Episode 60: Healing Happens


In this episode, you will learn:

  • Overcoming autoimmune disorder beyond traditional medical system
  • Importance of being personally vibrationally in tune with others’ stories
  • Power of sound healing and working through the mind and subconscious
  • Importance of having a reason to live and internalizing it
  • Top four full-bodied success mastery strategies
  • Connecting with people regularly on the journey to achieve success mastery

Episode 60: Healing Happens

Katie Wrigley  0:04  

Welcome back to the pain change your podcast. This is episode 68. I am your host Katie Wrigley. Joining me today is a Vito Miller, a former Microsoft program manager turning into a wellness guru with an incredible bag of skills that she brings to her clients. Avital is going to be talking to us today about full bodied success mastery, among other things, so stay tuned. You won’t want to miss this one. A Vito Miller is a best selling author of the books healing happens in practice inspires people to experience boundless energy, absolute happiness and true success in order to live the best life possible. for over 15 years of ETL has been serving 1000s of people worldwide as an award winning international keynote speaker, Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner, healing breakthrough facilitator and global dancer that is so cool. Her leadership background includes working as a program manager at Microsoft lead coach for success resources America sales and marketing director for crystal clarity publishers, yoga and fitness teacher trainer, fitness director, director and ordained minister. Her articles have been published in fitness professional online 30 seconds at sacred dance Scout guild journal. Avital has been trained as an energy healer and pranic, healing and Ananda level to healing I love pranic healing. She has performed and taught dance internationally since 1993, a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering, and a major in dance. She is known for offering beyond cutting edge wisdom with authentic authenticity, delightful energy and infectious joy. That is such a cool background, welcome to the pain changer podcast.

Avital Miller  1:52  

Thank you so much. It’s such an honor to be here and be part of this program that is creating such impact and really bringing people concrete tools.

Katie Wrigley  2:03  

Thank you. And I’m, I’m so curious about your background. So please tell me how a Microsoft program manager has it you have such a diverse background, the fact that is engineering and dance just shows that balance that’s built into you already, like it would never even occurred to me to throw in something creative into my business degree. So how did you go from being a Microsoft programs manager to what you’re doing now?

Avital Miller  2:27  

Yeah, well, how many of us at age 20, know truly what we want to do for life?

Katie Wrigley  2:33  

Not me!

Avital Miller  2:34  

I know. And I think we just haven’t had the life experiences to understand all of that. And we’re doing the best that we can with what we were taught before. And obviously, I did pretty well, getting an engineering degree and getting a job at Microsoft. And Microsoft is an amazing company. And I just realized, this isn’t really for me. I didn’t quite know, what was next for me. And how did I do so many things over the years, it’s really by being open to what’s being presented in each moment. And I’m saying this now, because this is going to be a clue to what we’re going to talk to you about later in terms of how we overcome our pain or struggles or challenges, and really access that full bodied success that we’re wanting in all layers of ourselves. And I actually took off and started traveling around the world for a year. I figured I might as well do this while I’m young. And then I can interact with different cultures get different points of view about life and get spaced kind of re rethink things. And while I was traveling, people were approaching me to teach them yoga and pilates. This is 20 years ago, when people knew about it, but hadn’t done it yet. And we’re very curious. And so I went back home, I started teaching that full time. And then I became a fitness director and a teacher trainer and I’m teaching 25 to 30 classes all over town known as the Energizer Bunny. Then I started having the health issues. Oh, and this is how we turned for being a Program Manager for Microsoft in to somebody involved with healing, because I was healing beyond what I was being told by the doctors and was fascinated by that and really felt like I needed to bring that message and those stories out to other people. So that’s the short version of how that transformation happened.

Katie Wrigley  4:44  

You said a lot there that’s really fascinating. But one thing in particular really caught my attention you were healing beyond the doctors. Can you explain what what do you mean by that? What exactly was happening? What were you experiencing?

Avital Miller  4:57  

Yeah, yeah. Yes, here I am the Energizer Bunny. Yeah, the first thing that happened I was traveling in Switzerland. And I was hiking all around and Switzerland. You know, there’s bread. There’s cheese. There’s chocolate, so I’m eating bread. Cheese, chocolate. Yeah. I’m out hiking. Matter Hoard. Like it’s Zara bought Switzerland. Yeah. I mean, one of the most fantastic mountains in the world. No, I was not like, like, climbing up the rock face. There’s a cemetery at the bottom of the mountain. Tried. Lot of them actually did did summit and die on the way down. Ah, but those two they made the goal. But yeah, that one wasn’t going to be me. But I started hiking down from the hiker bowl part. And I fell to the ground. Oh, no, I, my knee collapsed. And so I was very lucky, there was a tram going down. So I took that instead of walking down and made it down. But that pretty much put a damper on the hiking for the rest of that trip. And then the next leg was to go to my sister’s wedding in Israel. And remember, I’d always been called the Energizer Bunny. Yes. And I every second I could, I was napping. Napping on the couch. And I was so embarrassed. But I was so glad my family didn’t make fun of me or say anything about it. And then I go back home. And it’s like a fever for two months. And I’m still having the fatigue issues. My hair’s falling out, my muscles are turning to fat, I’m getting weaker than my students wondering if I’m going to be out the job. You might be wondering similar things and be concerned like if you start to lose your voice, Katie, how am I going to do this podcast that really creates a lot of impact on people.

Katie Wrigley  6:57  

We aren’t even going to entertain that thought please continue

Avital Miller  7:01  

And but that but there’s another thought in the back of my head, right? Which you probably have this to your like, but I meant to give his message out, right? That’s probably what you think. And, and I’m like, I’m meant to impact a lot of people in the future. I don’t know exactly how when, but I just I just know that’s gonna happen. So there’s, there’s got to be something that’s going to help me through this and get over this. And when you start working with the doctors, they don’t necessarily know right away. So what’s going on with you, you go down a rabbit hole. And then when you’re that young, they don’t suspect certain things. So it takes a little longer to get to that point. And a little combination of my research and nudging like, hey, test this. The secret is because the thyroid was low, but they thought, well, you’re too young. You know, that shouldn’t be a problem. And then I said, Okay, test my antibodies. And that’s what I figured out from the research. And they went, well, well, that’s through the roof. So they diagnosed me with a Hashimotos autoimmune disorder for hyperthyroidism. Yeah. And they just put me on medicine sent me out the door, saying that’s it for life, you just be on the medicine, you know, you’ll have these challenges from time to time. And I’ll get like, if, if that’s the case, let me figure out how to live with this. It’s kind of like an arranged marriage. And if you’re gonna be stuck with this partner for the rest of your life, you might as well learn how to best work with this partner. And I started reading things online and reading different books. And I started going to all different kinds of health and healing practitioners of East and West and some of them had degrees in both so they could bring the best of both worlds together. I mean, really, really genius doctors, and I learned so much in the process of working with them. And then I at night, it’s kind of started to level out like I didn’t have as many of the ups and downs, which is big when you’re on a hormone medicine.

Katie Wrigley  8:58  

Oh, yeah. 

Avital Miller  9:00  

And then I started to meditate and meditate more regularly, more deeply. And I learned a really wonderful practice. And then I wasn’t feeling well. And you’ve probably meditated or like you feel better, why would you feel feel worse? I went back to the doctor, or as was yes, would do. And she said, Well, you’re overdosed on your medication. And we lowered my medication. And then I met started meditating more at this point of living in a yoga community. So I’m meditating more, and then I’m not feeling well. And I go back to the doctor, she tests me, it’s like, well, you overdose on your medication. So she lowers the medicine. Oh, my gosh. So this, this process that was continuing, I’m like, well, the doctors ever said initially that you could lower your medicine and that you get off my son. And do you know this when you’re going out to buy a new car, and you see everywhere, that kind of car that you’re looking at the rich The killer activating system starts. So it started for me with miracle healing stories. And I’m hearing these stories left and right of people who were told they’re going to never walk again. They’re going to die in a few months or a few hours. Yep. And things turned around for them. Yep. And this is more common knowledge today. But we’re still talking 15 years ago. So I’m going, Wait a minute, all these people, this needs to be in a book all of these stories in one, and really get the message out there that there’s some other way. I mean, I remember just sitting at a random mastermind, ended up being all women at the mastermind. But we’re all sitting around the table. And I’m talking about my book. And then each woman went around the table and they said, Yeah, they said, I’d never be able to use my shoulder, I’d never be able to use my back again, I’m never able to see again, like whatever it was, and all of these things have healed. And there’s a different communication that can come through with us a different understanding, and more tools of what we can do ourselves to empower ourselves and overcome these seemingly insurmountable challenges. Yes, that’s a little more on how we ended up here.

Katie Wrigley  11:20  

Oh, and I thank you for going into that detail. Because, you know, I’m one of those people I was told, and I’ve, I’ve said this repeatedly, I was told I was going to need three surgeries, to lower my pain to be able to fully function and watch and walk normally, again, I’ve had zero surgeries. And my normal pain level is like a point five. Now, maybe, maybe a point five, like, some days and it’s depends on what’s going on emotionally. Like I’ve had a little bit of anger. So my necks a little sore today. But once I get the anger on my body, my neck isn’t going to be sore again. But I love that you, you brought up so much in there, you know, like, even just the way that your doctor responded when you started to feel bad again, it’s like, oh, you overdosed. Like, to me, like someone’s saying you’ve overdosed on it, that almost implies like irresponsibility on your side versus you’re taking the normal dose and your body no longer needs that dose because you’re implementing other wellness factors, that mean that you don’t need as much of a dose. But that wasn’t introduced to you at all, by the traditional medicine doctors, correct? 

Avital Miller  12:31  

Yep. And what I’ll say to this, and it’s not silly this way for all medicine, but my understanding of the technology, you could say, behind the medicine I was taking was that its intention was to help sustain me, so I feel good, not to heal me. Okay, it’s all those other practices that I’m doing that are helping heal. And that’s why, you know, when you’re single, well, you don’t need as much medicine anymore, right? Because your your body is healing itself. Yeah. So So that’s, that’s the key there. And that’s the understanding.

Katie Wrigley  13:07  

And that, that is a very important point, your body is healing itself. And I want to go deeper into that, again, it’s, you know, and I also want to say, and I’ve said this repeatedly, and I’ll say it over and over again, because I have so much respect for doctors, that traditional medical system and the things that it leaves on the table, that’s not the fault of the doctors, that’s the fault of the system in the way that it’s set up within this model, where they only get 15 minutes with you and you get punted to different specialists who may or may not accurately correlate the data between them to have a full picture of you one person. So it’s the fault of the system, not the fault of the doctors. But the the messaging in their eyes. Sometimes I sometimes struggle with it, but I think it’s absolutely amazing that you just started to meditate and at the same time, these these this starts to get on your radar about all these miracle healing stories as you’re in your own miraculous story of healing. That’s just incredible. 

Avital Miller  14:09  

Yeah, yeah. Sorry, I’m getting a lot a lot of messages while you’re talking to that, that we can keep keep going with also but this this idea of healing, healing itself, I’m hearing the idea of the medical system or who whose fault is what, and I want to throw roux in there, you know, the loop there just creating more understanding, you know, where the fault is in the system, because we’re looking at well, the system has taught you to think in a certain way. It’s taught you to diagnose and understand disease in a certain way. There is belief to that there’s a bit of prejudice in what’s in the medical books based on who profits off of what’s in the medical books. Um, So there are a lot of a lot of things to kind of work through. And I come from a spiritual viewpoint also. And and so we really just want to acknowledge that we’re personally vibrationally in tune with what our consciousness level is a match with is the information that we’re also going to be seeking to connect with. What that also means is that the the information that is our solution is the information that’s on the vibrational frequency of you. So it because I’m saying this, because it’s like you can’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. It’s, it’s right for some people. Yes. And all all of us. And there isn’t necessarily a better or worse here, there’s just different. And so all of us have an I’m going to say that this is I call this Avi tall science. Because you have to remember, I have an engineering background, and I do all this woowoo stuff, but I couldn’t have made the jump. Unless I understood the woowoo. Scientifically, yeah, yeah. And everything is all matters made of energy. Energy is built up from different vibrational frequency waves. Yeah, so I’m bringing this back to the concept of frequency waves, and also creating space for us to be a match between what we’re intuitively drawn towards, and the wisdom of the person that we’re intuitively drawn towards and the research that they’ve done. Yes. And then the understanding about the body healing itself. Yes, this this is important, because one understanding of autoimmune disorder, is the body attacking itself. Another understanding, is the body attacking a virus that’s existing in that gland. Ah, okay. Which is foreign. It’s not you. Yep, that’s different. I do believe the body doesn’t get confused. I do believe the body knows how to heal itself. When you get a cut. It heals itself. Yeah. If you agitate it is going to take longer. Yep. The bigger issue is that I remember this when I was getting trained in restorative yoga, because Judith Hanson lasater was doing research well, okay, well, what if we just rest longer? Can that helped heal more chronic issues? And they were starting to find the answer as Yes. Okay. And sometimes also, if you’re scurrying around, and you’re not getting any results, any solutions, I mean, one, no, it can take time. And so maybe there is progress that’s not visible yet to relax. Because give your body space to heal itself. Nice. So if the running around is causing stress and taking time away from letting the body do its work, that see what less running around to find a solution you can do and trust that part of the solution is in the body relaxing and healing itself.

Katie Wrigley  18:27  

Yeah, I love that. And, you know, you said something that really stuck out. And again, you said a lot of great things in there. And I appreciate that perspective. Like there isn’t a wrong and that’s something I I’m still shedding myself just because I ran into the limits of traditional medicine for me, does it still work for other people? 100% Absolutely. Every single day it does. For me, I’m making different choices because of my own story and experience. So a different path is the right one for me, that doesn’t mean that you’re on the wrong path, because you’re on one different from mine. So thank you for really drawing that out so eloquently. The thing that you said that really stuck out to me of Utah, and that was be personally vibrationally in tune with the stories the you know, that’s something that I’ve started to understand is our our genic energetic vibration starts to bring things to us. And so one of the things like you start to hear all these hear all these miraculous healing stories, I started to get in tune with those myself. I wasn’t very awake or to realize it yet. But this one thought I start to come up with my head and I’ve made it the tagline for my company. And I made it an affirmation when I was disabled originally, which was only five years ago. It’s hard for me to believe. But I just kept thinking well, who says that chronic has to be permanent? Like who says that? And so now that’s the actual tagline for my company is that chronic doesn’t have to be permanent, because it doesn’t like you can have a chronic condition you can have it lasts for years and you You can find the key to stop feeling the symptoms of that, like, within my role. I can’t say I heal anything, I can say activate your body’s own ability to heal. But what I do is I help people with the symptoms and the emotions around whatever it is. But that really came to me. And I had no idea what was going to come of it just intuitively I’m like, I want to own this as mine. And I’ve had so many people comment on that, like, just since I started to like, say it more than like, oh, Mike, that was an affirmation that came to me when I was disabled and I clung to it like a life raft raft like and that is what caused me to keep going to a point where I I’m not in pain anymore. Where I was, I was disabled five years ago, that’s a high level of pain, you aren’t disabled because you just gave up. You’re disabled because you’re hurt like a mofo. And you don’t want to get off the couch because it’s excruciating. And it needs a nap, if you do. So. Yeah.

Avital Miller  20:58  

This reminds me of one of the stories in my book healing happens with Sam Shelley, because he had bipolar, and he, you know, depression and even suicidal in there anyways. He’s on medicine, he’s in a wheelchair, his entire adult life. And one day, he reads a book that says meditation equals inner peace. So oh, well, I’d like someone some of that. And he starts meditating, no instruction, nothing, I don’t recommend anything without instruction, because for most people, you’ll just get frustrated and stop. enjoyable, but he only started with five minutes at a time. So he was smart about about doing that, and not frustrating himself. But he starts to get quiet just for the short periods of time. And he gets this message like, oh, none of this needs to be this way. Basically, like the the side effects are not saying the exact words that he got. But it’s the side effects that that he’s getting the symptoms that he’s getting. None of that needs to be true. He doesn’t need to be stuck on medicine. And it was just that, understanding that that doesn’t need to be the story that he started to heal. And like, within a few months, he’s starting to walk and then he’s off medicine.

Katie Wrigley  22:20  

Oh, yeah, I love that. And you know, you’re bringing up something I just randomly actually hadn’t thought to ask you this. But intuitively, I’m feeling like you’re going to have an answer. Let me see if I can even track that thought that that was going there. I think it may have already escaped. You know, there it is. So that idea that I could heal myself with my mind. When I was initially disabled, it didn’t feel available to me, yet it felt possible, but not available. It wasn’t until I got introduced to Cognomovement that it became available. So what have you seen? Like, and I talk about this with my clients a lot. So I’m really curious, what do you think about what’s the difference between what’s available to someone? And what’s possible when we’re talking about healing?

Avital Miller  23:07  

It? Ah, because I have so many different stories. They didn’t believe that this would happen? And then it does, and really didn’t know that this would affect them? And then it does. Yep. So I’m going to say one thing right now. And something else will come in the process of this, but I’ll say one thing right now that can make the difference in the jump. This reminds me of Trish, Dave knees story. Also in my book, I’m gonna choose one of the first stories that I heard about, I went to a restorative yoga class. And there’s a woman sitting in the room with all these crystal balls, and they introduced her and she said she was diagnosed with hepatitis A, and then healed from it. But they didn’t expect that they expected her to get her affairs in order.

Katie Wrigley  24:03  

Oh, okay. Yeah. 

Avital Miller  24:04  

And she doesn’t know what to do with what’s going on. And so she’s just trying to do the best she can in each moment. And she goes to this probably a metaphysical fair, and there’s a metal bowl there, and she sort of taps on it. And here’s this beautiful sound and all of a sudden, like, sings this, oh, it just came out of her mouth. She took it home and started playing with it. And then she was teaching these acting classes. And she’s like, well, let’s do the sound through the chakras. She still doesn’t know what all this is about. And wow, doing that. The next three months every day, she’s just playing with this. And then that she goes in for the testing. It’s gone.

Katie Wrigley  24:46  

Oh, holy cow. She was just playing with singing bowls and liking the sound and singing with them.

Avital Miller  24:52  

Yeah, and so she, she researched more about sound. Yeah, and And that’s what she’s she bought this fleet of, of crystal bowls and goes around the country leading these sound healing sessions. But she’s done specific projects also like for, for people with cancer. And so one of the things because we talked about vibration, and for every person’s body, there’s a vibrational resonance frequency that that’s your healing, that’s your health state. And, and so any other vibrational frequencies that are within your system are disturbance to that. And sound helps bring you back to the resonance. But the reason why sound can work even when you might not believe it is because it doesn’t work through the mind. Right? I do neuro linguistic programming with people. Yeah, and that’s a meditation process. But if I don’t properly quiet people’s minds down to the process, then they’re going to think through the mind, they’re not going to get to full result, right. So even with that, I have to figure out how to bypass the mind. The key are when we meditate, and we go through a certain amount of techniques and quiet the mind, then we’re bypassing the mind, when we do affirmations, sometimes we don’t, we can trick the mind. But we might also be stuck in the mind. So that’s why sometimes affirmations might not work. So the sound, it just goes into the body. And you’re not trying to think and process you’re feeling and experiencing. It bypasses the mind. So it’s often the mind that can prevent the results that we want between what’s available and what’s possible.

Katie Wrigley  26:41  

And when you’re talking about the mind, are you talking about the logical conscious mind? Or are you talking about the subconscious or both? 

Avital Miller  26:52  

Both .

Katie Wrigley  26:53  

Okay. I like to really think, okay, yeah, continue.

Avital Miller  27:00  

I mean, the the sort of cognitive logical mind, I mean, that’s easy to to consider, but the subconscious mind, because you’re not working through the mind, right? Through through sound. And then I can also help you not work through the mind with these other techniques. Okay. The subconscious mind is your habit. Okay. But that’s still the habit that you’re triggered. To do. Yep. Right. The neural pathways of your body. Yeah. But if we’re triggering new neural pathways, then we’re we’re getting past the subconscious.

Katie Wrigley  27:39  

Yeah. And that’s, that’s where I play is in the subconscious to create new ones. So I really wanted to, like get clear there on like, what part of the mind? Are we talking about that we’re moving past in order to have it go more deeply into the body for the healing effect? At least I think that’s what I heard. So yeah, that’s, you know, I’ve been, I’ve recently just started to play with just different sounds. And so like, for the last week or so, I started to listen to, I may be saying this wrong, so So Fred, do the 500. I think it’s 580 Hertz. Yeah, out in minutes every night. Like, if now if my let my mind go crazy. You know, if I’m like laying there, and I’m like, got my left hemisphere up, then you know, my brain is activated. I’m gonna keep thinking if I lay on my right side, and I just listen to the music. I’m out in like five minutes. Like, I’ll just get into this dreamy state, and, you know, and sometime around, like, I may have to get up to go the restroom or something. I’ll turn the music off. But otherwise, like, it’s leading me through this major, like this wonderful dream state. Like, I think I’m gonna do this every night for the rest of my life. Now. It’s just my sleep quality has gotten so much better. Just adding a frequency into my sleep state. It’s been incredible. Yeah, yeah. So tell me a little bit more. Tell us not just me, since it’s not just me here. So tell me tell us about your book. The healing happens. Full bodied success match mastery. I would love to hear more about this.

Avital Miller  29:12  

Yeah, yeah. So this is it starts with my story. And some of the understandings that I gained from that are and another perspective on autoimmune disorders and all the steps of awareness that I went through. But I interviewed a whole bunch of health and healing experts. So the interviews continued on my podcast, but I picked 17 of them to go into my book. And there I wanted a spread of different types of health and healing experts. And there’s over 20 diseases address, there’s all different stories, whether it’s the expert working on themselves, or working on clients and repeatedly helping clients and seeing similar results. And one of the fun things I did was I created a list of all the success strategies afterwards. As. And then I, a business coach who wanted to you could say broaden the audience’s that I speak for, because I love speaking for entrepreneurs as well, just the health and healing groups. And so we picked out the top four, full bodied success, mastery strategies, and, and realize that these are the same types of strategies that you put into business that you put into other areas of life. So it’s kind of fun when you hear these strategies, that this isn’t just for your your health and healing, you know, for your success. And I know we have planned to go through all four for the summit. But I feel like especially for a lot of you all who are listening, you know, you may have a similar boat as me of really wanting to be a successful woman. And then, you know, run running head on with a, with a clash in and feeling great emotionally or physically, you know, whatever it might be, is the first full body to assess mastery strategy. And if you’re willing to play along with me, because it helps us integrate learning and understanding through movement as well, yeah, but go ahead and put your hands on your heart, the words are reason to live. And what I’m gonna ask you to do is just reach your hands forward and open out to the sides, as you say, reason to live, so that you just open up the space in front of you and out to the sides and create this nice vast space of potential of what those reasons to live can be. So let’s do this together, hands on your heart, reach your arms forward and open and say reason to live reason to live. reason to live. Yeah. We, we commonly think about all we want to raise our kids, or we want to see our grandkid walk down the aisle, or we want to finish the last page of that book, we want to see success in our business. Well, some of these stories is a landscaper who wanted to go make the world beautiful. A woman who wanted to finish watching a soap opera series, a woman who had nine cats. And the doctor went well. This is Dr. Bernie Siegel. You know, it’s well who would take care of your nine cats if you don’t stay alive for them? Because he started to see that his his cancer patients who were deemed terminal, that the ones who were surviving were the ones who were focusing on their reason to live.

Katie Wrigley  32:29  

Oh, wow. I love that. Can you say that again? Because that was there was so much in that sentence. Please repeat that.

Avital Miller  32:40  

The cancer patients who were deemed terminal who were surviving, were the ones who were focusing on their reason to live.

Katie Wrigley  32:50  

Yes, yes, that is beautiful. I love that. 

Avital Miller  32:55  

The otherreason why I say this is because we don’t always pay attention to what our reason to live is. I do this amazing fashion show I’ve been doing the last two years, I’ve been hosting an amazing Valentine’s event last four years, we’ve added a fashion show. Um, I grew up so tight, you know, go get a great job, right? Get good grades, good, great job, you know, get get a good career have a solid home. It didn’t necessarily, you just sort of form an interpretation by what you see around you. You get married, you have kids. So nobody was trying to unnecessarily like push me but you’re so pushed to pick a great career and go to college and get good grades,

Katie Wrigley  33:42  

All the things, yeah.

Avital Miller  33:45  

I also liked playing with Barbie Why did I like playing with Barbie was I likeyour clothes. 

Katie Wrigley  33:51  

Love that. 

Avital Miller  33:54  

Fashion. But that wasn’t even a seed ever planted in my read that there could be anything involved in my career with fashion. And I am a US the pandemic I’m a little bored. Because when you’re a public speaker during pandemic, you get a little bored. Um, you know, I did some programs online, but it’s it’s still a little, you know, it’s not always the best place when you’re placed more on the stage. So I got to do do a little bit more. A friend of mine hosting a body image program. I didn’t know what was happening in it. And I said, Well, can I help you? Volunteer like I just needed to do something. Like, okay, she was having a fashion show. She’s like, would you come in and help dress the models? Sure. I’ll do that. And then we’re about ready to start the show and she walks back over to you she was your public speaker right? I said yes. She says, Well, we don’t have an MC. Would you MC here? Oh my gosh. So I am seeing lo and behold, the person who’s running this event, also has a fashion magazine. Oh, wow. Next thing I know, I’m on the cover of the magazine. I know we’re doing more emceeing, I’m walking the runway, I’ve been more photoshoots. I’m used to being photographed because I’ve been a dancer for so long, right? And so you tend to fall into photo shoots from that. But now I’m doing this this fashion industry. And then I said, I said to him, hey, well, would you procure a fashion show for My Valentine’s event, he was sure that he was busy with other things. So we’re sort of on this track, like, we’re gonna have a fashion show, but he was busy. So I ended up creating a fashion show. And I’m sitting there going, well, I’ve loved fashion my whole life. But I wasn’t taught like that this is an okay career that this is a career that, you know, somebody like me. Sometimes it’s as simple as, why don’t I become a full time dancer? Well, one reason is because I heard the professional dancers or my dance studio walk in complaining about how poor they were. Here I am excelling in math and science, where you can get a good career and make good money. So I’m like, why I have the acumen to not need to struggle financially. But they only gave me one viewpoint, right, right, of of being a dancer. And there are other dancers who don’t need to just eat rice and beans, who can have a more comfortable lifestyle through dance because of the way they set it up. So that’s, you know, it’s like a another passion that just just because of something that I heard from the outside, right, that made me think, Oh, I can’t go there. I remember my my college ballet teacher pulled me aside and told me basically, I was never gonna amount to anything. And yes, she did. I know. I cried for a week. But I’m like laugh laughing about this now. But I mean, traveling in India, right after college, and right after I left Microsoft, and you know, I hear this this noise. There’s a dance studio. And this in this mall, and I go over there and they’re practicing. And then they like, why don’t you just come practice with us tomorrow, and I ended up performing. A week later. Oh, my gosh, at the Miss South India pageant. It’s sort of 1000s of people and nationally televised I saw myself dancing on TV while I was in India. Oh, later on, while I was traveling around, so I loved it. I I told you I excelled in math and science. Well, I had a special tutor in English. I have my book healing happens hit bestseller and Amazon sold over 900 copies in the first year, which I’ve heard is really phenomenal for a no name author at that point. And won four awards. Wow, I didn’t know how to write a lot of people who told me I didn’t know how to write.

Katie Wrigley  38:14  

You know, I hope other people listening are hearing the same thing that I’m hearing here is you’ve been told all these limits, like your ballet teacher and I know enough to answer is to understand the impact of how soul crushing and heartbreaking that conversation would have been for you. And you didn’t internalize it. And what I’m hearing is you having these ideas in your head, which are then becoming opportunities in your real world. Like these wanting to be connected to dance, you go to India, suddenly you’re performing on stage, you’re watching yourself perform on stage, randomly, no preparation, you’re in, you’re ready, you’re willing, you’re doing this, I’m hearing you create this new and amazing reality for yourself. Because you’re you may be hearing the limits, but you aren’t internalizing them. And it’s allowing more to be possible. Would you agree that that’s what you’re experiencing?

Avital Miller  39:12  

What I would say is I was following my joy. There’s two sides. I think the like the world has a stage set, and it’s just waiting for us to walk on it. Yeah. And and this is why I say to focus on your reason to live. And I’ll reframe this back to disease in a moment. But it’s like, well, I like dancing. So I’ll just dance like, who cares if I’m not good. I want to write a book. I have a message I want to share. Well, who cares if I’m not good at it. You go get training you get an editor like you and you did it. You got it you got a team or you think was the first fashion show I put on that I didn’t talk to anybody about how to do it.

Katie Wrigley  39:56  

No, I’m sure you talk to as many people as you possibly could.

Avital Miller  40:03  

A team of friends who are more experienced than me who I was regularly consulting with the process of that. But what I want to say today, and we could relate back to Avital science here, but when you have two forces working against each other, and if you have two equal forces that they just sort of, you know, press against each other, nothing happens. And when you have one force that stronger, it overcomes the other force. Yep, makes sense. And I want you to imagine that your force or on your reason to live, or your force around having joy, your force around having livelihood is stronger than the force of the disease. Yep. Which force winds?

Katie Wrigley  40:43  

The excitement, the joy? Yeah, yep. And I love the this is such a great place to wrap. I actually had a client session right before this. And he was saying that he’s done the same, quote, unquote, crazy, quote, unquote, insane, it’s, quote, unquote, stupid. And all I could hear there was I was like, okay, like, those are words that I want you to stop using. Because this sounds smart. This sounds well thought out. And what I’m hearing in there is you have reasons connected to closer bonds with your partner to do this thing, you have reasons that make you excited, you have reasons to make me you live. And he has something called Adhesive Arachnoiditis. So I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that or not. But it’s a pretty vicious level of pain that he’s he’s dealing with data, and he’s given me permission to talk about it. So otherwise, I would never bring him up. But I cannot wait to see what this decision does for his life and the impact it has, because for the first time since his accident, he has a massive reason to live, just like you’re speaking to, and it’s going to be life changing. And I can tell, even though he hasn’t stepped into that energy yet, like just the smile on his face. He knows, he knows, like he has made a life impacting major, awesome decision for himself, that’s going to bring so much joy and the power of that. And I love I love everything that you just said there, I’ll be tall, that is just

Avital Miller  42:09  

Behind all this is a reminder, because I don’t have signed proof. There is some research done. It’s not 100%. But it but it’s like your your risk factor goes down by quite a bit. But the point is, is that while you are living, you are enjoying life more. Yes. Yeah. And that is what you can control more of.

Katie Wrigley  42:37  

I love that. Join life more. And that is something everybody has control over regardless of what their current status. Where can people find you and want to see what last note would you like to end on? Before we wrap for the day? This has been I could talk to you for hours, and I will probably have you come back on again. And for those listening have Ito was also part of my summit that just wrapped a couple of weeks ago, you can find you can still grab a VIP pass for that here. All the awesome stuff. She said she goes over all the other pieces within the healing happens, the other three strategies that she referenced in here, so you can get all those goodies there. And then where can they find you? And then of course, the last the last note?

Avital Miller  43:19  

Yeah, well, one of the ways to find me and that I really love doing is being able to connect with people regularly on our journey. Because there’s always going to be things that come up and we want to step back in and say how do we overcome this, and then do it as a community continue to get that expert advice, you know, and get more quickly to the results that we’re looking for. I have a program called sittin succeed. And that’s where we’re connecting our desires to reality one step at a time. And we’re doing a mix of the meditation, the neuro linguistic programming, of understanding wisdom from a different perspective, as we meet on Zoom, but there’s over 200 recordings of the past meditation saved in the site. So whatever challenges are coming up, you have access to use those at any time when you’re really looking for results. And I wanted to give as a gift to the listeners here a month free of this program.

Katie Wrigley  44:16  

Oh wow.

Avital Miller  44:17  

So you go to freegiftfromAvital.com. That’s also where you’ll find Hint, hint, a free chapter for my book. And then and then my healing programs are all listed at healinghappensforyou.com for you is f o r y o u and then all my contact information is there so you’ll be able to find me there as well.

Katie Wrigley  44:42  

Awesome, great. I’ll make sure that we linked both of those sides here and thank you for such a generous gift. I’m gonna be checking that out myself. I love to check out the work of podcast guests who’ve been on here I check everybody out before they come on my show. And then I tend to work with people after because I want to be able to say like, Hey, I did this work and this is what it gave me Me. And so then I’ve got something tangible to recommend instead of just out there on my podcast, give him a shot. I really try to vet people out myself. This has been awesome. What words of wisdom do you want to end with Avital before we wrap?

Avital Miller  45:14  

Be you.

Katie Wrigley  45:16  

Love that.

Avital Miller  45:16  

And this goes back to focusing on your reason to live, maybe it’s not a specific action, maybe it’s, I bring people joy, and it doesn’t matter what you do is bring them joy in whatever it is that you’re doing, to pay closer attention to your heart and allow that to manifest and trust that all the other pieces will come together around that vision that you have inside of you.

Katie Wrigley  45:43  

 I love that. That is wonderful sage advice to end so thank you so much Evie tall for joining me today. This has been fantastic. Make sure everything is linked in the show notes like I said, and to you listening. Thank you so much for joining me as always. Please join me again next week where I’m going to totally own that I don’t have any content planned yet. So this is going to be a surprise for all of us. But I hope you’ll come back and check it out. And until then please never forget that chronic doesn’t have to mean permanent.

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