Episode 63: Taming the fire within – how emotions lead to chronic inflammation


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How emotions and programmed beliefs affect your physical body
  • How identifying patterns in other people can help you identify your own, as they act like mirrors
  • How sound healing can help you release stress and find your balance again
  • Understand that we need both masculine and feminine energy, and how finding balance between the both helps you achieve a pain-free life.

Episode 63: Taming the fire within – how emotions lead to chronic inflammation

Katie Wrigley (KW) 0:05
Welcome back to The Pain Changer podcast. This is episode 63. And I’m your host, Katie Wrigley. You’ve heard me speak before about the correlation between emotions and physical pain. And perhaps you have some resistance to that idea. I certainly did before I started to heal, so I don’t blame you if you aren’t buying that concept yet. However, I hope you’ll stick with me because today’s guest is going to go deeply into that arena with me. Samaya Hill, otherwise known as Tracy Hill was one of the most well received speakers during my recent Summit. So if you stay tuned, you will soon understand why. Joining me today is Samaya Hill, Samaya and esteemed Chicago firefighter has risen to prominence through her journey of resilience and self discovery, garnering media attention from ABC News, New York and over 25 Natural Healing podcast. She is an acclaimed presence in multiple healing summits, illuminating the path to wellness, armed with a master’s degree in kinesiology and a certification in holistic nutrition. Samaya’s expertise has not only led to her personal recovery, but has also catalyzed wellness transformations for hundreds of clients. Samaya holds the key to going from anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed, to living a healthy thriving life with the self compassion to live authentically. Having tried triumphed over a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, personal bankruptcy and divorce, Samaya now knows how to rise courageously and unapologetically from the ashes of adversity. In quieter moments, Samaya deepens her understanding of quantum physics pursuing a PhD in integrative medicine. She is a virtuoso of sound healing instruments and a confidant of her cat crystal, with whom she indulges in frequent feline frolics. I love that. Welcome to The Pain Changer Podcast Samaya I am so happy to have you join me again. I love when I get to talk to you

Samaya (Traci) Hill (SH) 1:58
Thanks Katie, I’m so excited to be back. We have great conversations, which I’m looking forward to today.

Katie Wrigley 2:05
I am as well. So for the audience’s sake, would you be willing to share a little bit of your journey that led you from being a firefighter, to kinesiology nutrition and to sound healing and everything that you do now within your practice in your business?

SH 2:20
Sure, well, I’m still a firefighter. But I got I’m on my 23rd year, so I was diagnosed at about the same time, I was diagnosed with MS about the same time that I got on the job, it’s just and you know, it can take a while to get diagnosed. And with my degree in kinesiology, I worked with athletes, and I was in the middle I was in the army, doing all these very masculine, I had very masculine roles. I mean, I was in charge of working at the university I was in, I was always in charge of something and had to be very masculine. And of course, that stress kind of coupled me so through my journey, the divorce is a whole whole nother kit and caboodle there. But finally, realizing that spirituality was a really huge part of my life, you know, my family, we didn’t talk about ghosts or spirits or higher powers or anything like that. It was just like Jesus God, church, and then nothing else, right? So, and no fault to them. But it was not, wasn’t resonating with me really well. So as I began to develop my own spirituality, and I’m sure a lot of your listeners can resonate with this, but you know, you’re questioning what you’ve learned, you’re questioning how you’re brought up the programming that you gone through. I was doing that from a much younger age, but didn’t have a mentor to help really set me out of what I was programmed with, and into what I really wanted to become. So I had to kind of do this deep dive by myself. But realizing that, you know, the, as people call it, the woowoo side, the energetic side of reality, really resonates with me. And then understanding that My diagnosis was catalyzed by stress, which is basically the foundation of emotions. Emotions are the you know, feelings with the field, you know, the feelings, the physical result of feelings. And I basically created my diagnosis because I didn’t understand how to process my feelings. And with all of that, and my love for quantum physics and mechanics, and all the things that we can’t see, with the naked eye, I began to step into this more feminine role. Realizing that I had none in my life, I wouldn’t let myself cry, or show emotion. And as I began to emerge, literally from the ashes, I began to emerge as this kind of new person, I started to step foot more and more and more where I’m at today from that very masculine machismo petty, logical role into now, having much more balance and seeing that, you know, the feminine is really, we have to have both, we have to have both, it’s really imperative that we have both the creative, the logical, the being the doing, and it took me a long time to learn it. But here I am.

Katie Wrigley 5:31
Love that. Thank you for sharing. And thank you, I didn’t realize that you were still a firefighter. Thank you so much for your service in that role. That is not the easiest job on Earth. So thank you.

SH 5:49
That’s challenging.

KW 5:50
Yeah, yeah, that tends to come with I work with law enforcement. And I’m hoping to expand my practice and other first responders to help them get that stress that trauma out of their body from things that you guys are coming across on the job. So I just really appreciate your work in that regard. Thank you.

SH 6:00
Well, thank you for helping us.

Katie Wrigley 6:03
So I want to just quantify something. So you had mentioned, you know, you were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, what year were you diagnosed? And what does that mean, today? Do you have multiple sclerosis?

SH 6:15
I was diagnosed in about 2000. It took, you know, a few MRIs and spinal tap, because they back then they was not really that well known. It was just kind of starting to emerge. And the doctors were pretty hesitant in that strict diagnosis of this is what you have. But anyways, I had eight lesions at the time. And now I I just say I was diagnosed with it. I don’t I feel like I’ve healed from it. I don’t have symptoms, I haven’t had symptoms for about 18 years. Yeah, about that. What are we in 2023? Yeah, and a lot easier to think about it. And so I never like to subscribe myself or label myself because once you do that words have power. And so it becomes and I do caution people to say, you know, if you say you have anxiety then so you shall if you say you have whatever, so you shall I never say I have MS. Or I had it, I say I was diagnosed with it. I don’t identify as having Ms. I don’t identify as somebody with any kind of disability whatsoever. I don’t have symptoms. So there’s no reason for me to say that. But yeah, my life is clean and clear today.

Katie Wrigley 7:43
Congratulations. And thank you for doing that work to clear it, you know, and I would say that counts is being cured. If you are symptom free, and you’ve been symptom free for 17 years, that’s that’s not a fluke. And from what I understand if there’s active lesions on the brain, that’s going to come up in some sort of symptoms somewhere like you’re going to notice that so I would imagine if you did go into an MRI machine, it would probably show up clear, but why in the world, would you want to spend your time doing that when you have no symptoms?

SH 8:10
Exactly. I haven’t had an MRI in 10 years, I think,

Katie Wrigley 8:17
Oh, I can’t wait to be able to say that. I think I’ve had 16 total, and the last one was about two years ago. And hopefully that timeline will keep increasing.

SH 8:31
That’s great. Because I always say every six months and it’s like oh my goodness. Yeah, I’m good.

Katie Wrigley 8:37
Okay, I’m all set. I’ve had so many parts of my body imaged, we’re good. I don’t need to keep looking what’s under there, it feels much better. That’s all I care about. So I want to go back to what you said about spirituality. So I’m not sure if I told you but I actually just came off of a nine day meditative Silent Retreat, including plant medicine. And so I did four Ayahuasca ceremonies and a psilocybin ceremony. And I feel like a completely different woman on this side of it and a big piece of that. And I really want to start to bring this forward and my messaging as well as that spirituality piece. And it I know people who are Christian, they identify as Christian, I know people who are non denominational, the church where I went to have the retreat, they are non denominational, they refer to God as spirit. That’s really what resonates for me as well. Mainly because I had had experiences with people I wouldn’t call true Christians as a kid, you know, the ones that want to beat you over the head with the Bible instead of actually practicing what the Bible teaches, which is love, compassion, acceptance. Do unto others as you want done to you all of those good things. I think that’s in the Bible. I’m honestly I’m clearly not well versed in it if that’s incorrect, but I am very spiritual. And that has been really life changing for me. So what have you noticed since you started to really tap into that? that spiritual side and give yourself permission to open up spiritually what’s changed for you? Samaya?

SH 10:07
Oh my gosh, literally everything. You know, it starts with forgiveness, right? Because if we can’t forgive ourselves, and this is one of the hardest things to do, because we all have at some point or still are harboring garnering guilt and shame, and it takes forgiveness to let those go. And that’s really difficult. So I think, you know, forgiving yourself and forgiving others opens the door to receive and give love. Because when you can’t forgive you, there’s a lot of judgments on situations and people types of people, right. So if you have, like me, I married a narcissist, who was it was a very difficult marriage. And it took me a long time to realize I have to forgive him. Because otherwise, anytime I encounter somebody that’s even remotely looks like him, maybe walks like him or something, I’m going to push that person out of my life, whether it’s just an encounter, or it’s a lasting relationship, I won’t be able to foster, receiving or giving with that person, because I have judgment because I haven’t forgiven. And then I wouldn’t be forgiving myself. So for me, it’s about it’s about that level of being able to give and receive love. But to do that you have to forgive and also understand what your programming has taught you or guided you through to this point. Does that make sense?

Katie Wrigley 11:49
Yes, yeah. That does, that does. And we talk about programming a lot on the show, like one of the big things we see out there is this fear programming, it has us looking at Big Pharma is that thing that’s gonna solve everything for us. And from an entrepreneur perspective, it’s pretty impressive what they built. My issue with that is that it’s programming in false belief and fear that’s really unnecessary. And it’s it’s teaching people erroneous information that they need a pill a synthetic pill to fix themselves, where in my experience, since I started to go inward, I have benefited so much more than I ever did from any pharmaceuticals, I’m much more awake, both literally and metaphorically, I’m woken up on a more spiritual sense, since getting a lot of that stuff out of my system in there, you know, and there’s a lot of other ways that we get programmed. So I believe kind of what you’re saying, and in regards to your ex husband, is there could have been conscious and subconscious patterns that were starting to really get in the way with other potentially really blossoming nurturing, wonderful experiences and relationships that you could have with other people that may or may not have had some component in common with him. And was I hearing that correctly?

SH 13:05
Totally Correct. Yeah.

KW 13:09
So what does this subconscious programming do to our beliefs Samaya

SH 13:11
they, so are, we are actually, our everyday life is guided 95% by our subconscious. So our waking thinking logical mind is only 5% of how we act, behave, think talk, etc. So if you really want to know, you know, it’s funny, because I was listening to a YouTube video from Dr. Bruce Lipton this morning, just like a small piece of it, because I couldn’t listen to the whole hour and a half. But he’s saying, you know, it’s so easy for us to see the patterns and other people, but it’s really hard to see our own, because it’s so subconscious. It’s so programmed and ingrained. And, and I’m going to use his paw his speak, because it’s so it’s so relatable. It’s like you get a new a brand new computer, or laptop or whatever. And there’s not much you could do with it because it needs programming, right? You need to input programs in order for you to have it function the way you want it to. And children are the same way. So up to seven years old. We’re literally just these beings, these spiritual beings getting programmed with things that other people want us to have to behave a certain way. So up to that age of seven, we’re literally just they say we’re sponges we are because we’re taking the programs of our day our parents, other adults, other caregivers, teachers, they want us to act and behave and be programmed a certain way so that as we grew up, we are still programmed a certain way to I’m doing air quotes here because I know we’re all Have a deal, but so that we can fit into society so that we’re normal. And again, air quotes, there is no such thing as normal. And so, you know, to understand that deeper, it’s like, if if I wanted my children to use something practical here, if I wanted my children to be vegan growing up and, and hate a certain political party, I would constantly tell them, You need to eat this way. And you need to know that these people are evil all the time, right. And now, what that does as these kids grow up is they never look at the other side, they become completely ignorant. So you will use of the word word ignorant, meaning they don’t get educated to the other ways of living. And then they put judgments on those who are not vegan and look at the political party that they hate. So, that is what programming is, and your computer would do the same thing, your program, your computer would not function. It wouldn’t use Windows, if it’s an apple, because it’s not programmed to use Windows.

Katie Wrigley 16:10
Yeah, yeah, different operating systems require different programs, the same as every unique DNA sequence that we call human being has different and unique needs, that that physical body needs that that spiritual body needs within their being within their field, in order to live their best life, and it’s gonna look different for everybody.

SH 16:32
Exactly. And, you know, we’re all energy at the very basic structure, we are all energy, we all function, the same energetically, or, you know, our cells are magnetic Magneto electric, Magneto, Magneto electric, if I’m saying that correctly. So, magnetism, and electricity, we all function that way. But what we do with that will determine who we become how we function and our programming. So our programming is literally taking outside source, plugging it into our cellular structure. And then the output is what that cellular structure decides to show to showcase.

Katie Wrigley 17:22
So in that example, if you’re listening to program that stressing you out, that stress is going to go deep into your cells, it’s first going to affect you know, maybe just on an emotional level, the longer that that stress goes on check, the more it’s actually going to get into the hardware deep into the mitochondria of the cells, then you’re going to start having health problems, you’re going to have inflammation, you’re going to have potentially a chronic pain or an autoimmune disease or something else. So you know, much like you said, prior to your diagnosis, multiple sclerosis, you have a lot of stress, you’re really leading with masculine energy, which is that go go go all the time versus the feminine, which is being in flow, it’s not forceful. And ironically, like masculine is static and feminine is movement. But the masculine is what we dive into those type A, you know, I’m very type A, always checking my energy to try to put more feminine into it because I was in corporate for 24 years in a male dominated field. So that’s just my comfort level. And when I get stressed, like I automatically go into that masculine mode, and my body gets pissed at me every damn time I do that. Because I’m not doing the things that my body is meant to do that the feminine side is demanding and the left side of my body is what winds up hurting when I know that I’m too much in the masculine side. Okay. Hey, we got some on over here and listen, listen, this hurts Come on. And as soon as I listen, it goes away. But that’s that’s still a battle. You know, soon you’re saying like, you’re still practicing to get over the feminine that resonate. Excited. Yeah, yeah, me too.

SH 18:55
Yeah, and it’s interesting, because I know if I get a certain type of headache, okay, so it’s pressure. It’s pressure, headache, tension headache is a pressure headache. And that pressure is like, Okay, where am I pressuring myself? Where am I overdoing it? What’s the lesson than this? And once you start kinda like unpacking it, and asking questions, it will go away, because it’s like, Hey, you got it, you figured it out. And that’s exactly what all diseases and injuries are illnesses. It’s just a message for you to say, hey, something’s not out of balance. That’s all it is. That’s the balance and can ask him the feminine. You know what you may be rehydrated. So your water your cellular structure is out of balance. Your cells are not hydrated your bloods out event, whatever it is, it’s just an imbalance issue. And I’m getting off topic. Katie knows I can just talk and talk and talk. But it’s all about it and balance. And when you just ask questions and listen to your body, which for us like thinking type A is been a challenge But when you do that, you will just very easily bring it into balance. And you don’t need that synthetic pill.

Katie Wrigley 20:06
Yep, I agree completely. And it may take a while to get to the point where you can let go of the synthetic pills your body gets used to being there forgets how to do the things that that pill is doing for you. Give yourself some grace, like it took me think two and a half years from when I first started No, three and a half years, yeah, three and a half years to get off all of the pharmaceuticals I was on when I was initially disabled. And now like I take a take progesterone. And that’s it. And as I continue to get more stress out of my body, I don’t know that I mean, we’re going to have to keep taking that. It’s just natural supplements, and that seems to really help the most. So I want to actually go back to what you’re saying from the Bruce Lipton podcast with you know, we can see the patterns and other people. And I’m curious if you’ve seen this as well, so easy to see the patterns and other people and what I’ve noticed in myself, if I’m picking up a pattern in someone else, it’s because that pattern is in me, have you noticed that as well.

SH 21:05
The mirror the mirror? Yes, I was definitely a mirror of a very long time. It was like, and at first it was, you know, I would see it. And like I logically knew it was a mirror for me, but I was in denial. And then it came to like, you know, anger about it. So I would see it in someone else, and then be like, Oh, it’s in me, but, you know, like I wouldn’t, but then it was the acceptance of it. The stages here. And then now. It’s like immediate, like I am judging somebody. And you know, I want your audience to know, like, I am not perfect, like I know and understand all this. But like, it’s still a work in progress. But let’s say I’m judging the way somebody is dressed. And it’s like, okay, it’s an immediate reaction to me. All right, what don’t I like about the way I dress? Or what, you know, how am I insecure about my clothes? Or is it about something else? It’s an immediate response for me. So I can now say to myself that yes, in the beginning is totally a mirror. Because, you know, going back into spirituality and quantum physics, we are all one, we are all connected. And this kind of has to do with karma. But what you put out, you receive back because we are all connected. So whatever you do to somebody do it yourself. Because we’re all connected. We’re all one. So yeah, so when you see that, in that mirror, it’s always a mirror reflection to some degree, and maybe not the exact same thing. You could be judging somebody’s car. And like the kind of car they drive, but it could have something to do with your lack of abundance, or your lack mentality, rather than the actual car itself. Right? So you sometimes have to probe and decide like, well, is it directly as a direct thing? Or is this something to do with the idea of or, you know, a little bit deeper of an issue that you’re dealing with?

Katie Wrigley 23:09
I love that car as the example say, I remember having a conversation with a coach several years ago. And, you know, we were kind of talking about, you know, how a lot of times vehicles can be a reflection. It shows us a lot about a person, their choice a vehicle and she was like, What do you think about Tesla’s and like? I don’t know.

SH 23:29
It’s funny you say that, because that was what I was driving today. And I saw a Tesla. I’m like, what kind of person drives a Tesla? I don’t know. I know, but like, I can’t quite describe it. Like I see the person and they’re kind of more corporate II but not like corporate IT? I don’t know. But yeah,

Katie Wrigley 23:48
I actually, I know three people in my life to actually know quite well. And they’re both Tesla drivers. And they’re both actually really spiritual people who are very environmental ly conscientious, then they’re in financial abundance, which is why they’re driving a Tesla instead of a Prius. But they’re, they’re also very humble human beings. I actually have a pretty high opinion of Tesla drivers, because of the people that I know in real life. Does that mean that every Tesla drivers like that? No, but that’s been my experience. So a Tesla is an appealing car to me, it’s not my budget, but it’s an appealing car to me.

Speaker 2 24:23
And budget see it is in your budget and as Katie

Katie Wrigley 24:28
okay, I should say it is it is not within my desires, then, like I’m good with my Nissan Rogue. Plus, everything’s prepaid on it for the next six years, so I don’t have to worry about anything except tires and gas. So very low maintenance vehicle. I’m going back into those beliefs, though, you know, and so we have these beliefs that are programmed and so one of the things that I learned when I was taking copywriting training and you hear this in NLP, you hear this in a lot of other different disciplines of modalities, that our thoughts create our beliefs, our beliefs, create our our actions and our actions, create our outcomes. So one of the things that I did on my retreat is I made a list of all my beliefs. And then I made a list of all the corresponding actions to support that because I like I had so many take them, you do five ceremonies, you got a lot of shit to integrate on the other side of it. So I’m like, Okay, how can I make these easier? What are my core beliefs here? And then okay, what are the actions that align with that? And it just made it really simple. But what have you seen as far as how emotions are playing a role in creating these beliefs, which are then creating these habits and these outcomes that people aren’t desiring such as chronic pain, such as an autoimmune disease, such as something that’s supposedly permanent?

SH 25:43
Oh, this is a big topic. Okay. Yeah. So again, our our beliefs are programmed. So from a young age. So I’ll just give a personal example, because it’s easier. I was believed that and not not these words. So I’m gonna make it a little bit more dramatic. But you know, kids are to be seen and not heard, that wasn’t 100% what I was taught, but kind of along those lines. So growing up, I was already I guess, kind of shy. But I never spoke my voice never spoke my voice. Because I wasn’t taught to share emotions, talk about your feelings. You know, it was always just like smile, and everything will be great. But I didn’t understand even how to communicate my emotions. So on top of being a little shy, and not believing that kids are to express how they feel, and just being taught that we don’t share how we feel. I never did. So my throat chakra was completely blocked out then. And from a young age, I had throat infections, strep throat, I had bronchitis getting older. And it wasn’t until my late 20s that I realized, like, wait a second, like I was starting to get into chakra stuff like, oh, wait, a second chakra has to do with your throat and your voice. And realizing I never spoke up for myself. And in doing that, so my belief was I wasn’t supposed to speak up. Not. And that was my belief. So my thought was, I don’t speak up when I need to, because it’s not appropriate. So like, you know, I don’t speak up for myself when needed. Therefore, I am like a doormat. And then because of that thought the habits were, I swallow it down, I swallow it down. So not only do I have bad throat, but I also have bad stomach. And that leads to anxiety for a lot of women. So this is just these are the patterns we see in people. So when someone says I have stomach issues, I know that they probably have anxiety, and it’s probably from, you know, multiple things, but one of them can be from not speaking your truth. And so this translates into liberal physical issues, you might have thyroid problems, because your thyroid is there. So you’re tired, you’re not sleeping well, you have all this, this domino effect. And I just want to interject that we have multiple bodies, right we have our physical body, which we all know about. We have our auric body, our you know etheric body, we have this vital body, we have this mental body we have the super mental body, we have so many layers of body, the physical body is the end is the end of the lines the caboose it is what takes up all of the other bodies energy and vibration, and sticks it on right down to the physical body so that what you experienced isn’t always necessary, necessarily something from yesterday or the day before it could be from 10 years ago. It’s like the trains moving down the track at different speeds all the time. And things are flying off the front car or the second car, you know, you got 100 cars on you. And the caboose takes it all and that’s the physical body. So if you’re experiencing shoulder pain, let’s say this is from childhood beliefs growing up about kind of like being able to speak up for certain things and in your family. Right shoulder pain is masculine energy. So it’s like not being able to stick up yourself kind of pain. It might show up when you’re 30 and not from childhood, because your body’s pretty good at processing things out but when they build up over time, again your physical body is the end result of all the other energy bodies, I just want to interject back. So people understand that it’s not always just like this immediate, like you hurt your back because you’ve bent over it not because you’ve bent over and hurt your back. It’s an accumulation of all the other energetic imbalances that you’ve been experiencing that end up on the physical body.

Katie Wrigley 30:21
Right? It just feels so much easier to be like, Oh, I moved wrong, my back hurts.

SH 30:29
So that says, I know, but the beliefs will your your programming, which becomes your beliefs, which create your thoughts will end up as your physical body.

Katie Wrigley 30:39
Yes. And, you know, I think we’ve already discussed this another time that the body keeps score by Bessel Vander Kolk, like one of my favorite books, you know, and he really talks about like, unless we’re releasing those emotions, and they’re unless we’re acknowledging, fully acknowledging and fully feeling the depths of what has happened to us. And it doesn’t mean having a pity party. It doesn’t mean complaining, it means allowing your body to actually feel these things that are inside. And despite knowing how many layers there are, you know, and my masculine my feminine really, really struggled with this with me, because I’ve, I’ve been doing this healing journey for five years. I started in 2018. But I had suppressed the trauma for 40 years. Prior to that. It’s not reasonable for me to think I can reserve reverse 40 years of suppressed feelings of trauma, and it was a brutal trauma, all of these things that I had suppressed, and of course, the pattern, I just kept trauma bond after trauma and kept re traumatizing myself. So it wasn’t like a one and done trauma, I kept looking for more trauma, because that’s what was radiating out of me. That’s what was getting mirrored back to me. So that’s what I kept inviting into my life. And five years later, like I’m virtually pain-free, like my back has a message for me today, I’m gonna meditate after this and see what it’s got to say, because I’m like, Okay, you’re starting to annoy me. So I know you got something going on, that you haven’t released yet. And I just did a really thorough analysis with a holistic doctor, who was actually part of my summit as well. And I want to say that I’m healthy right now I’m healthy and fully functional. And if I do nothing, that is not going to be the case in four to five years, I have things that are going to lead to cancer if I do not change what I’m doing. And the thing that I hadn’t fully changed yet, was the stress level, because I was going into the masculine so much. And the work for my Summit, like really triggered that in me. So one of the things that I’ve gotten into this week, and I’m blown away by how different I feel already is I get up, I feed my cats because the house gets no peace if I don’t do that first. And then I go outside. Unless there’s a storm like I will actually sit out there in the rain, I have my raincoat on yesterday started to get rained on today, bare feet on the ground face in the sun, and I meditate for 20 to 30 minutes. And then on days where I’m not gonna go to barre class with my mom, then we’ll actually walk my neighborhood when it’s nice and quiet and no one’s there yet. And I have had so much more patience. I’m not auto converting every single action and distress, which is what I was doing before. And my body is it’s still going to take a little while till levels normalize and everything. And at this point, the stress has been there so long that my gut microbiome is a little messed up right now. And that’s going to take a minute too. But it’s getting all those emotions, it’s getting those beliefs out of the body, you know, and the reason I’m saying this is because I would love to hear your your take on this as one of the things that came up and I really started to notice it lately is that I still have chronic inflammation despite the fact that my mindset has changed so much that I’m not actually registering this inflammation as pain. I noticed recently like my upper arms and like those are not in proportion to the rest of my body, like what is going on here. And it’s inflammation from my lymphatic system because it’s overloaded, it’s not processing its thing these things out properly. So what have you seen in the course of the energy healing, and with a lot of the sound healing you do? Like where’s this chronic inflammation coming from? And I know I’ve given little clues with that story here. But I would love to hear your take on that.

SH 34:24
I’m so glad you mentioned that. So I was like oh, we need to talk about chronic inflammation. So I mean, acute inflammation is totally healthy, right? It’s our body’s way of releasing something out attacks and of some sort. But the chronic inflammation is a direct link to stress. Now that and I wanted I’m glad you like as I’m glad you touched on this because I wanted to say that stress is a direct link to an emotion you don’t want to experience yes or an outcome you don’t want to experience based on an emotion. If you again, this is so a lot of this is Hidden under layers and layers of what you think you need to act like. And, you know, sadly, we know I did I know that I won’t speak for everybody, but I went around acting as an in the way that I thought I was supposed to be, you know, I thought I was supposed to be this certain type of person. And that’s how I went around conducting my life. All of me, you know, I was the partier I was this the that, you know, I don’t drink anymore because I don’t many reasons. But I don’t need alcohol to make me feel a certain way. Because I know I’m in control of how I want to feel. There’s a lot of things that I’ve changed in my life, because I know that I’m the only one living in this body. And I’m only one going to die in this body. So I’m willing to live it the way I know is best suited for me, not because of what society has told me. Yes, living outside of who you are, always leads to stress. It’s a subconscious stress, it’s under these layers, again of who we think are supposed to be, you are living somebody else’s life, you are under stress, you are living in someone else’s rules, you are living under stress. Now one of my my first very first, top priority core value is freedom. And freedom is a giant word for me, it means it’s everything to me. It’s it’s all this all the freedoms, possible sovereignty, personal, my own personal sovereignty of how I want to live my life. And then that is freedom to me being able to do that without someone saying you need to XYZ. When you are not imbalanced with who you are, you are under stress. The more you do out of alignment, the more you do out of balance. The more imbalance you become, the more stressed you become. And again, it’s not just the physical. It’s the mental, emotional, spiritual, super mental, vital, the reading chakra, all of it, it’s all going to get out of balance, masculine and feminine. So the more you have out of balance, the more stress you’re under, and that stress is a direct link to chronic inflammation. Yeah, so I love that you went and did is ceremonies. That’s fantastic. Because there’s no. Well, I mean, there’s other ways, but it’s one of the fastest ways you can understand what you

Katie Wrigley 37:25
Yes, yes, you know, and the modality that I practice Cognomovement Like, that gives me a lot of insight too, but it, it it raises your consciousness, which helps you feel more connected to spirit, but it doesn’t have that spiritual component. And, you know, part of what like I experienced, I think, every emotion that a human can experience in those nine days like it was grief that I wasn’t even aware of that I was still holding on to it was ancestral trauma, and the difference in my physical body. So I have an aura ring that monitors all my biometrics and my resting pulse went down 14 beats a minute, in nine days. So it was normally in the 50s. And then I got all wound up because like that’s my nervous system still looks for that, because I was in fighter flight for so long. I’m still creating, even though I’ve got these amazing tools to do it, I am still creating that stronger, I can trust instead of stress neural pattern that that pathway is is is fighting, the ones that I want is deep, that’s 40 some odd years deep. So again, you know, it’s going to take a minute to really shift over into that. And it’s just, it’s absolutely incredible to me, like the differences there, you know, and I feel so grateful that I do have this knowledge that I do have these amazing practitioners in my life that can help me with supplements that in 90 days, I’m going to feel like another brand new woman again, because I’m catching this before it turns into anything. So despite the fact you know, and the way that she said it, she’s like, you know that stress is now in your hardware. It’s not just you know, you’re not going to blow this away with one trip on the yoga mat, like you’re going to need a little bit more lather, rinse, repeat until this is getting out of your mitochondria until it’s getting out of that physical body. And what’s amazing and I know a lot of that’s the Cognomovement is that I’m I’m not feeling the pain, like I said, you know, but some of the ways that she knew that there was something off is that even though I feel like I sleep pretty well at night, I wake up and I wake up between the certain time window. Yep, that speaks to issues with the liver, which speaks to you know, and she’s like, you know, how do you feel about anger? I’m like, this is such a mean to ask me about that. It’s one of those like, you come back I’ll peaceful and then the universe is like, let’s see how much you’re gonna hold on to that. I’m like I’m holding on I’m holding on. But Well, I haven’t challenged this week. But I’ve already noticed a shift in my behavior and my body like I’m not 10 Sing up I’m not trying to do I’m just like, Okay, this is not for me. This is not in alignment with me. Another option is out there. Like I’m simply not going to participate in these things anymore. Even just saying that to you now. So my body’s like, yeah, oh, that was what my back needed. Okay, yeah, listening. Like my back just suddenly went Ah, like, No, I’m not participating I promise and promise.

SH 40:26
Everyone that easy sometimes like when you embody this idea of is it right for me is it not? Because I love that you said that is really that simple. It’s just that you forgot how to listen to yourself. And so if something lights you up, I was just, you know, talking about this with my fiance, like, if it doesn’t not light you up, it’s not for you, and that everything was going to be able to wake you up, like, I’m gonna get to do things you don’t want to do. But you should be choosing things that like, Yes, this is for me. Yes, this is for me. Because the more you do that, the less stress you have, the less information the less hard, physical dense body, you have, you know, you just become later and in flow. And I’m sure that’s what you’re experiencing now is like, Oh, I feel lighter. I feel like I think more clearly, because you literally are you’re raising your vibration, which makes you lighter. We are made of light and water. So that lightness literally rises you up and things become clearer.

Katie Wrigley 41:30
Yes, yeah. And I, I actually want to, I want to make one more comment, and then kind of segue into what you do with sound healing because you do incredible stuff with that. And that was what the seminar audience was getting all really like thrilled about to not that everything we talked about today isn’t really real interesting as well. Like, I could geek out with you all day long, I think, you know, but I noticed like we were talking about the mirror, and how if we’re seeing a pattern in someone else, then it’s a pattern in us. And another derivative of this, that goes back to the forgiveness you were talking about. What I’ve noticed is if it is an old pattern that I’m no longer in, you know, like, victim mode, as a for instance, like I, I really struggle, like and it’s so funny, and in my personal life, because I can meet a client anywhere. And there’s no resistance in my body, they get to be exactly who they are. But in my personal life, very different story. And so people who want to stay in that mode, I don’t really have a ton of patience. And I just realized I’m like, Have I forgiven myself for the years that I was in victim mode, because I’m not in victim mode anymore. And so it’s like, okay, that’s not an act of pattern, but have I forgiven myself for this and have you have you seen that with yourself or others Traci that sometimes we get triggered? Because we haven’t forgiven ourselves for a pattern we are no longer participating in?

SH 42:52
Yes. And well, of course, it always goes back to forgiveness. But that’s interesting. You bring that one up. So I went through that. And it’s like, you get to the space where you see things from a higher level, right? And you’re like, Okay, I got it. We never have it all figured out. But the stuff that I went through, like, oh, okay, now I see I see the way I was being and then I would meet someone who’s like, I hate to use these terms, because it’s not how I really think but just to kind of make it easier to discuss. Like, they’re at the step below me right or two steps below where I was saying, they were where I was. And it’s not that I’m better. You know, it has nothing to do with that. It’s just, yes. So it was like, I was the same way. I was like, I don’t I don’t have any patience for this. Like if you can’t see it the way I see it. I’ll tell you. That is what we call judgment. And that stems from anger. So it’s funny, you mentioned anger, but that comes from anger, anger for you, like putting yourself through that anger for being in that state at one point anger for whatever it is, but that judgment is anger. So yes, I remember going through that but I had to go through a lot of forgiveness and understanding compassion, compassion, compassion, so much compassion. And the more you can connect with nature, the more compassion and forgiveness you have, because when you look at nature, it’s not. There’s no such thing as perfect. You know, we have tornadoes, but in hurricanes, those are necessary for cleansing. We have torrential rains, we have really hot days, we have dry spells, we have all kinds of things, but it all in all is perfect. Just as everyone listening is perfect. Yes, you are perfect, just as you are, you are whole and complete, just as you are. If you want to work on yourself and become more aware, more attuned and aligned, that’s different. You’re still holding complete just as you are. So it’s all just a learning process. It’s part of the journey. And I used to be really in a hurry to get to the end of the journey which you know, there is no end ever and you realize Okay, let me just enjoy the steps I’m taking, because this is all like really chaotically beautiful all in itself. And I love it. Like, it’s just us like, oh my god, this is where it was a year ago. Here’s where I’m at now, that’s amazing. Like, look how far I’ve come, you know, and I’ll say that again in three months, another year, and you just have to enjoy the process because it is just unfold right in front of you. And you get to look back and say, Wow, I went through a lot, and I made it this far. That’s amazing. And if you’re listening, you’ve made it this far. So obviously, you’re holding the belief just as you are.

Katie Wrigley 45:37
Yep. And I want to highlight something else, that it’s important to actually have those moments of being in victim mode, we have to feel the entire experience, which means you know, those stages of grief as described by psychology, those emotions need to be allowed to be expressed fully. You know, and I, what I what I said, where I think I have more work to do with forgiveness for myself is when I stayed in victim mode for years, instead of okay, let me just be in this now. Let me feel what this feels like. And then let me shift into taking ownership of okay, yes, these people did all these bad things to me shifting and ownership because I allowed it. There were no boundaries. There were no there was there were there were no lines at all whatsoever, you know, and that’s something that really became clear like you mentioned about the physical body and the energetic spiritual, cellular, all the other things that are brought into the physical body. It is our job, each one of us to protect this physical body to feed it the way that it wants to be fed, regardless of what someone else’s belief are. We’ve got science supporting vegan, we’ve got science saying vegan is awful for you, we got science supporting carnivore, we got science saying that God awful for you. It is what works best for you. And allow yourself to do that. And one of the other ways that you protect the physical body is with boundaries, energetic boundaries, verbalize these boundaries, physical boundaries, like this is not okay for you to talk to me this way. It is absolutely not okay for you to touch me without my permission. These are all things that as adults, we can now speak our truth, allow ourselves and that is going to what is going to start to calm down, the cells within that body is your body, knowing that you’re listening to it. And that’s why mine responds so quickly, as I’ve got my body’s trust that I’m paying attention now, you know, and that’s one thing. You know, the practitioner is mentioning, she’s like, you know, I like to treat the person not the paper, she’s like, in your case, the paper and the person match up? Exactly. She’s like, you’re very aware. I’m like, oh, yeah, I am. Been doing a lot of work on this for a minute. But that didn’t come overnight. You know, and there was a lot of judgment, a lot of self forgiveness that I had to do in releasing that judgment. As soon as I judge like, Okay, where am I doing this, then I’m judging someone else are where did I do this in the past that I may not have fully forgiven myself so that I can move forward. And I’m not staying in those modes. You know, and it’s, it’s funny, because you, you when you’re actually saying, you know, like, if you don’t get this, I don’t know what else. I can say. Like, I actually literally said that to someone. Like, a couple months ago, I just, I was at a loss. Like I just like, I have no idea how to get you to see all the beauty in your life that I see. Like, I just I had nothing, I still I still don’t. And so I actually created a boundary with that person that I send them with love. But I can’t help them. Because we’re at and I’m not better than that person. They’re not better than me. We’re equals, with energetic vibrations that are not in alignment with one another. And it’s that’s the least judgmental way that I can look at that. And that feels the lightest that my body is just, this person is not in alignment with me. And that’s totally okay. Yeah, exactly. It’s giving permission. And sometimes, you might find that you’re not in alignment with someone who’s been in your life for 20 or 30 years. Give yourself permission to have a little distance, they may be in alignment again, let them go with love, don’t judge them. You give them the chance and the opportunity to make any changes that they want to make in their life or not. It’s up to them going back to the sovereign soul. It’s up to each one of us. What’s it looks like for us on our respective journeys

SH 49:38
That’s, I love it. Yes, thank you for saying that. And you know, kind of going back to your, you know, feeling guilty about being a victim for so long. If your listeners are experiencing something that they no longer want to feel like they’re stuck in it, they feel stuck. Such as feeling like a victim all the time. Some of the best thing things you can do is ask yourself, well, what is it serving me? How is this helping me? What am I going to learn from this? Because it’s really, it’s there to serve you a purpose. And while you’re in it, it sucks, and you don’t work on it. And then it just, you know, you feel worse about yourself because you’re stuck in this mode. But literally just ask the questions like, What purpose? How is this keeping me safe? Even? How is this keeping me safe? What is it keeping me safe from? Just ask is if you’re doing an interview with this thing that you feel stuck with? And you know, being super nosy, because you might discover something out of that and go, Oh, my God, because you’re so you’re in your own box, right? You’re in your own little sphere, kind of, you know, kind of push at the edges, but they’re not moving. You’d need to step outside of that and explore from a higher viewpoint or you know, sounds morbid, but ask act as if you’re dead already. And your spirits will come back down on your life, you’re doing like a life review. What is all this teaching you? What’s the teaching moment? What can you grow from it? How can you grow through it? What can you you know, help others with since Katie, you wouldn’t probably be doing this podcast if you hadn’t had that abuse and gotten your diagnosis and gone through everything you’ve gone through, and I wouldn’t be where I’m at. We all we teach from what we’ve gone through. So you’d have a lot of lessons, right?

Katie Wrigley 51:30
Yeah, we don’t stay in any one state unless we’re getting something and it may be in that 95% that you aren’t aware of. And the 5% that is aware of this state desires, no part of it at all, you would not stay in that state, unless there was something for you, there may be a lesson. And it may be something that it’s giving you like one of the things that chronic pain gives us is attention. And for people who have felt alienated who felt unseen and unheard, who have been one of those children who has been told to be seen and not heard. That’s your way out. That’s what your body just decided, hey, no one can ignore me if this is there doesn’t mean that you like it, it doesn’t mean that you deserve, it doesn’t mean that you’ve done anything wrong. The subconscious patterns are rarely, if ever, logical or rational or reasonable in my, in my experience, they aren’t, like otherwise, we would never have chronic pain, if they were reasonable and rational. Like that just wouldn’t happen. But when you can start to look at that way and start to perceive your body from that lens. And okay, what what am I getting here? Like Bill McKenna says, you know, for every energetic level, there’s a cookie, like, what’s your cookie, like, and if you get to the next level, there’s going to be a better cookie. But you got to figure out what the cookie is on this level before you can go upgrade that cookie. And until you do, you’re going to stay at that level, whatever, and it can feel stuck, you know, and we can feel a victim in our bodies, especially when they’re hurting all the time. And look at what the gift is within that. Because you would move past it, if everything if you already had gotten everything out of it that your body your mind was asking for.

SH 53:13
Absolutely, yeah. And even from, even from my perspective, now, I still I know I still have more to grow, and things come up. And I’m like, Whoa, I didn’t know that was still in there. I didn’t know. This was part of my subconscious. And, you know, if you allow the layers to open, or at least look at the layers, the next one underneath might reveal itself. And then the next one, and there’s, again, we are multi multi layered. Yeah, it’s not just there’s not a one size fits all approach. There’s not, you know, going back to your carnivore versus vegan, it’s like right now, you might want to be a Mediterranean diet. But in six months, if you grow, you might decide I’m gonna do this and then another year, you’re gonna go, Oh, I think I’m gonna, you know, I this is what my body needs right now. You’re always do have seasons, you have growth, you have stagnation. And so even I was gonna say, even from this viewpoint, now, sometimes I get, like, I’ll stay stuck, but it’s more energetically stuck. Like I feel stagnant. So I know that I need to have some kind of or maybe it’s just my downtime. I have to ask questions. I’m always exploring and keeping an open mind about what it is I need, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. He says we’re always growing if you’re not growing, you’re dead. So there’s always change and growth.

Katie Wrigley 54:36
Yeah, there’s there’s a company local to me called Diego safety and I brought one of their T shirts with me to ceremony and I didn’t even realize their their motto in there. It’s like you’re either getting worse or you’re getting better. No one stays the same. And I was like, Oh, what an interesting shirt to bring with me this ceremony. Talk about a subconscious pattern. Um, so one of the things and I want to be conscious of time do you have a few more minutes to keep going. Okay, and let me make sure that I am as Blup. Okay, I’m going to be a little late for something, but that’s okay. So one of the things I experienced in ceremony was they play a lot of instruments. And one of the times when I was really still connected to the medicine, I could actually feel and see the vibrations of the sound. So what have you noticed with sound healing? And how has that benefited you directly? And I know that kind of segues to what you have to offer actually, for this episode as well.

SH 55:31
Yeah. So I mostly do the sound healing now. So but you know, it’s always the drumming. I think I noticed for people the drumming is, it’s really hard to explain, for me, it’s something that feels it feels so ingrained in my cells, that when I’m in drumming, my spirit is immediately like, Okay, I’m here, what are we going to experience and it’s not necessarily like this psychedelic moment or anything, but it’s like, it takes me back to every lifetime I’ve had, it takes me back into this ancestral routing of like, This is what life is all about, somehow drumming, I don’t understand that part of it, but that’s okay. And it awakens every cell in my body, so that I am capable of tapping into whatever I need to tap into. And when it’s when I’m going through a sound healing, having it done for me. It is, I’m literally out of my body, but also in my body, I can go in different places and experience, like being in multiple places at one time. And I know people are like, okay, whatever. But literally, my body. This is quantum physics, we won’t go into that. But I can literally go in multiple places at the same time, and just be the most amazing human being that I can be

Katie Wrigley 57:10
nice. That’s, for me, it’s the didgeridoo. Like that. I’m gonna learn I’m going to learn how to play it. And my my coach has this beautiful one. And she was like, I called it digitally doing all over me.

SH 57:22
Because my back there, I don’t think you’d see.

Katie Wrigley 57:24
Oh, yeah, that’s my favorite. But yeah, so and that actually leads directly to I believe that you actually had a free offer that you were offering, the audience is going to make sure that we link that in the show notes, can you just give a brief explanation of what it does and how it can benefit someone, especially someone who may be experiencing a lot of pain right now?

Speaker 2 57:44
Yes, so I have a free inner voice scan. And this is done virtually, I don’t even need to get on the phone with you actually, you will send me a LIKE 12 second voice clip, along with some information that I input you as a client into a device, it’s the size of the phone, and your voice goes into this machine. And it will analyze over 6000 notes in your voice, it will determine the emotions that are keeping you out of balance, then it will send you a personalized playlist so that it will bring you back into balance. It will also show you the possible causes for the imbalance, what it’s affecting in your body and the organs it’s affecting, and then suggestions for bringing it also back into balance, like go to the chiropractor or drink more water which are simple things too. So normally $40. But first time, first time, people can get a free inner voice scan.

Katie Wrigley 58:45
Thank you, you know, I think I have said before that I was going to do it and I hadn’t. But this time I think I am because it just happened suddenly, like you know what that would be a great addition to what I’m already doing to help with supplements and stuff to get my my organs back in homeostasis again. So I think that’d be a great addition to that. So thank you for offering that. there any last words that you want to leave the audience with? Today, trace Samaya sorry, before we wrap

SH 59:12
up, just you know, just love yourself. Just know that you are fully a whole vibrational being and not only do affect others around you, but your thoughts affect you too. So just learn to love yourself with compassion and grace and life will start unfolding for you and not to you.

Katie Wrigley 59:32
Thank you I love that happens for you and not to you. That is a beautiful note to end on. Thank you so much for joining me today. Thank you, audience for joining me as always, I appreciate your continued support. And I hope that you’re going to come back and join me next week where I have a guest who is a feminine ninja and you’re going to learn exactly what that means and what this amazing woman has been able to do in her life. And until then, please remember, you can always accept the diagnosis without accepting the prognosis

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