic of that divisiveness, how powerful that can be. And I was going through a journey and all of a sudden after my last near death experience, so I ended up having three near death experiences consecutive to one another within a six month span. My gosh, wow. And after my last near death experience, I had this incredible dream for almost four months straight. And it was of this beautiful indigenous woman who was coming to me in a dream state and she was standing in front of this Verbena and there were teepees right beside her. And she had her arms extended to me, and she was chanting this song. And it was so beautiful. So melancholy made me feel like so connected to her. In the connection that I felt was like it was such a warm love. It felt like a connection to like my maternal grandmother or great grandmother. That is how much love I had for her and how much love she had for me in this dream state. She came to me almost every night for almost four months straight. So I’d wake up in the morning, I start chanting the song, and my partner was like, wow, that’s a beautiful song. So this is what she sings to me every night. He’s like, wow, that is as beautiful. And I said I know. So I’m like trying to Shazam it, I’m like maybe subconsciously I picked it up and put it in my dream. You know, trying to figure out, where did I get this song from? And I ended up connecting with one of the elders of our tribal community or  Mayotte tribal community who is a shaman who is a healer. And I was telling him of my dream. And he looked at me and he said, He’s calling you to the land but she’s calling you to come and heal and I’m like “Come and heal? Like where am I going? What am I doing? What land am I going to? The land she’s showing me I don’t know where that is. I’ve never been there.” And he’s like “It will come to you in vision, it will come to you. You’re meant to be a healer. I’m like, “Meant to be a healer? What am I doing? Where am I going? Okay? And he’s like “It will come to you in vision, it will come to you in dream.” So I was like, Oh my goodness. So I ended up chanting him the song that she was singing to me every night. And he took a step back. And he was like, oh my goodness, he’s like, that song has not been heard in healing circles for over 100 years. He’s like, my great grandfather used to sing that to me, like for bedtime, but it wasn’t in the form of healing circle. And it’s not the exact song. It’s almost like she changed a little bit of it for you. It was like a different rendition, a little bit of the chorus. And I was like, “Oooookay…” I’m like, goosebumps everywhere. I’m like, “What am I doing with this information?” So she came to me for almost four months straight and before the last night I had met with a spiritual guide and I was telling her of my dream. And she’s like, same thing, no connection to the elder of this community whatsoever. And she was like, She’s calling you to the land. She’s calling you to come and heal. You’re meant to be a shaman. You’re meant to be a healer. I’m like, okay, like, what am I doing? I have no idea like, where am I starting here? Like someone give me some guidance. She’s like, “It will come to you.” So, sure enough, the last night I have the dream, I wake up in the morning and I tell my partner, I said, “Listen, I’m being called to the land, I’m going to heal. I can’t tell you why I feel gravitated, I know where I need to go. And you know, like, I know, I need to do this” and it was pouring rain outside. He’s like, Okay, wait, you’re going in the bush, the pouring rain, with bears and wolves with no protection, even though I felt protected. He’s like, for my sanity, please bring something. So I brought something for his protection, but I just remember getting in my car. And it was about a two and a half hour drive to this location. And I was listening to the indigenous song that I’ve listened to since I was a little girl. And I was chanting that song that she was singing to me and I was just crying and crying and crying. It was like the floodgates had released. I haven’t cried in years. I had went through so many trials and tribulations, near death experiences, leaving the marriage, losing a child, everything of that nature. And I just never cried, cried like really just released myself because I felt like I had to be strong for everybody else. I had to be strong for my children. That was what strength was, because that’s what we were conditioned to believe, to not feel our emotions. So it was like this floodgate of tears. And it was like I was reconnecting to my emotions, I was reconnecting to who I was, it was just such a powerful experience. As I’m driving, I get to this location. And these grounds are known for ancient healing indigenous grounds. These are known healing grounds. And I was walking in these grounds, it was like a 15 to 20 minute trek, and I see this beautiful, beautiful rock and all of a sudden gravitated towards them like I’m going to heal here. So I sat on this rock, and it was conducting a smudging ceremony. And so for those that don’t know what Smudging is, is here in our culture, in a lot of tribal communities, we take elements of the herbs, we take sage, we take wild tobacco, you can take cedar, you can take Palo Santo, and you burn it and you cleanse your energy and you cleanse the space of anything that needs to be removed from the identity of who you are. And I’m doing this smudging ceremony and I’m sitting on this rock. And I’m like, just crying and I’m looking at this cliff side of this rock. And I’m like reconnecting to my ancestry. And it’s like they’re, they’re speaking to me through the wind. That’s what it felt like, like, this is what you’re meant to do. Like you are meant to be grounded. You’ve lost connection to who you are. It was like all this dialogue that was happening within me and it was like a reconnection to my ancestry or reconnection to what my purpose was, and not like the superficial aspect of what I thought life was at the beginning stages. So it was such a profound experience. And as I’m sitting on this rock, all of a sudden a deer, a bunny, a chipmunk, and a hummingbird. They’re all in my vicinity, they’re all within like close parameters of where I am, and they’re all kind of looking at me. The deer is like eating and like, you know, bobbing his head up and not afraid of me just like in the presence of where I was. And deer are very friendly. So this isn’t uncommon, but they it was just like, it was so serene, it was so calm, and this chipmunk is right beside me. And I have no food for him. I’m like, buddy, I got no food. But he was just hanging out. You know, Chipmunks are very, like sweet and time, like they trust humans. And you’re just hanging out like, you can hang out, like, I’m just gonna be doing my thing here. And I literally cried on this rock for almost four hours and surrounded by all the elements because I was around water. I had the trees, I had the earth I had fire in front of me. So it was just such a beautiful, beautiful experience. And as I’m crying on this rock I look up and I’m like, like it’s pouring rain but I don’t feel wet. I’m like, I look up and I’m like looking at there’s no enclosure over the rock. There’s trees around the rock, but there’s no enclosure over the rock. Not one single drop of rain hit me the entire time that I was sitting on this rock, reconnecting, not one single drop of rain hit me. And when I left that moment, it was like I knew without a doubt who I was. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I had healed an aspect of myself that I never even knew was there that I never even thought possible. And it was like this sense of just like the sense of unwavering inner peace within me that I knew who I was, there was no more questioning it there was no more wavering on like, what am I supposed to be doing with my life? anything of that nature. It was like everything in that moment presented itself and that’s who I was. And I left there in awe and I was like, this is such an incredible feeling and I was never the same. My whole life in that sense had changed the dynamic of the way I saw things, everything even changed more profoundly than just being on my own soul and self mastery journeying and working on like the intellectual, the emotional and the physical component of who I was. So it was like, I got to a soulful and a soullular experience, and it was so incredible. And I told myself, I said, Okay, I said, I healed myself. Okay, so what they said, I’m a healer. Okay, so I healed myself, but can I heal others? Can I actually do this for others? Can I invoke this type of transformation in others? So sure enough, I just asked all my family and friends and like, Hey, you want to come on a healing journey with me? And they’re like, a healing journey? What is that? Like, come on! Whatever, we’ll try it. And sure enough, everyone who came on this healing journey with me, their life was never the same after it was like this whole dynamic of change that happened within them. It was like this reconnection to themselves, a reconnection to their soul, reconnection to their emotions, and to what their purpose was in this world. So then I knew I was like, okay, yes, I am a healer. So then there was a whole initiation process within our tribal community, because we have to be initiated into being a shaman is not something we could just become. And it was like that gift of permission to be able to start using my gifts with others.

Katie Wrigley  36:19  

Wow, that was… your story is one of the most amazing ones I’ve ever heard. And I love what you’ve done with that. So when someone works with you, and they get down to that Soullular level with. What do you see that tends to change in their life? Can you be a little bit more detailed around how their lives change? Like how did it impact their mental health, their physical health, like what did they see and what have you seen as you continue to do this work to help other people heal?

Roxanne Chaput  36:52  

Absolutely. And I think, most importantly, what the healing is, is to ensure and what shamans do is we heal all four layers of the being, the four principal layers of the being. So we’re not just working at a soulful level, there is a level of emotional healing that transpires, a physical healing that transpires, intellectual healing that transpires. And then we go into the soulful level, everything within the soul of who we are. Our entity. That is the biggest disposition of who we are, we are energy, we are made of energy, we are an electromagnetic beam. And you know, that’s in organized religion, that’s in science. And science has just confirmed that we do, in fact, have a soul. So I’m just so happy that science is finally catching up with spirituality and who we are in spirit. So for this component, it’s really important to understand that the element doesn’t just happen at the soulful level, it happens at all layers of our beings as we transition through this healing. We remove the implantation within the energy field so that we can effectively heal throughout the entirety of our body. So when people go through this type of transformation, a lot of dynamics in their life changes, they end up creating boundaries for themselves, their emotional, their physical, their intellectual, their spiritual boundaries, they’re able to step into their power, their power of advocacy, they’re really able to take a step back and be able to witness their journey, instead of being in the day to day component of their journey. To understand where do I need to make a change? Where do I need to pivot? Where am I miss aligned? Am I working in a job that fulfills me? Am I doing something that I feel is serving at the greatest capacity that I’m able to serve? Is this relationship and the relationships that I have around me friendships? Are they serving my highest good? And are they bringing value into my life, it’s about looking at all these dynamics. And when you have this sense of love for yourself, unconditional love, it’s very important that everything is in alignment with that you can’t have one thing in your life that is poisonous, right? You have something that is trying to contradict the life that you’re living, because it’ll always bring you back into a cycle of activation of perpetual cycles. So that is the dynamic that I really see a lot of relationships change, and I always warn whoever I’m working with is that the relationship you have now may not be the relationship you’re gonna want in six months to a year from now. And that’s okay. And that’s okay. Because we feel like we have to stay somewhere because out of loyalty out of nice girl syndrome, because we are just going to make it work because we don’t want to hurt the other person and we don’t want to be alone. But when we love being alone in our own presence, that dynamic quickly changes have we actually want in our space.

Katie Wrigley  39:38  

Absolutely. And that alone time in my own experience, so much of what you’ve said. I’ve experienced myself, I am not sure if I’m really down to the soul level yet, but I’m so excited that science has caught up with what was referred to and it’s probably still referred to as the whoo crowd. There is science to back up everything we’ve been hearing. And it’s no accident that as we’re watching our world make less and less sense to us on an intellectual or logical level, that you are seeing more and more people return to indigenous cultures to indigenous ways, to old healing methods that have been around for 1000s of years. It is also no accident that those who haven’t yet started to explore outside of mainstream health care, you know, especially in the United States, I can’t really speak to the state of health care in Canada, since I don’t live there, they United States, it’s a hot mess, just put it in a little nutshell right there. And lifespans are shortening as a result. It’s because we are leaving so much on the table with what we have available for mainstream how that we are shortening our lifespans, because we aren’t doing that healing, to get through the emotions to get through the intellect, to help yourself mentally to connect to yourself on a soul level to understand who you are. You know, recently, I heard on another podcast that I’m a huge fan of, someone was saying that you’re limited to how much you can help someone else heal by your own healing. And so I want to really commend you, you aren’t talking about sissy work here, like going down to the soul level, you are facing some stuff about yourself, you are most likely not gonna be proud of at all. And some of it really makes at least in my own exploration and doing this deeper work, there are some parts of myself I’m I’m going to need to work out a little self forgiveness there, that was not right. And being able to do that, thank you for doing that work. So you are clear all the way down to the soul because that is now the level you have available to you to be able to help others heal. And because you’ve done all this work, because you survived near death experiences, I mean, that alone, three donors dying in three months, six months, three times in six months. Like you said, that’s enough to make some people agoraphobic. But you did the opposite. You even ventured out into another storm with a different precipitation type and you are completely supported and protected because you took the time to heal what else had happened to you and allow that healing. To continue on that trip you took that day. And you had mentioned a hummingbird in the rain too. Now, you said that the deer was not that weird or abnormal? I’d say not weird, weird is judgment. It’s not that uncommon that a deer is hanging out with the human chipmunks. Maybe a little less common. They tend to be a little skittish but I do come with cats so there’s that they are a little bit more skittish. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hummingbird fly in the rain. How is that as far as commonality with animal behavior?

Roxanne Chaput  43:08  

Yeah, it’s not it’s not really common for hummingbirds to be flying in the pouring rain, they can do. Usually the wings just because of the momentum of their wings. Usually they stay in the tree lines or they stay very low into the tree lines. So the fact that it was flying from tree to tree had me in awe because I was like that is so bizarre. And I had taken a step back. I was like, she’s like, I called her a she but like she’s flying from tree to tree in his pouring rain and she’s like over me over me hovering, like going back and forth from tree to tree. I was like what is happening? I thought maybe the babies you know, you start thinking I’m like, No, there’s nothing there. She’s literally just flying from tree to tree. She was going one tip one tip, one tip, one tip. I was like, oh my goodness, this is so incredible. I was in awe, I was just witnessing it. And just feeling that connection to the animal kingdom and feeling that love of all creatures of all beings. And it was like that was the connection to my ancestry as well because we believe in all life, all life is life. All life is love and all Love is life and all love is love. So it was just beautiful to witness and to have that reconnection to the animal kingdom for them to be able to be in my presence without being fearful. That to me was an elevated experience. And it’s funny because after that healing experience after my energies opened up, I was then receptive to so many animals. Animals would start chirping and like trying to talk to me like almost like they’re trying to communicate like after that healing journey. Like my husband and I would be walking and dogs are trying to come to me through and they’re not trying to see him. They’re just coming to see me and they’re so happy and like some of them look a little bit more aggressive when they’re coming to me but they just want to be in my presence. He’s like, “Hey, I’m here too.” He’s like, literally, the dog would be on the other side of the street, we’d be walking and the owner would be “Hey hey hey!” And they would always be coming over to me and he’s like, “Oh my goodness, six dogs did it on one walk.” And he’s like, “Okay, I know you’re Pocahontas, but okay.”

Katie Wrigley  45:18  

I love that part of the growth journey. So as you know, parts of it can be lonely, like you said, as you find that relationships in your life, you discover, they may not be in alignment with you that can, that’s a loss. It’s someone that you love and care about, and you still love them. Even if it’s better for both of you to be at a bigger distance, it can lead to a lot of loneliness. And, in my experience, what really countered that for me, and until I got to this life I have now was I connected deeper to my animals, and I felt like I understood them. And that is one of the more enjoyable parts of this process for me. And I’ve actually started to really see an undeniable connection between dog training and pain management. But that is for another episode, not for today. You said something about denying being part of the  Mayotte culture in Canada and the reasons that your family had chosen to do that. This is something that I’ve heard repeatedly, either of not feeling safe or comfortable in the gender that you’re born in, with gender identity with, with sexual preference. I had a client asked one time, did I think that the fact that he didn’t come out of the closet till he was 47 have any effect on him? And I’m like, “Yeah! You denied a big part of your identity, a piece of your soul, for the bulk of your life” like he’s not in his 90s. He’s in his 60s now. So he’s had less time out of the closet being him than he had in the closet. And I can imagine, it’s similar when you’re denying part of yourself culturally. And because it is safer to do so. What is the impact of that? I think you’ve already spoken to it indirectly. But I’m curious from your experience, how do you see that impacting your life now, as you were on this healing journey, to be able to step fully into who you are, and acknowledge every piece of you, including the cultural pieces that were felt unsafe to reveal before?

Roxanne Chaput  47:30  

Yeah, honestly, that my heritage is probably the most important piece of who I am, and the essence of who I am in this lifetime. Because I, like you,  believe in countless lifetimes, though, I know that that connection needed to happen. So when it did happen, I no longer cared what other people.. I would have never cared what other people thought, but I was going under the direction of where our family was going and trusting that they were doing what was best for the family. But I stand in who I am. And I don’t care if anybody’s, you know, opinion of who I am, or what they think of our heritage or anything of that nature. And when we think about indigenous cultures, these are the cultures that have stood the end of time, right that the beginning of time, these are the tribal communities that were created throughout the world, and not just here in Canada or in the United States, but throughout the world. And when we think about shamanism and we bring it back to history, shamanism has been proven to be around for over 100,000 years. However, it’s the most tried and tested true healing modality that there is out there in tradition. But I’m pretty sure that it goes back over 100,000 years, but they just can’t confirm that. Because we’ve been around on this planetary system for over 300,000 years. So we did have doctors, we did have energy healers, we did have all those components happening within these tribal communities. These were the healers of their communities. And when we think about you know, I want to go a little bit back to what you’re saying about modern day medicine and how our lifespan has shortened. Even though modern day medicine does have its place, there is still a place for traditional medicine. There’s a reason why traditional medicine was so effective, because we were always healing at the soulful component. If they went into battle, or if they had anything happen, transpire within their tribal community, they had ceremonies in order to release the energy in order to release that. We no longer conduct those ceremonies anymore in the form of sacred healing circles. We no longer allow that soulful aspect to reconnect ourselves and to reconnect to spirit. We just try and process it intellectually, emotionally and physically. And it shows the symptoms because we’re no longer really being able to endure what’s happening within our energetic imprint, there’s no release of the actual energy of the emotions, it’s just like it’s perpetuating throughout our body. Even though we go through counseling, we do therapy, all these things are grayed out avenues for coping mechanisms and to understand how we process things. And they’re great tools to be developed and working with, you know, psychiatrists, psychologists, neuropsychologists. I’ve seen what it does to patients, it does help them, it gives them the tools however, it doesn’t heal them. And there was a reason why it didn’t heal them because they weren’t going to the soulful, energetic aspect and disposition of who they were, they were staying within the emotional and the intellectual component of who they were. And that’s not how we effectively heal. So when I think about our indigenous culture, but my  Mayotte culture, I am so proud. And we should all be proud, we all come from an indigenous culture of some type, depending on where we are in our tribal communities throughout the world. That is the connection that we need. That is the purity of who we are, that is the essence of who we are where we valued connection, where we valued community where we valued love and life, and not what car you drove, not what house you were living in, not what job you had, we connected at the soulful aspect, and not just at a superficial aspect. So that was what was the most important thing. And as my family witnessed that I was stepping into this, it then allowed them to feel like they could express their truth that they could express that they were of the Mayotte culture because they saw me taking it, regardless of what I thought or what other people thought I was just doing it because I was stepping into my truth of who I was, and how I was able to heal and where that wisdom was coming from.

Katie Wrigley  51:32  

That’s such a beautiful gift that you gave your family by being the courageous one to step out and step into your true self at a soul level. That is absolutely amazing. And I want to add a footnote to what we had said about the medical community and such, especially in the United States. They have a place, they do great work. They also leave a lot on the table that when you have a chronic ongoing condition that has lasted for decades, I want to encourage you to reach out to someone like Roxanne, reach out to someone in a holistic spiritual alternative, otherwise. The reason our lifespans are going down, I think, is because there’s no reason with technology at where it is now that this should be happening. But because we’ve allowed toxic food, toxic thoughts, no one’s telling us that they’re toxic. Our societies are encouraging us into a less than healthy lifestyle with working a lot. The things that no one cares about at the end of life. And we’re detaching from the things that our souls are craving the most. And that is causing us to leave this plane earlier than we really need to. And that really makes me sad, because I see it happening. I see it happening all around me. And when I heard that status, that doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m not sure how many years in general but having people like you on this podcast to highlight what is possible. When you can let go of what you’re told is right. It’s amazing what opens up to you.

Roxanne Chaput  53:13  

When we think about the mental health pandemic. I believe that’s what’s transpired over the world has been a mental health pandemic, we have never seen such a rise in depression and anxiety and suicidal ideation, suicidal thoughts transpire throughout the world. But when we think about this concept, these people are going through such a transition through such a challenging time, because they are disconnected from their emotions, they are disconnected from their soul, they are not following their truth. And it’s not a fault of theirs. This is because they’ve been conditioned to think that they have to do everything else on everybody else’s accord. It’s not to say that we don’t need to work in life in order to put a roof over our head. But it doesn’t mean that we have to do something that is unfulfilling or undesirable, or goes against the integrity of who we are. So when we go into that element of stress that we are induced on, we need to be able to pay our bills, put food on the table, do this and do that. We have all these pressures, but what of those pressures are actually reality? And what aren’t? What are conditions that we are placing upon ourselves, or that others are placing on us or an expectation that they’re placing on us? That is just unrealistic of who we are. So we need to start being able to decipher what that is. And that’s not to say that, you know, we can’t get paid and we can’t we can’t work because we obviously need to, unfortunately the world is ran on a monetary system. So we have no choice but to  unless we don’t want a roof over our head. Unfortunately, that’s the way the world is. I wish it was different but it just isn’t. So when we’re able to have that sense of community and we’re connecting with others at a soulful aspect and we’re able to have those softball conversations and to heal at those aspects, it becomes so empowering because it’s an embodiment of all the essences of who they are where they’re actually having that heart, mind, and soul coherence happening. And when we have that coherence transpiring throughout us, it is a knowingness. It is a knowingness that you are not created on this earth by accident, you have a purpose, you have a soul’s purpose. You can have passion projects, and you can have things that you love doing, but you have a soul’s purpose, as all of our souls purpose is to serve humanity and to serve one another as community, we are all one, we are under the divination of one, the Law of One when we think about the nature’s and the laws of nature.

Katie Wrigley  55:35  

I love that and it doesn’t matter how you are acknowledging one for what religious belief, what ceremonial belief, that acknowledgement, and understanding that there is a higher power. And that all of this is this incredibly complex, multi layered, multi dimensional, wonderful existence, experience that we’re all having on Earth at once. It’s incredible when you start to think about that, and I’ve seen, especially when you think about mental health, I’ve seen a lot of people shift and really connect to God almost in a fanatical way, because they haven’t done that emotional healing. And they’ve replaced some other sort of physical or mental addiction with church, which is a beautiful way to replace it. But there’s still so much available to heal there. So that’s not fanatical. Because when we get fanatical about something, we start to lose people. And they’re like, Oh, God is bad. No, God is not bad. Sometimes his fanclub is a little bit overzealous, and it can be a bit off putting, but that’s not God. That’s a human coming at you in a way that doesn’t feel inviting to you. And that’s okay.

Roxanne Chaput  56:49  

Yeah, and just because we find religion doesn’t mean we find ourselves, right. And it doesn’t stop us from connecting to ourselves. So it’s incredible to have a faith system, everyone’s faith and belief system is different, everyone’s going to have different belief systems. And that’s fine, that’s okay. But to understand that, that doesn’t mean that you are healing your whole, there’s still a component that will feel unfulfilled until you fulfill it within yourself. That happiness and that fulfillment is not created by an external force, it’s created by an internal force of love and of knowingness and of emotional regulation of inner peace. It has nothing to do with anybody else’s stories on what religion or what God is, doesn’t doesn’t matter what religion that is, or spirituality that is, that about our own inner work and connecting with our own individual spirit of who we are. That is the most integral piece because that is why we are here on this planetary system.

Katie Wrigley  57:47  

Absolutely. And I know my purpose in this life is to be of service to others and to facilitate healing, and empower them to continue their healing journey without me and really teach them how to do that. That’s why I’m here. And it took me a while to be clear on that. I want to go back to what you’ve said about a knowing, because as I started to do this work, my ego like to trip me up a few times. And I would think I knew. The difference is as I look back, and I was kind of thinking about this as you’re talking, because I have had a knowing multiple times. The difference is, when someone asked me how do you know when it is a true knowing? I can’t explain it. I just know, when it was my ego, trying to tell me something. I had every explanation in the world of why I was right. I have no explanation. Like when I first met my partner, within six weeks of meeting him, I’m like, “He’s it” People are like “How do you know?” “I don’t know.” Like “It’s a brand new relationship.” “I know.” “Everything is great right now.” “I know.” “How do you know?” “I just know.” And I had other relationships. “Oh, they’re the one.” And no, they weren’t. I was convincing myself. But this was so different. I’m like, I just know. And it doesn’t mean that my human ego didn’t try to throw doubts or smoke screens up in there. But when I look deeply at the connection that he and I have, yeah, this is an if, if it doesn’t last until death do us part. There’s a reason for that. We’re still having this beautiful, amazing partnership in life right now that both of us feel is going to extend until we’re done on this plane. And we’ve been together a little over a year. He’s in his 50s, I’m in my 40s. So we’re pretty well advanced in life to have a good idea of what we want and don’t want. But the difference there, and it was the same thing when people were like, you know, how are you going to make money doing what you’re doing? Like,”I don’t know. I’m gonna figure it out. I just know that this is what I’m meant to do.” And when I don’t have the answers, but I know I’m like, “Okay, thanks, God. Gotcha.” Going forth, I don’t know the how, but I’m going fourth.

Roxanne Chaput  1:00:02  

And that’s the thing is that we don’t need to know the how. And I love that you shared that story. Because when I met my husband now I knew instantly I knew that moment I knew. And I couldn’t explain it to anyone else either. I just said, it’s just a knowingness. And I remember as a little girl, because I’ve always loved love, I was a sucker for love. And I would ask everyone, like, “How did you know they were the right person?” And they would just say, “you just know”, that would be the reason. But the people that didn’t last were like, Oh, well, because of this, and this and this and that. And he does this for me. He does that for me. I’m like, “No, that’s not love, though. That’s conditional love.” now that I understand that. But they were able to be like, “I don’t know, I just knew, I knew there was a knowingness, I just knew”, I was like, “You did find your person”. And that’s how I felt with my current partner. I undoubtedly knew that he was my person. Same as him. And it scared both of us because we’re like, we’ve never experienced that before. We were always trying to convince ourselves on the list of why we should be with someone, you know, they don’t cheat on me, they don’t do this, okay? Like, it was always trying to really build that case on why we should be with that person. And then when we didn’t want to be with that person, it was like building the case to not be with that person. So when we have that knowingness, it is unexplainable. And there’s a part of our journey that we just need to trust. And when we think about the laws of nature, the laws of the universe, we think about the law of attraction and understanding that it’s not just the law of attraction, there are other laws that go in principle with the law of attraction. When we think about resistance, and we think about the law of compensation, we think about all these different laws that come into place. It’s really also important to understand that we need to be able to trust parts of our journey, we don’t need to know the what we don’t need to know the why we don’t need to know the when we don’t need to know the who. We need to be able to trust an aspect of our journey. And this doesn’t mean putting blind faith and just saying everything’s gonna work out and I don’t have to apply for a job and not put action in. You know, there is a lot of action for that exact reason. Because all these laws in unison is what actually allows you to manifest everything that you desire for your life. So when we’re able to actually release the expectation of something, and to surrender, and to be in a state of surrendering, and to just be in a state of acceptance, we open up a whole new dynamic within our energy field that allows magnificent things to happen and transpire within our life without putting a limitation on it. Right? When we think about people, when they request money, let’s just say money, because it’s a very high transactional vibration. Yes. They’re like, I just want a million dollars, okay, well, you just limited yourself to a million dollars. So now you’re not able to attain $2 million. You have to leave it open without expectation, because whatever we were resisting, whatever we are not in coherence, and our vibration, and our frequency isn’t in alignment form, we don’t believe that we can attain it or acquire it, it will never come to us in that form. We have to feel in all essences that we are accepting of what is going to come for us and change that vibration and frequency to be receptive to that.

Katie Wrigley  1:03:15  

Absolutely. That was such a beautiful way. I thank you. I just love the way you said that. I think that is probably an awesome place to wrap this up. So I want to leave people because a great conversation is great conversation. But unless there’s action in there, that’s all it is. So I want to invite you, Roxanne, is there a call to action that you would want someone listening to take today? It can be something really small, easy. What is the first step that you would like someone to take who’s listening to this today and going, “oh, I want to have that deeper healing? I’m ready.”

Roxanne Chaput  1:03:54  

Yeah, so I would really suggest just if you feel that you’re ready, then you need to embark on that journey. And when we are going through this journey, it’s important and I love that you said that it can be a very lonely journey, because not everyone is elevating the way that you are throughout your Self Mastery journey. However, there’s a way to be cognizant of your transitional periods so that you’re not shedding the relationships that you truly want to sustain within the dynamic of your life. You know, there’s a way that it can be done. We don’t have to just go into one aspect of our soulful being, we are still earthly beings, we’re still here having an earthly experience. And it’s important to stay grounded within those elements. So for me, it’s just about really having that self reflection and not being able to go through this journey on your own because it’s very tumultuous, even though it sounds like oh, we had all these amazing moments and aha moments. It took a lot of work to get there a lot of digging deep and going into that inner work and facing things that you may not even realize are there because they’ve been laying in your subconscious for such a long duration. So it can be very challenging, there’s a lot of anger, there’s a lot of resentment, you’re releasing emotion. So I would say for anyone that’s navigating throughout this journey, to never do it alone, always have a guide or a mentor. Because we would never travel the world without a map, we would never travel the world without a navigation system. It’s the same hold true with our journey, we need that overarching guidance where someone has already been there. Somebody can build that bridge for you so that you don’t have to go into the depth of the trenches in order to figure things out. You have somebody in your corner supporting you and being able to offer that advice, that wisdom or that guidance. So definitely seek somebody that really feels right for you, and that feels in connection to you and that is able to bring you in alignment to your highest self.

Katie Wrigley  1:05:47  

That is a beautiful call to action. And I hope anybody listening hears this and if Roxanne has resonated with you, I invite you to reach out to Roxanne so she can help guide you on this journey. So Roxanne, where can people find you so that people can reach out to you, connect with you, and either begin or continue their healing journey wherever they may be at this point in life? 

Roxanne Chaput  1:06:13  

Absolutely. So anyone can connect with me through my website at www.roxannechaput.com. And all my social media handles are under that name as well. So wherever you feel inclined to connect, we can connect through there.

Katie Wrigley  1:06:31  

Beautiful. You guys heard Roxanne, you can connect to her at her website, Roxannechaput.com. She spelled it for you. So we will have that and make sure that is in the show notes, as well as all of your social handles. And thank you so much for your time, your energy, your vulnerability and sharing so much of what you have experienced with us today. I really appreciate you being on the show. Roxanne, thank you.

Roxanne Chaput  1:06:58  

Thank you so much, Katie. It’s truly been an honor. Thank you.

Katie Wrigley  1:07:02  

And thank you, my cherished listener, for joining me again. And I invite you to come back and join me again next week when we’ll chat with someone else who has also experienced a near death experience that changed her life too. Imagine what would be possible if you could communicate with your animals, like Roxanne was talking about, and be able to understand the deeper esoteric meaning behind your pain. That’s all happening next week. And I’ll see you there. Until then, please remember, chronic doesn’t have to mean permanent.

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