Episode 31: An Esoteric Conversation about Pain


In this episode, you will learn:

  • There are so many options other than traditional medicine to heal ourselves and alternative medicine/modalities could be a better path to healing for our highest good

  • We are not our thoughts. We have thoughts that most likely do not even belong to us.

  • Consciousness and self awareness are keys to starting on your healing journey.

  • No matter what you’re going through right now, you truly CAN change/heal your pain! You can choose to try something new/different.

Episode 31: An Esoteric Conversation about Pain

Katie Wrigley 0:02 Welcome back to The Pain Changer podcast. This is episode 31 and today I have the honor of speaking with a cherished friend, colleague and fellow Cognomovement practitioner Ginny Jablonski. Ginny had a near death experience which led her out of 10 plus years of chronic pain and guided her to become an amazing intuitive with both animals and people. Join us to hear Ginny’s story and how her experience changed the course of her life. It’s coming up next. As an intuitive Ginny helps both humans and animals understand how past trauma is affecting their lives. The experiences of her own life compelled her on a journey of exploring the complexities of consciousness through the study and understanding of multiple esoteric traditions and modalities. She shares what she has learned on her journey to self awareness with others in easy to understand language that is both practical and highly esoteric in nature. Her greatest passion is to promote the evolution of interspecies consciousness, which she shares now on her new podcast. interspecies evolution. Thank you so much for joining me today, Ginny. Welcome to the pain changer podcast.Ginny Jablonski 1:50 Thank you, Katie. I love your podcast. And I am just thrilled to be a part of it. But I want to say that you almost made a little Freudian slip there. You almost called my podcast, interspecies revolution. And I think I should have called it that.Katie Wrigley 2:08 Well, we are evolving, right? So yeah, I guess it could be either of those. And I had the pleasure of being a guest on Ginny’s podcast, and I want to make sure we touch base on that. I would. I would love it though, Ginny, if you’d be willing to share your story with the audience so they can know your background and how you made this massive transformation into such an amazing intuitive. And actually, before you begin, I want to say she’s the real deal. I’ve worked with her directly with both myself and my animals and Ginny is amazing. So Ginny, please share your story if you would like.Ginny Jablonski 2:46 Well, thank you. I majored in economics. And I never bought a self help or spiritual book in my life. Prior to my near death experience in 2012. I was an executive protection agent for foreign diplomats, on unofficial state visits here in the US. And I trained for three years and I worked for three years. I worked a lot when you agreed to go on to detail, you were committed to a minimum of 90 days without a day off. I worked seven days a week, 14 to 16 hours a day. And it was really difficult on my body, not to mention the fact that it was not in alignment with my soul purpose. And so my soul had to take me offline. I experienced unexplained chronic pain and fatigue and I went to the doctors beGinnyng in 2000. I went to Cedars Sinai Medical Center to one of the best rheumatologists in the world and had many other doctors working with me to try to find out what was wrong for several years. They could not figure it out. Of course, they wanted me to take opioids, that’s another story. I refused the opioids. That is actually a fascinating journey if you ever have an interest maybe next year. And I had to medically retire in 2001. But I did not stop going to the doctor and trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I did not agree to take narcotics or opioids. I had tried the narcotics once. It was like five milligrams of hydrocodone or something like that, and it made me sleep and it never touched the level of pain that I had. So we tried everything that was non narcotic from Lyrica to Gabapentin to methotrexate. I was on oral chemotherapy for about a year and a half, I think, a lot of medications that unfortunately have other side effects. And around 2007 or 2008, my doctor at Cedars Sinai handed me a fentanyl lollipop and said, I’m done trying to figure out what’s wrong with you, opioids are your only hope. Please consider this. So I went home with a lollipop and handed it to my husband. And he looked it up on the FDA website. And he said, Ginny, if you take this medicine, your brain can forget to tell your lungs to breathe. And I remember just collapsing to the floor and crying and saying, “That’s it, I’m never going to go back to work.” And in that moment, I just knew I was never going to, I wound up thinking I wouldn’t go back to work for six or seven years. Kind of silly in hindsight, but I love my job. And we went ahead, and we tried, the opioids and opioids are a very slippery slope, because really what they are is an anesthetic. They’re not really pain medication, it just anesthetizes the nervous system and the neural pathways sending the signals to the brain that the body is in pain. So the body in its infinite wisdom just keeps making new pathways to the brain to tell the brain, I’m in pain. And you need to pay attention to me. And so you just have to eventually take more and more medicine.So about four years after I began taking the fentanyl, I started out about 25 micrograms per hour and worked my way up over four years. And this was conservative, I was afraid of the medicine. I tried not to increase the medicine, but about four years later, or maybe five ish, I was at 125 micrograms per hour of fentanyl. And that’s a lot, especially for 105 pound, you know, five foot, almost too little person. And I went to bed one night after getting the medication dose increased together with another medication that I was taking, which was a narcotic. And I went to sleep in that sort of Twilight space. I was propelled, I became very lucid for a moment, and I realized that the room was shifting or something was different. And I felt like there were beings or a being at my head and at my feet. And then I was immediately propelled into a white space, with no ceiling, no floor, no walls, a deciduous tree in front of me, and a man that appeared to me to be our Western version, Protestant, you know, Catholic, Methodist Lutheran Baptists version of Jesus. And he extended his hand to me and said, You’ve suffered enough? Come with me, he, I was given a choice. It was obvious to me that I was given a choice. And I thought to myself, yep, I’m dead. Make sense? I’m on a lot of medicine. And this is what happens to people that take this medicine, your brain forgets to tell your lungs to breathe. So I must be dead. And I thought to myself, yeah, I suffered enough. That’s right. I’m out of here. Like, of course, I thought for a moment, who will take care of my husband, and you know, those types of things. But that didn’t worry me very much, to be honest. And I started to step toward Jesus and I could feel my little fingertips in his fingertips. And I heard something behind me. And it was horses and donkeys and my husband and I had owned horses for many years, and I had volunteered when I could no longer ride or train from the ground because I was so sick and on so much medication, I just get dizzy and fall down. The horses and donkeys were there on their hind legs, just breaking and winning and screaming and a human voice. “Don’t go! Don’t go! Don’t you remember, there’s something important you have to do.” And immediately I whipped back around, and I said, “Sorry, Jesus, I’m going with them.” Then I was immediately back in my body. Ginny Jablonski 9:45 So I woke up, and I immediately regretted my decision. I don’t know how long I was gone. But it was long enough to create a tremendous amount of pain in my lungs and my heart. My heart had stopped at some sort of cardiac event. There was no air in my lungs. My lungs were on fire, just on fire. I had never experienced so much pain in my life. And I used to think I was on, you know, on a scale of one to 10. I was a nine out of 10. But this was excruciating. And then I screamed 20 or 30 times at the top of my lungs, “I just died. I just died. I just died. I just died!” just over and over into a pitch black room. It was quite scary. And so my husband and I had a conversation about this event. And we determined that if I was going to live to do whatever it was important I needed to do. And I had no idea what that was. I just knew there was something important I had to do that I was going to have to get off of the medication. And he has two degrees in science. I majored in economics. We never heard the words alternative healing. And we had no clue where to start. So we just started googling on the internet and went back to the pain doctor and asked them to decrease my medicine. They thought I was crazy. They suggested I didn’t do it. And I said, “Well, I’m going to die” and they said, “Well, yeah, that’s what happens. You just die. When you’re on fentanyl, you’ll just die.” And I said, “Well, can you please decrease them?” “We’ve never had a client ever get off of pain, fentanyl ever.” He said “I have 1000s and 1000s of patients and maybe two have decreased their dosage over the years. But I’ve never had anyone get off.” And I said “Well, could you please make a list and put my name at the top of the first person who ever got off of fentanyl in your medical practice.” They just thought it was crazy. It was against medical advice. But they did it. They cautioned me not to do it too quickly, which I like every two months, I decreased by 25 micrograms every two or three months or 12.5 microgram increments. And about a year and a half later, I was totally off of the medication. Now I do not recommend that as a course of action for everybody because it is not easy to not be supported by a doctor or a psychiatrist or a therapist or family or friends to support you. And by that time I had been bedridden for about 10 years, I had no friends left, everybody abandoned me. My husband worked full time and we had a ranch. I was on my own pacing back and forth through the house having panic attacks. And thinking I was going crazy experiencing cognitive dissonance. And also I woke up from my near death experience with psychic abilities that are very real. You know, most humans only perceive 1% of our reality. It’s a scientific fact. And when I woke up, I could see many layers of our reality, including the lifeforce energy around all living things, chakras, meridians, the nervous system in the body, I could hear consciousness in people, I could hear the horrible things that were said to people that they hadn’t forgiven, I could hear their self talk, self deprecating self talk. And I knew when what they were speaking out of their mouth was not what they felt in their heart, or frankly, in their true thoughts. And it was really a difficult road to navigate on my own. But that’s how it all started.Katie Wrigley 13:51 Wow. And I’ve heard your story before. And I want to thank you for your vulnerability here to share it with the public and a wider audience. Thank you, Ginny. There’s a couple of things I want to point out or go back to before we move on in this. So you weren’t taking any opiates at all. And they gave you one of the most dangerous opiates in the form of a lollipop at the start of this journey, this part of the journey. And then at the end, you went through all that withdrawal and there was no medical support whatsoever because you were doing it against medical advice. So you had no mental health, no physical health. No, no, no one with a doctor MD anything. Wow. And this was considered acceptable by the medical community.Ginny Jablonski 14:41 Well, it was against medical advice that I was getting off of the opioids. And, and I can quote my doctor, the numerous times I went to him asking for help. I said to him, “I’m doing this, I’m down to you know, 50 micrograms or 25 microgrammes, but I can’t get out of bed. I’ve been bedridden for 10 years, I can’t walk very far.” I didn’t even drive a car and my husband drove me once a week to the chiropractor, sometimes twice during that time. I laid in bed 16 hours a day and slept eight hours a day, where I used to work 16 hours a day, it was now slept 16 hours a day. And I said to the doctor, what do I do? And he said, Well, you’re going to need a physical therapist. So I went to numerous physical therapists who said, “We’ve never worked with anybody that’s been bedridden for 10 years, that all we can suggest to you is just get in a pool and walk back and forth in the in the pool or, you know, do some pool therapy or some light resistance in the water for a couple of years and see if your muscles come back from being atrophied.” There was no, you know, sort of positive affirmation or any suggestion like that whatsoever. And then I think it’s appropriate to share with this audience, and maybe it is more appropriate than I thought, on your podcast, Katie. I said to my doctor, “I can’t use my brain. I hadn’t been on the computer for 10 years, I was like an accountant and an economics major. I love details and statistics and numbers and facts in the scientific method.” And so I decided to get on the internet and start doing some work. Or maybe I could help my husband do his accounting or something. And I wasn’t accurate with data entry anymore. I would lose words. And I apologize if in this podcast I do, because I sometimes will start a sentence and stop and then completely restart the thought or I can’t find vocabulary words, simple words like sidewalk or refrigerator. I’ll pause and say, oh, please forgive me. I’m so sorry, I just can’t find this word. Well come to find out later. That’s not only from probably some oxygen deprivation in my near death experience, and the fentanyl and there’s a story about that. But being on chemotherapy. For a year and a half. Some people refer to that as chemo brain. So I had many, you know, sort of strikes against me in terms of the drugs, the pharmaceuticals, that I had been given. So I said to the doctor, “How can I get my brain back? I can’t, I can’t focus. I can’t, what good am I? I would love to volunteer, write grants for a nonprofit. I mean, I’m so experienced and gifted and capable. If I can get my brain back, I can be a useful person again and contribute to society.” And he said, and I quote, “There are no long term studies on overcoming the effects of opioid abuse, because nobody ever lives long enough to study them.”Katie Wrigley 18:03 Abuse?Ginny Jablonski 18:04Oh pardon me, use. Katie Wrigley 18:03Okay. No, no, that’s totally okay. Because and much to your point, though, it is easy to start to abuse opiates. And that is the assumption that a lot of people hear so that’s why I zone in on this word is like, wow, was he prescribing this? Because I have had that happen to me? I’ve been accused of abusing when I may have been abusing other things. But in that moment, I wasn’t when I was being accused.Ginny Jablonski 18:29 Yeah, and I apologize. This was prescription medicine. My doctor did not like upping my dose. I did not like upping my dose. This was something that we did very slowly over more than four years. And that was a slip of the tongue. Again, maybe a Freudian? Yes. But I do not believe that. My doctor irresponsibly prescribed the medicine because my doctor doesn’t know, Katie, what we’re going to talk about next. But if all the doctors knew and understood the truth of why we experience pain most pain anyway, then it wouldn’t be abuse to prescribe opioids to people. And by the way, the United States consumes 95% of the world’s opioid. 95 percentKatie Wrigley 19:23 That blows my mind. And I think it’s like 90% of all prescriptions in general, like we are as a whole, I’m going to make a general blanket statement here, we are way over medicated in the United States. The fact that we do not have 90% of the population, but we use 90% of the prescriptions. I feel comfortable to make that blanket statement.Ginny Jablonski 19:47 Right? And do you have if you have come to me and say I’ve had knee pain my whole life and I’ll say, “Oh, well you just need to forgive your dad or your grandpa or your uncle” and it’ll be gone from your right knee and then they start walking again. You know or low back, you know who have you, you know who is burdening you? Or who have you not forgiven in your family or what makes you feel like someone is trying to hold you back from moving forward? or what have you, you know, these are very esoteric concepts, but you work with a person to witness and understand how they really feel inside about something, let it go, they stand up, feel great walk out, never have to think about it again. And you and I as cognomovement practitioners know, that’s true. And I myself as an intuitive, who helps people all day long with this type of process, knowing that there are probably a couple 100 testimonials on my website to this effect. Yes, you know. So my pain was childhood trauma, early adult, you know, a lot of sexual abuse, sexual trauma, and a very abusive mother who harmed me and my children. And the last time she tried to kill me, I was 32 until I was able to get away from her. And so there was a lot of family trauma. And I had never dealt with it. I just kept going, going, going, working, as we all do, stressed out, trying to pay their rent, living paycheck to paycheck, doing the best I could, and never really getting help. And when I did go to therapy, and I kept thinking, you know, kept saying, My therapist, what’s wrong with me? And I would always be told there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s everybody around you. People aren’t stepping up or people aren’t this or that and, but you know, they’re happy to write the prescriptions for Effexor, Paxil, whatever. And I never wanted to. I said, “Well, am I mentally ill? Do you think I’m bipolar?” “No, no, no, no, no, no, you’re just in really bad circumstances.” You know, but when we have trapped emotions, it creates pain.Katie Wrigley 22:02 Yes, it does. And I want to just take a note here that a lot of what you talked about chakras, psychic abilities, science has caught up. There are machines that can detect that what Ginny is talking about is absolutely legit science. It’s no more left field whoo crowd, this doesn’t exist. There is scientific data to back what Ginny’s talking about. So what happened from you had the panic attacks, you were trying to learn how to use your brain again, I already know how functional you are. So what happened there to lead you from the panic attack and feeling what sounds like very lost, very unsupported to this esoteric realm that you live in so beautifully and in such an amazing way where you help so many people and so many animals now.Ginny Jablonski 22:54 When I woke up from my near death experience, I the veil, the esoteric veil that metaphysical people talk about did not apply to me anymore. I had gone twice across the veil once when I was three months old. I had a near death experience from whooping cough. I had turned blue. I was packed in ice in a tent when I was three months old. And the doctor said I wasn’t going to live. It wasn’t looking good. And I did pass and go beyond the veil. And come back when I was three months old. And then again when I was I think it was roughly 46 years old. I had had two near death experiences. So the veil just didn’t apply to me. When I came back from my second near death experience, which was a decade ago. I could see multi dimensionally. I could see the lifeforce around all living things. I could see energies trapped in the chakras, or maybe not so much trapped but churning and not being released and as the chakras many scientists believe are a metaphor for the nervous system itself. I could see and hear the traumas or emotions or belief systems that are in our nervous system. So there is an anesthesiologist named Stuart Hameroff, who works at the University of Arizona and they have a nonprofit dedicated to the study of consciousness. And he was very fascinated, because as an anesthesiologist, he often talked to people before surgery and after surgery, and he noticed that people would wake up completely different went from going under anesthetic. And he also was very curious about what happens to the soul when you go under anesthesia. Anyway, he’s written a book, there are 20 or more videos on YouTube about him in scientific lectures. And what he found in an extensive and exhaustive study of the nervous system, to a degree that no one had ever studied the nervous system before, is that within our nervous system, there are nano structures of something called microtubules. He calls them microtubules. And within each microtubule are nano particulates of crystals. And when I saw this research, and I listen to this man lecture, because I’ve done nothing, but go after consciousness studies and follow people who are interested in promoting, you know, consciousness and understanding consciousness. And when I saw his slides up on the screen, I was just like, yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking. That’s exactly where I am hearing these, you know, voices from or seeing these full color pictures. People would think that I was some sort of a party trick from time to time. When if I would say, you know, well, I can, you know, tell if you have any trauma in your life. And I’ve had a couple of people say, “I don’t have any trauma do me do me”. One man on an airplane, and I immediately took my hand, palm flat with my thumb across to right to my sternum. And I said, “Well, what happened right here?” And his wife was saying, concurring, “He’s never had a bad day in his life. He’s the happiest person, he’s never had a bad thing happen to him in his life. And so I said, “What happened right here?” and they both went, Oh, you know, just turned white as a sheet, jaws dropping. I said, “What’s the matter?” He had been born with a congenital heart defect. And when he was two years old, he had heart surgery. And that’s where they opened him up. And I said, “Well, you have trauma there, and you have energy that isn’t moving in the way it should be moving because of your being opened up. And so you really need to go and get some cranial sacral work, because that trauma is a problem for you and in your heart.” So I had another gal that said, you know, out of literally out to breakfast with friends, “oh, do me do me.” And she handed me her arm, you know, just touched me. So I said, Well, I want you to know, and I have no idea. This was just an intuitive hit. I said, I can’t guarantee you’re gonna like what you hear, because what I mostly hear is trauma. And she said, It’s okay, I don’t have any trauma, I’m fine. And I said, Alright, I’m telling you, you might not like it. And she said, No, no, do me do me. So I put my finger by her own a nerve at her elbow. And I had a vision of a very graphic, unfortunate vision. And I explained to her what it was, and she pulled her arm back from me. And she said, Yes, that had happened to her. And I don’t want to share it because very graphic and unfortunate. And so that seeing Stuart Hameroff slides and pictures under a microscope and drawings of the microtubules completely validated, the fact that this energy is truly stored in this micro computer network that people refer to as our nervous system in our body.Katie Wrigley 28:43 That is, that is amazing, not your skills, but that what science is able to detect to answer so many of these questions that you should just stay unanswered. So then once you got introduced to this doctor’s work, like what did your healing journey look like for yourself? And how did you really start to step into this new identity as an intuitive because I can imagine going from physical security, to animal communication and being able to have the abilities you do, that’s a massive shift there. So tell us more of what that was like for you to step into this identity that you are clearly so confident and so, so beautiful, and now as this amazing intuitive that you are today.Ginny Jablonski 29:36 Well, I never asked for it. I mean, my soul probably did. But in my conscious awareness in my everyday life, I’m a very and you know me personally so you know, I don’t have much of a sense of humor. I’m a pretty serious person. I never would have asked for such a thing because it’s not fun putting yourself out there publicly to scrutiny and to oftentimes being made fun of, you know, and my husband has two degrees in science and I majored in economics and this is the furthest thing from my mind, all I wanted to do was heal myself. And even on my healing journey, when it’s because I could see spirit and I couldn’t understand it because I could see dead people and talk to animals. And when I walked by trees, they would talk to me or people’s potted plants would say, “Please water me or I need a bigger pot.” That’s what led me to figure out, you know, that there’s alternative healing, energy healing. And Google that, what does it mean when you hear voices because I never heard anybody talk about this stuff before. Right? So on that journey, which literally was gifted to me by Google, nobody that I knew, it was totally Google. The healers that I was going to, were saying, “You’re a healer, you need to be a healer, you need to be helping people. I have clients that you can help. The information you’re bringing through is incredible. You’re healing me more than I’m healing you.” And it was so obvious that that was true to me. And it was so obvious that the people that were supposedly healing me, couldn’t see what I could see, didn’t know what I knew, couldn’t feel what I could feel because they hadn’t healed that in themselves. And I could see it. And a lot of the trauma that was being expressed unhealed wounds through healers, and the way they reacted to me and my ability was, it was not fun to be in that experience. So for many reasons, I didn’t want to be healer, because I wasn’t really impressed with the healers I was going to and the healers that were supposedly saying that they were healing me, I would go get in my car and the energy would come right back because I could see the energy. Oh, wow. That is what made me go on a journey to find out why was the energy coming back? Why was energy healing not working? Why did people that I paid 300 $500 an hour that said they can heal me? Why was the energy coming back? And there are an entire community of metaphysical people who couldn’t answer my questions. So I had to study with indigenous people and go to Australia and work with an Aboriginal woman. And that’s where I found most of my answers was from an Aboriginal woman who talked about belief systems and past lives. And she talked about it in a very different way than the sort of average metaphysical person who maybe took a mediumship class or learned how to channel or something, but they weren’t self aware, they weren’t going on their own journey. And because of what I saw her felt, you know, could smell and taste literally, I was committed to going on a journey and understanding how it worked, because I was not going to go public with this information unless I was certain, unless I was certain. And the information I gave was just, I don’t want to say almost always, because I want to sound humble, but it was just always accurate. It just was always accurate. And again, I think it’s because I went through the veil twice. So potentially a third or maybe more strands of DNA were activated. And I had this direct connection to my higher self. Now, I don’t claim to be a Medical Medium. And I absolutely do not claim to heal anybody you know me, Katie, yeah, I work with the soul. Right? I work with the soul, I work with the consciousness, I will share with a person, what they’re struggling to see or understand about their journey or why things are happening to them, I will give them that insight. And I will share what is trapped in the nervous system, or I will share what is the priority of the body or the soul. And I will give language and I will support and I will hold space. But I will never say to a person, “Oh, I’m going to do psychic surgery on you. Let me remove that from you because I paid a lot of money to have people do that for me.” And it never worked. And the unfortunate thing is most people think it’s working but they just can’t see that, you know the energies coming back and, and that’s what propelled me again, I know I’m repeating myself at this point, but I wanted to understand why other people couldn’t heal me. And I believe that the time on the planet is now for humans to take their power back to stop seeking outside of ourselves to understand our own consciousness, to understand our own emotional body, mental body, and to understand our own nervous system.Katie Wrigley 35:09 Absolutely, I agree. And I love what you say there, you know, and I want to actually pause, can you say, you know, you, you didn’t ask for this. But you did have a choice, when you woke up, you could have continued to override your soul, you could have continued to keep yourself suffering, you could have gone back to what you were doing before, and not made these changes. Instead, you started to come into your own power. And you said something really, really important there, that when things don’t work. So many times I hear that by the time someone comes to me, like nothing’s worked. Nothing’s worked. And that’s how I found cognomovement, nothing else had worked. And it was because of exactly what you said, I was looking for other people to heal me cognomovement at its essence, as you know, you’re talking to yourself, you hold the answers. And so what has that shifted? What have you seen, both in your own life as you start to really realize you are holding the key to your own power? And what have you seen in your clients lives? I know you have a lot of testimonies, we’ll make sure that we have your website captured in the show notes so that people can reach out to you and work with you directly. But what have you seen as far as this deeper esoteric meaning for pain and how you have been able to help people see where they have work or where there is work to do to free that energy out of the nervous system out of the body?Ginny Jablonski 36:38 Well, I just want to say I’m not a psychologist, I’m not a psychiatrist. I’m not a social worker. And, you know, if people feel that they need that kind of information, I can’t provide that. But what I can share is that I believe that doing this work can mean the end of mental anguish. Now, is it going to heal every single person who is bipolar has a chemical imbalance? I think eventually, if a person went down this road far enough, I think the answer to that would be yes, unequivocally. But I think for people who, you know, have something like fibromyalgia or arthritis or, you know, undiagnosed pain as I had undiagnosed pain, nobody could figure out what was wrong with me. It’s because my nervous system was trying to tell me that it was full up with trapped emotions unprocessed memories. And what it looks like for me and my clients, be they human or animal is a shift in perspective, a change in behavior, a decrease in our conscious awareness of triggers, mental, emotional, psychological triggers just disappear. We begin to be more happy, less sad, more free, less angry. And with animals, they are certainly afflicted many times by very similar systems of belief they’ve taken on human belief systems. Rupert Sheldrake wrote a book about the morphogenetic field, and he calls it, there’s a book called dogs that know when their owners are coming home. And then in the UK, there’s an alternative healing program called canine flow. And in canine flow, they talk about the group bond, which there’s a parallel to Rupert Sheldrake’s morphogenetic field and or morphic field, which talks about resonance and projection and how we become bonded. You know, and there’s a lot of other research in, you know, Western, the western model of self analysis and psychology about that as well. You know, Family Constellations and other types of attachment theory. I mean, it’s all out there for people to hear about the work you and I both do. Katie with cognomovement and the intuitive work I do, can just absolutely help people change their lives, decrease pain, decrease emotional distress, decrease triggers, it’s phenomenal.Katie Wrigley 39:53 I agree. So you had mentioned you were in bed for 10 years bedridden for 10 years. Your pain was that bad. You had to learn how to walk again. What’s your physical state now, Kenny?Ginny Jablonski 40:06 I didn’t take any medicine this year, I took maybe three Advil. And my daughter tried to get me to try CBD and my body was like, no, no, no, I tried one little CBD gummy. I just do energy work on myself pretty much every day, I really manage my own energy. And at night when I go to sleep I tend 10 to my physical body. So I don’t take any medication, prescription medication other than bio identical hormones.Katie Wrigley 40:52 Good for you. That is amazing. And congratulations on being the first human in your doctor’s practice. To let go of the fentanyl. I think it’s really interesting. I wanted to go back to this before we let everybody know where they can find you. It’s really interesting that in the mental health profession, the solution for you being in a bad situation, or however they had specifically outlined that for you was for you to medicate. It wasn’t for you to change anything or to encourage you to maybe try perspective shifts, it was to medicate you so you could tolerate being in a situation that wasn’t for you, with others in your life that were creating mental anguish inside of you. Ginny Jablonski 41:45 Right? Well, Katie, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this on any other podcast before, but it’s appropriate here. My daughter is a therapist. My sister in law is a therapist. Two of my best friends are clinical psychologists, one works in a mental hospital. I have many clients who are therapists, or psychologists or social workers. And when we talk, they all say I went to school for 10 years. And for 10 years, they drilled in us the importance of validating emotion. How do you feel? How does that make you feel? How do you feel? Validating drilling in cognitive behavior therapy and the didactic behavior that you know, just the talking about it over and over and over slicing and dicing it? Emotions are not logical, and there is nothing about therapy that can help you get to the cause of an emotion,Katie Wrigley 42:41 Right? That makes sense. And I have a lot of respect for therapists, I think they do a lot of great work in the world. And I had a similar experience, I had two different therapists for 13 years. It wasn’t until I had coaches that really started to look forward, It wasn’t until that forward thinking that I really started to get out of my own way. And it wasn’t until I had my magic Cogno ball where I can delete the things that get me in my way that I really started to step into my power. But it’s so unfortunate that this is what our society…. I know that therapists want to be able to help more than they are able to within their roles. And I see a lot of people shifting into other modalities or adding to therapy to give themselves that flexibility to be able to legally, because there’s so many regulations around it, legally offer more to their clients. It’s really going to help them get to that root, to get to the why, to get to… what did your soul agree to in this life, that you are having this experience now. And I’m seeing more and more people move into that realm to be able to help people mourn. I think it’s absolutely beautiful. And I don’t want to knock traditional medicine. It does have its place. And as we’ve discussed on the show before, it also has limits. Everything has limits of some sort or another but unfortunately, that’s the way that most people think is the only thing available to them. Until those limits then get pushed on to us. But we have a choice. We don’t have to stay limited.Ginny Jablonski 44:24 Well, thank goodness there are so many people. Let’s just use one example in law enforcement, first responders, firemen, EMTs who are carrying so much trauma, secondary trauma from their jobs. So many people are going out on disability or retiring early because of the trauma. And there are people who have traveled to Thailand, to China, to Japan to find out about practices in the East and the Far East, whether it be breathing, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, some type of breath work or mindfulness, to help people overcome trauma. And I’m very grateful for that. And I think it’s one of the things that is missing from our Western society and culture, especially in North America, there is a very decided lack of the acceptance of these alternative conversations. This is acceptable in Europe. In Europe, they have certification programs for healing touch, or other types of energy work that is permitted in hospitals. They have energy healers, with offices in hospitals. But that’s not talked about in the US. It’s not talked about. And then in the US, if you have six or 12, or goodness knows, however many 1000s of dollars, you can learn to be an animal communicator. But in the UK for 500 euros, which, by the way, if you’re in the US, you can buy this program from Europe, you will find the most comprehensive animal communication program I’ve ever seen. And it blows the doors off of the $6000, $12,000 , and $20,000 programs that are available in the US and people in Europe, charge less than 100 euros per hour to do this type of work in the UK. But in the US, people who are not even any good at it, because I’ve had many sessions with people that charge $3, 4, 5, 6, 7, $800 an hour, and have been absolutely zero help whatsoever to me. Wow. It’s really incredible the mindset in our country, we are so programmed against anything that is not the standard model of care, the allopathic medical model. I mean, even in medical school, they teach you and I know I have friends in nursing school and medical school, I have friends who are chiropractors, they teach you in the ER that you are not supposed to recommend chiropractic, because chiropractic can hurt you. Chiropractic is, I don’t think in the history of the world has there ever been somebody harmed by a chiropractic adjustment. I know a chiropractor has hurt a horse accidentally. But you know, this is our culture. And we have allowed this to be done to us, we have allowed this information to be kept from us. I certainly had never heard about any of this. It’s much more accepted in the rest of the world.Katie Wrigley 48:07 And that highlights the biggest purpose for this podcast is, like you, I was at a dead end, run out of options, had to have something changed. Started to seek out other remedies. And all of it has been self research and then learning from some of the best that I can even imagine, you know, Bill and Liz of the Cognomovement team, they’re exceptional at what they do and what they teach. But we don’t find this organically. So that’s why I love to have intuitives like you, other practitioners, and other different types of modalities out there. So that you know you have a lot of options available to you, whatever your belief system is, wherever you may be in the world, you have options to be able to heal. And that’s really what this has been becoming, that was something I had hoped to do. But it’s very quickly as this podcast is still taking off. That collaborative effort is really what the show is about and all these different ways that people can change their pain very successfully. So where can people find you, Ginny?Ginny Jablonski 49:25 Well, I’m launching a new podcast in a couple of weeks called Interspecies Evolution. And that is a podcast dedicated to self awareness to the understanding of ourselves as spirit in a body to being more self aware and self responsible in the hopes that our own self awareness will lead us to honoring animals as sentient beings as well. And the name of that podcast is interspecies evolution and the website is interspeciesevolution.com. And my website is heartofthehorse.us. And I have services for both people and animals there, including Cognomovement.Katie Wrigley 50:12 Awesome, thank you so much. And if there was one call to action that you have for the audience today, what is one step that you hope someone will take after listening to your story and after hearing your words of encouragement about what is available to everybody out there? If you can just get Google past the invisible… How do you want to say it? Invisible censorship of Google. Go a few pages deep when you Google something that’s a tip, go at least a few pages deep, you’re gonna be shocked by what you find there. What is one call to action you would like people to take today, Ginny?Ginny Jablonski 50:53 Well, the most important thing I could offer any human being on Earth, is to find out where your thoughts come from, because you’ll be surprised to know that many, many, many, many, many of our thoughts do not even belong to us. And to that end, I have a free video on my website, Heartofthehorse.us under Resources, and then free content. I have a really quick video that is titled, where do your thoughts come from? And then the follow up video to that is self inquiry, where I explained that our thoughts can be from many other sources outside of us, and even inside of us, especially parasites, or bacteria, or fungus, or yeast, what have you. And then in the self inquiry video, I give people tools to begin to manage their own thoughts to take control of their own mind to take power back over our own thoughts, which you will hear every day, 100 times a day in the metaphysical community, we create our own reality. Well, we create our reality through our thoughts. So the number one thing would be for people to learn the source of our thoughts, and that most of them don’t even belong to us. And that’s free on my website.Katie Wrigley 52:10 Beautiful, I will make sure that we have a link directly to that Ginny so that we make it easy for people to go out, find that, and start to see for yourself where your thoughts are coming from. Thank you so much for joining me today. Is there any last thought you want to share with the audience before we call it a day?Ginny Jablonski 52:30 You can change your pain. Yes, I mean, I understand if people have had a horrible accident, or they have some sort of congenital disease and my heart goes out to every single person who is suffering or in pain, truly. But if it’s not that, and you know you need to forgive someone or you know that there’s something deep inside of you that feels off. You’ve always known but you haven’t been able to put your finger on it. If you become an archaeologist of your own consciousness, you will change your pain, you will change your life.Katie Wrigley 53:04 I love that. That is a wonderful note to end on. Thank you again for joining me today, Ginny. And thank you to my listener as always for joining me today. I am so grateful that I have you here with me. Next week we’re going to continue to focus on mental health and actually around thoughts too. Steve Barton is going to be joining me again with a new concept. What if thoughts are prayers? How would that change the thought you think in the words you speak? Come back next week to find out!

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