Episode 45: Sacred Sexuality and Your Connection to Everything


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Ulrika’s work can help you clear out past traumas, both sexual and non-sexual trauma
  • What is happening energetically when you have sex when you’re stressed out
  • How to make sex become a highway to God
  • The best time to have sex

Episode 45: Sacred Sexuality and Your Connection to Everything

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Welcome back to the Pain Changer podcast. This is episode 45 and I’m your host Katie Wrigley. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. I wanted to take a turn into a more intimate turf to honor this day of love. Whether you buy into the commercialization of it or not is up to you. Personally, that part almost ruined Valentine’s day for me. But when I connect to the idea that it is a day set aside to celebrate love, I totally get on board with that again. So we’re going to be celebrating love here today too, and discussing sacred sexuality with today’s guest as well as your connection to everything. Hang on to your hats, something tells me this is going to be a wild episode.

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Welcome to the Pain Changer podcast, where you will learn insider tips and tricks to help you improve your pain levels without the nearly daily trip to the doctor, or heavy pain medications. When you change your mind, you will change your experience with pain. Every week, the Pain Changer podcast will teach you new ways to tune into your body in order to change your mind. If you had to scrape yourself off the bed like your undercooked pancake on an ungreased pan this morning. You’re in the right place. Now, here’s your host Katie Wrigley.

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Ulrika Karlsson is an intuitive Empath with a history of being depressed and suicidal, she came to a point where she had to choose between life or death. Today, Ulrika shares her experiences and embodied wisdom from her heart with nearly 30 years of experience of traditional western and eastern holistic disciplines. Her work as a spiritual healer, healer, international author, reader of the Akashic records and yoga teacher/therapist takes her around the globe, and she works with men and women of different ages from all fields of life. The essence of Ulrika’s work is to increase consciousness and to guide you into your heart. Her latest books, Holy Fuck and Sacred Water, the Sacred Connections to Everything, and the Sacred Soul -A divine evolution through time and space are here to make a difference in your ascension process. One of Ulrika’s gifts is to help you transform old inner shit, your karma, into flow and freedom so you can be connected to who you are at a soul level. I’d love that her vision is to simply contribute to a more beautiful, conscious and loving world. Wow, I love everything that’s there about Ulrika. Welcome to the Pain Changer podcast. Thank you so much for joining me today.

Ulrika Karlsson  2:31  

Thank you, Katie, for having me. I’m really looking forward to our talk today. And thank you for having me. And also who is tuning in, and thank you for listening.

Katie Wrigley  2:41  

Yes, of course. All right. So you said something there that really, really drew in my attention, you have a very powerful story. And it’s one that I know that is going to resonate with many people who are listening that may be in a similar position to you. Would you be willing to go back to that time in your life where you had that choice between life or death when you were feeling suicidal? And what was it that helped you choose life?

Ulrika Karlsson  3:08  

Of course, thank you for the opportunity. For me, as I said to you, before we hit the record button, that everything that can aid us as individuals, or the collective consciousness to grow and to evolve, I think needs to be shared. And sometimes it’s like being vulnerable and raw and sharing your authentic story. Because the authenticity in it will, you know, resonate with people. And whoever that hears this, if it’s only one word or one sentence that I’m saying that is resonating with you, then it has ripple effects, you know, on Zoom, and wherever you are. So for me, it’s very important. I cannot be like a spiritual healer, if I’m not being transparent in the work that I do. My inner growth and the work that I do for others. So yeah, let’s dive in.

Katie Wrigley  4:03  

Awesome. So we had promised in the introduction, we’re going to talk about sacred sexuality. So what is that exactly? And is there any difference in a connection to sacred sexuality versus what we would just term regular sexuality in normal nomenclature?

Ulrika Karlsson  4:22  

Well, for me, it’s a huge difference. And first of all, like in the western societies, we have forgotten almost everything that is sacred, like we are driven on purpose by money, greed, manipulation, and, you know, other kinds of values than the sacred. Because if we were to really honor the sacredness, then the world would be totally different than it is today. That would be no violence, there would be no rape, there would be no, you know, harming oneself or others. So for me, all of this is a fairly low consciousness, very low density in consciousness, and the sacredness is actually everywhere to be found, you know, in nature, within each and one of us as individuals and also our sexuality. So, let me just start by saying that we all only have access to 5% of consciousness, this means that there are 95 percent of unconscious programs, unresolved feelings, unresolved trauma, anything that lies deep within us, in our cells in our DNA. So many people think that we are, you know, conscious, a conscious species that just take a look around, you know, the world, how we treat the world and ourselves today, it’s anything but conscious anything but sacred. And today, we know that, you know, we have the internet for good and for worse, and with the internet, so many new things are available to us, such as sex, for instance, like porn. So we know you know, that our kids, young teenagers can be looking at hardcore porn movies, you know, in their own bedrooms, and then they might not have any adults to talk about their sexuality to so they are in the illusion, that this is what sex between, you know, adults and grownups are all about. And all these hardcore, or that are not, you know, connected to the heart to the heart chakra to the heart center is damaging for both boys, girls, men and women. Because if you are having sex with another one, and you are disconnected from your heart, it actually damages your physical body, and most of all, your soul. So we are in the illusion that sex is, you know, young people have casual sex with one nightstand sex, advanced sex, and all the sacredness that sexuality is about is lost. And the sacredness and the truth, the way I see it is that if you are truly conscious who you are, as a woman let in and who you are as a man, penetrate, then, if you’re truly conscious, and if you are connected to your heart, it’s like a highway to God. So sacred sexuality is a highway to an awakened consciousness and like a highway to God. But the way it is today, it’s the total opposite. People use sex, like stress release, if you are bored, if you are, you know, restless, if you’re anxious, anything that so you can use sex, everything that you can use, you can obviously abuse right? Yes, so many people use a sex, like some kind of stress release, like some kind of a, you know, like kittens, how they like claw floorboards that they can. So we use sex like that. And this distortion is really damaging, you know, on young people, because then they take this illusion with me to add life. And we also see a tendency of abusive, penetrative behaviors and violence. So this up homes and maintains the distorted views and the illusions of how it should be. And it upholds and maintains the love frequency that we see in the world today. So first of all, we have to, we have to move back into ourselves, to realize that everything that comes from divine source, which is everything we see in our world today is divine. It is sacred, that most of us, we don’t feel that we are sacred, we’re stressed, we are ambitious, there’s so many things that we are, but we do not consider ourselves to be sacred. And how can I be involved with anything sacred, especially sexual sexuality, if I don’t have the perception that I am sacred?

Katie Wrigley  9:54  

Right, right.

Ulrika Karlsson  9:57  

And here’s the thing, I’m a yogi and we as women, we allow men or women to enter into our sacred space our Yoni, means the divine portal or sacred source of life. So we allow, we we allow people to enter our energetic system, our energetic beings, our most sacred parts. And if you are having intercourse with with a man who is stressed, he dumps his stress in your Yoni in your vagina. So we women, we store herbal imprints of all the lovers, men and women that we have ever had in this lifetime, and also in previous lifetime. And not only this, we also store you know, our ancestors, traumas, unresolved emotions, unhealed sexuality within our Yonis. So this is the Yoni is like a massive chamber of divinity, of sacredness that over 1000s of years have been polluted, by stress, by our mindsets, by the way we live, and the way we act. And everything is stored in the only, all the good shit, and all the bad shit. So you can truly turn the bad shit, the traumas of the rapes, the assaults, you can turn it your inner shit, you know, like, like, in your as a fertilizer for spiritual, sexual and emotional growth.

Katie Wrigley  11:53  

That is, I’ve been taking lots of notes, as you’ve been talking, you said, so many incredible things in there. I have a bunch of questions. So you just said so we’re, we’re storing all that energy in there, all that negative stress, you know, potentially giving our bodies to people who haven’t really earned that, right. I know, I’ve certainly done that along the way. That was one of my numbing techniques was promiscuity. Definitely not proud of it happy that I escaped as unscathed as I did. Is there any way and I say unscathed, because I didn’t get a incurable disease that’s going to be with me for the rest of my life. I didn’t actually get any STDs. I was very grateful for that, because I sure wound up with a plus plethora of body pain for my decisions, but luckily, nothing that I could give someone else. But is there a way if we have stored energy from people who aren’t in alignment with us from lower energy stores that are dragging us down? Is there a way to release that out of the body?

Ulrika Karlsson  12:56  

There is. It’s a very good question, there is. So here’s the thing, like we are all divine pixels from Divine Source and that means that we have the divinity of the sacredness within us. However, we have forgotten about it since we are governed by 95% of the unconscious programs. So the way I see it is that there are many ways to clear out your inner imprints, your inner traumas, etc. And the way I work are holistically either I do a Karma clearing in the Akashic records, and I clear your soul from all the imprints all the negative choices it has done in past lifetimes previous lifetimes and also in this one, and as the soul partly resides within the body, so if you do a Karma clearing, that means that you’re also clearing other shit up from the body, right? Yeah, so that’s one perspective. And the other one is like I’m a body worker and energy workers since everything is energy. So I work through the body. I have developed like yoga hormone, yoga for less sensuality for women where we work with yoga, we work with our ovaries with the wisdom of the womb etc. So that is another powerful tool that you can do to clear out the imprints that doesn’t serve you or it’s not for your highest good and this is the beautiful parts like so the women’s genital is called Yoni as I’m already have mentioned, it is the divine portal, it is the, you know, ability to create life as we can create babies, right. And the men’s genital in Sanskrit is called Lingam. Lingam means pillar of life. Okay. So here it comes back to the sacredness. If the man and the woman are disconnected from their heart, and they are having sex or fun or having sex, you know, you know, being in a pub or at a party having multiple partners, being disconnected from love from the Heart Chakra. So everything that is stored with the link from the URL, it can also be healed. If there is a Lingam from a man that is truly connected to his, to his heart, he’s open, he’s done a lot of inner work, he has raised his consciousness. So then his genitalia, his penis, or cock or whatever you like to call it, it can be the tall, because it can put a sort of pressure on points within the Yoni that can release old traumas, etc. So this is also what I’m doing, I do something called Yoni, the armoring where you can go in and actively press on certain sores and sensitive spots within the Yoni so you can have all kinds of trauma release and, and things that you need to clear out. So yes, there are many ways but you are, you have to be willing to do that. And meantime, while you’re clearing things out, it might not always be pleasant, you know, it might be painful, it might be involved with a lot of grief, a lot of insights, you know, how you have treated yourself how your boundaries are, that you are polluted and not so sacred, etc, etc. So it takes a lot of inner work, and you have to be willing to do that. But if you truly are willing, there are many ways to heal from old traumas and old stress that we have stored within the room.

Katie Wrigley  16:49  

Yeah. And that’s, that’s beautiful. And I love that there is a way to be able to correct anything that we do because I’ve certainly done a lot of what you had mentioned. And I’ve also done a lot to repair that. I’ve started to work with a pelvic floor specialist, actually, who does some similar techniques with the abdomen and inside the vagina as well to help shift some of that energy out there and help the trauma release from my body as well. I’m curious what you think of this, it was just a thought that came up as you were talking. And you mentioned, you know, if you’re having sex with a man, whether you’re a man or woman that said that stress is going to be offloaded into your body as he finishes and so you’re absorbing that stress into your intimate areas. Someone had given me an idea or theory along the line that the energetic line goes much deeper than that, and you’re actually energetically also connected to or having sex with every person that person has also had sex with. I’m curious what you think about that?

Ulrika Karlsson  17:54  

Yes, for sure. We are all entangled, and all the imprints and there are different imprints for men and women alike from the yogic perspective for us as women, as I said, and I am repeating it that we are allowing another energetic being into us into our sacredness. So for us women, we actually carry over lovers that we have had in this lifetime and past lifetimes, unknowingly, until we consciously decide to clear it out. For men on the other hand, even though that one man has been married to the same woman for 30, 40 years, if the woman or the man dies, or you know, gets sick, and then the imprint from the woman on the man, it only lasts a couple of weeks. So, so we are, you know, like blood leeches, I’m calling it like that we always drag other people’s energy around consciously or unknowingly, but for men, it’s a bit different. So it is true. We are also if I’m having sex with 20 partners, and then each and one of these partners have had sex with 20 partners. And so it’s multiplying and this means that they are all entangled. And this also has ripple effects individually and collectively and with all this pollution that is going on and distorted programs about sexuality. This is also what we bring out into the collective consciousness. This is also why we are polluting the Earth Gaia. You know, our home planet, this is our home and we are polluting her and we are being greedy, we you know, power and money has been the sword of the goals for 1000s of years. And this means that we also have been brainwashed into believing that we are not sacred. You know that it doesn’t matter if I have sex with one or another, or if I’m drunk or whatever, but it does, every single action has had consequences. So this means that we are all playing a part in this muddiness that we see that goes on in the world today, because each and one of us are like radio stations, unique radio stations, with our unique frequency. And even though that I want to be good and do good, but if I am not healed, within myself, if I still have fucked up programs, if I still, you know, have a lot of unresolved emotions, this is what I’m transmitting out into the collective consciousness. That means each and one of us is doing their inner work to heal, because the darkness is also just, you know, potential not yet ignited. Yes, so each one of us that is doing the inner work and do a lot of shadow work, or whatever you like to call it, you have access to more light, and light has a higher consciousness than the darkness. So each one of us that are doing the inner work, and are bringing back our sacredness, open our hearts, you know, heal ourself with love, compassion, self healing, et cetera, et cetera. Each and one of us, we contribute to a higher state of consciousness and to evolution. And so the books that I’m writing, and so we just started to ask my story. And I started to be, I was depressed for many, many years, and I was so depressed and burnout, so I was suicidal. And it didn’t matter that, you know, I tried to do and to be good because my suffering, my wounds, my inner darkness, was transmitted more than my inner lights. So I had my spiritual and sexual awakening in 2008. And I share it in my first book called 2:47am, the journey home to my heart, where I’m very hopeful and vulnerable, right about my journey back, you know, home to my heart, to be connected instead of being disconnected or separated or just to being in my headspace. So I write about my inner work to transform the shadows, and the more I transform the shadows, the more access I have to more light into more consciousness. So 2:47am is the story when I only slept 15 minutes per night. Wow. For a very, very long time, I slept 15 minutes per night, and I woke up every morning at 2:47am with a stale taste of blood in my mouth. My heart was pounding. I was disorientated. I didn’t know where I was. And every night I was murdered, and slaughtered in my dreams. So when I woke up at 2:47am, I only slept 15 minutes per night. So this was the energy that was in me and that I transmitted and contributed to the collective consciousness. So one can say that 2:47am is a book that you can use as a trampoline to trigger your own inner darkness, your own worlds, and to transform it into the highest state of consciousness. Wow. And then there my second book, holy fuck in the sacred water, the sacred connections to everything.

Katie Wrigley  23:57  

I love that title. Yeah,

Ulrika Karlsson  24:00  

I know. It’s good. It’s really good. And this book started as a book about sacred sexuality, but it was about us. So actually, it’s like a book about everything and connecting the dots, how everything is connected to each other, entangled. And through our inner water, which we you know, consists of more than 75% Yeah, so I just want to read the back page here a little bit if that’s okay.

Katie Wrigley  24:31  

Yes, please do.

Ulrika Karlsson  24:34  

Holy fuck in the sacred water. The sacred connections to everything are bold, cocky, and politically and socially incorrect. It is divinely channeled and imprinted with sacred codes. This book will either have you say Fuck yeah. Or it will piss you off. Or maybe even both. This book is not for the common man or woman. It is for a new generation of brave, passionate and curious beings who know they came to earth to make a difference and are ready to take action. Now the new era has arrived. And with that more confusion and fear than ever before, holy fuck we activates the path of releasing the old so we can co create a new, thriving future together. It contains a very raw and vulnerable sort of stories, scientific information, ancient wisdom, taboo topics, and conspiracy theories. This book helped you understand the importance of purifying your own inner water and using your passionate fire to live your true potential. Holy fucking sacred water is considered a theory of everything. Life is a multi dimensional journey to master empowerment, freedom and flow in our everyday lives. We can master these by unifying our inner spark with sacred water. This then creates the magical life force within us, or what we call the Holy fuck.

Katie Wrigley  26:10  

Wow, I’m definitely going to grab a copy of that. That sounds like a very interesting book. And I already know someone I’m going to gift it to as well. Have you ever heard of David Data? Is that a name? Yeah. So he has a book called enlightened sex or something. And I was listening to one of his lectures one time. And you, you brought him to mind when you said that when you when you’re your heart is open, and you’re having sex with your heart open, and you’re with a partner who is connected to their heart and you’re lovingly coming together, sex becomes a highway to God. And he was saying in his lecture, something very similar to this lecture just sounds so dry, because it was actually really fascinating what he was talking about. But he was saying the one thing that you can give your partner that knows that they can’t pay for anyone out where else like you can go have someone massage you you can go pay to have someone massage, you can even go pay for sex. But I think the way he said it was but only you can fuck him to God. Yeah. And I remember like, as soon as he said that, I’m like, okay, this guy is really interesting. I have never heard a connection between sex and God. And it really got me and it’s not that they don’t have those connections. Of course they do. But it’s, like you said, there’s such a separation from what we normally see and hear with sex education, and with pornography, not in the education space, but really, in some of those lower energy, lower those lower vibrations out there. That’s a separation from God. That’s, that’s carnal pleasure that’s not coming into the spirituality to the sacredness within all of us. And it just blew my mind to hear him say that. And I can’t even remember which ones of his books that I’ve read, but I’m a fan of his work as well. So I really can’t wait to read yours, too.

Ulrika Karlsson  28:03  

Yeah, I’m happy to hear and it started, as I said, like a book about sacred sexuality. And then it grew up on us. And we had actually, you can’t write a book like this, and without being, you know, in a deep evolution yourself, like a big, deep upgrade. And when we write and we have realized that what we are writing, you know, because first, we didn’t even know, the book is divinely channeled from the Akashic records. So, we didn’t even know about the connection. We didn’t even see the dots until you know, this book, it’s pretty thick. I think it’s like 330 pages. So it’s like, Oh, my God, this is like, this is like, you know, the connection of everything. And it made it so obvious, and we all know, know of it. But it’s deeply hidden in the 95% of our unconscious mind. Yeah. So this book also reactivates in a dormant light codes for us to ignite into the sacredness again, so it’s heavy. I was actually in a podcast a couple of weeks ago, and we did three episodes. Each episode I think is like one and a half hours talking about this book. Wow. And it’s been assigned the Book of the Year by its readers. So it is a book that will challenge provoke, inspire, and how you say Fuck, yeah.

Katie Wrigley  29:41  

fuck yeah, I definitely that’s one that’s my coach. Melanie Curtis’s favorite expression is fuck yeah, like she goes out of her way to make Fuck yeah memes, she loves that expression so much. So I want to have you come back on the show after I’ve read it so we can have a deeper discussion because a book like that has that much relevant info pourtant and and gripping information and it is one that people need to know about and hear about experience themselves too. So I would love to have you come back on and do a deeper dive into that. And I’m not done with you yet. I

Ulrika Karlsson  30:14  

I would love to yeah.

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Katie Wrigley  31:02  

I had a couple other questions here. So I love what you’d said about that we only have 5% consciousness. A lot of what I do in my work is I’m working with the subconscious mind. And that’s one thing I like to tell people is, you know, your conscious mind is only five, maybe 10% of the solution depending on what set of facts that you look at. You know, a set of facts with cognitive movement says it’s 95% is subconscious. 5% is conscious. But the only problem with that is we think that what we’re consciously aware of is a whole truth. And so it’s not until we get beneath the surface that we can really dig in and start to have access to some of these greater truths, start to heal, start to tap into our innate wisdom. And so one of the questions I had is, what makes something sacred? What is the factor that makes something sacred versus something that’s being exploited or potentially abused and not held in the regard not held sacred? Not sure how else to say that.

Ulrika Karlsson  32:03  

For me, it is the perception that I hold that means that each and one of us are responsible for our own perception. And sacred is also for me, you know, like everything in nature is sacred. There is nothing in nature that needs to be fixed, because nature has its own cycles, you know, we have gone through here now in Sweden, and then comes a spring and, and there are, you know, beautiful flowers and leaves that are growing. And, and to find the beauty in nature and to acknowledge that nature is sacred, right? Everything that I see is sacred because there’s this universal force, this vital life force energy behind all life, all sentient beings. So for me, sacredness can be just, you know, watching a beautiful flower and I’m there, in the present moment, I feel my heart, I am connected to my breaths. And then again, if you do it safely, good, like sexuality is too. Because also we are living in societies with these illusions that, you know, attractive people are more desired or you know, better in some way. It’s only distortion because the sacredness has nothing to do with the appearance right? The sacredness is to see that there is a creative force behind everything and the sacredness and sexualities to be totally there for your partner, you know, not thinking about what’s going on on work or what was said in the meeting, what are you going to have for dinner, depressant and to, to give and receive at the same time and to be connected to Yonie and a heart or Lingam and heart and maybe even you know, connected in the breathing. So that’s the sacredness for me, like a high set of consciousness. As I say, you can use the sacred sexuality as we have said, like a highway to God, like an enhanced enlightened state of being like its state of being. So for me, the sacredness altar and we can see the sacred sexuality everywhere in nature, you know, like, we are writing about it in the Holy fuck. So just imagine it’s raining, right? So it’s raining and then the seeds are going down into the soil and then a couple of weeks, days, whatever a plant is growing, and this plant can penetrate the hardest of concrete, because the vital force energy is so strong. So this is like a cosmic six, the sacred sex between the elements and between, you know, universe and Gaia. And so that’s also sexuality. So it doesn’t necessarily have to do with penetration because people are so obsessed with penetration and hardcore sex and, and you should be having an ejaculation and orgasm, you can have so many different types of orgasms. You can have, you know, odd orgasm, you can have full body orgasm, it doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t have to be in an object relation, you can still have, you know, so much even more. So that’s the sacredness for me. And, of course, of course, when it comes to sexuality, you always have to have consent. Anything with no consent is no, yes. And everything with without consent, it’s not sacred, then it’s a rape or an assault, or a an intrusion. Sorry, and we all have these imprints within us. We have all been perpetrators. And we have all been victims. And this is the energy that we are transmitting from. So the more I want to be sacred, the more I have to take radical responsibility for these energies of the perpetrator and the victim, and to heal them. I cannot heal or contribute with anything out here. If I don’t have anything to give, if I come from a dirty place, if my intention is dirty, nasty, if I have an agenda that is not sacred.

Katie Wrigley  36:52  

That makes sense, that makes a lot of sense. Because once you have the agenda, now you’re into the human mind, you’re not in your heart anymore. Our hearts have no agenda whatsoever. It’s our logical minds, our egos that carry the agenda, it’s not actually the heart space, the heart space is wide, open, and pure, from my understanding,

Ulrika Karlsson  37:12  

For sure. And also, this is so interesting, because most of us, most of us, we are not taught unconditional love. Now, we are taught conditioned love, if you do this, then I will love you. If you eat your food, then you will have dessert. If you do this for me, then I will, you know, rub your back. So this is also a program on how we love ourselves and also others and that is also not sacred. So to find unconditional love and to be able to give unconditional love away first you need to find it within yourself. Nobody out there can give you unconditional love if you don’t have it for yourself.

Katie Wrigley  37:59  

No. I absolutely agree. And I love Brene Brown and her work, you know, she talks about how we’re limited by how much we can love others, love our children by how much we love ourselves. And you know, people like that’s not true. And like it actually really is in that and I think the same goes for respect and for trust, too is and it really for anything you know, and I hear like, Hal Elrod, the author of The Miracle Morning, he had said, you know, you can’t lead someone past the level that you’ve reached, because you only know what you’ve gotten to you don’t know what’s beyond whatever level you’ve gotten to yet. So you can’t teach above you, you can only teach to those who haven’t gotten to your level yet. And I think it’s the same thing. Like if you don’t trust yourself, how are you ever going to trust someone else? Because like you said, we’re radio towers wall mirroring each other. So if you don’t respect yourself, how are you going to be able to give respect to anybody else? Because everything starts with us.

Ulrika Karlsson  39:01  

Exactly. And this is also like this huge paradox and like a bargain. We are bargaining about love, you know, it’s like a trade off of cattle of sorts. It’s like, okay, I love you if you’re pretty. And so, we are in the illusion also we come back to this, you know, illusionary, distorted program on how we look like so we women, we put non organic things into our bodies, you know, we have silicone in our breasts, botox in our lips, and God knows what we’re pushing into our bodies right and and this is not, you know, I mean, this is my perception and this is also the yogic introspection, especially prospection perception sorry, that we are that is not unconditional love for yourself, because then you somehow have injected things, whether it’s you know, for yourself or illusion that you you look better or that you are, you know, want to be seen acknowledged and loved from the algorithms. So it’s always how am I treating my body? You know, and it’s not about what I eat? I love chocolate. I eat chocolate every day. But it’s my intent also, what is my intent? So the intent behind every act behind every thought, why am I doing this? Why am I injecting myself with botox? Which is actually a, you know,

Katie Wrigley  40:36  

neurotoxin? Yeah.

Ulrika Karlsson  40:38  

Why do I do that to myself is that self love? Is that self care? Is that you know, about respecting my own boundaries, because how can I respect your boundaries, if I don’t, even if my own are very fluid or my big. So it comes down to this radical responsibility for each and one of us that you don’t? How am I treating myself? And so my latest book, The sacred soul, a divine evolution through time and space,

Katie Wrigley  41:11  

Oh beautiful cover!

Ulrika Karlsson  41:13  

This is also, for us to remember who we are like, we are not bodies having souls, we are souls in human bodies, yes. And each and everything that we do, or don’t do, everything that we have ever experienced or could have experienced. Everything that is out in our future is stored in each one of us. We have our own Akashic Record, right? So all these times that you have been intimate with somebody when you haven’t been in consent when you haven’t been in your heart, but I haven’t been respected your or somebody else’s boundaries where you haven’t been your heart or your highest state of consciousness, all of this. And all the times where you were a soldier, perpetrator or victim in previous lifetimes are stored in your Akashic Record. So this book is also here to describe how we all came we incarnated with one frequency here on earth, and the choices, the negative choices that we all did, once upon a time, that made us as souls descend in frequency into the matrix into the third dimensional aspect, where we are living now with everything that is going on. So this is also a book to remind you that you are a soul and to take radical responsibility. Because if the truth is that this is very challenging for most people, but hearing is the paradox, because challenges are disguised gifts, yes. Right. So we cannot blame our governments, they cannot blame our bosses, our parents, our partners, the circumstances, it’s up to each one of us to face okay, so this was my negative choice and I are now I have to take the consequences for those choices. But throughout history, we it’s been so much easier to blame the church than to blame the government. But if we’re not happy with the government, we can just replace them instead, we’re just you know, standing in line doing what we’re told ya and actually the word government means mind control. Just reflect upon that for a second. Oh. and meant is mind.

Katie Wrigley  43:51  

Yeah, that’s, you said a lot right there and that just that one sentence and I really love this concept that literally everything we do matters because there’s so much in that programming that reinforces this third dimension that keeps us stuck that keeps us limited you know, and it’s spiritual beings like you you know me I’m still evolving as well to know that there’s fourth and fifth dimension when you’re in the fourth and fifth dimension you know it because things happen like that it’s not with with conscious that is you have the thought and it happens it’s everything’s instantaneous. And I’ve I’ve reached it a few times and those moments where you fully see and witness the connection to everything it’s so it’s this overpowering I don’t want to say overwhelming because overwhelming can sound negative it was this overpowering in the best way just this essence of of universal love that everything is out there and it’s it’s perfect in its native design. That doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been messed with or altered to leave it’s it’s sacred, original perfect extremity, it’s perfect imperfections, it’s nature balances itself out where we see these things get off course is when humans have intervened with the natural process.

Ulrika Karlsson  45:17  

Exactly, exactly. And this is what we do all the time, we are stepping in the way of ourselves. And these are due to these 95% of the unconscious programs that we all have so we always have a choice, right? We always have a choice if we want to be stuck where we are, or if we want to evolve, and most people have the desire to evolve to grow, but most people don’t want to change.

Katie Wrigley  45:47  

Yes, I agree.

Ulrika Karlsson  45:51  

So we do want to evolve, we want to be this, do that. But that’s mainly the ego. Because the soul and the ego, I’m writing about it in the sacred soul, the divine evolution, like, we always have communications within ourselves, most of us we don’t even listen to our inner communication, you know, so common today, people are stressed, they have fever, headache, just take a pill, and then they’re off to work and, you know, yeah, running in the rat race. And that is not self love, that is not self respect. And then you know, you do this for a couple of years. And then you wonder why do I become sick? Why am I not at ease? Why do I have a disease? Yes. So we’re not paying attention, we’re not listening and our bodies are way smarter than our heads, yes, our bodies contains of the Divine Wisdom, our head is more like the ego and the headspace and being over analytical and and these are also values, I write a lot about the feminine, and thr masculine like, we all have the feminine and the masculine energies and essences within each one of us and human young. But the essences of the feminine and the masculine the way we see it in the western world or globally today, are the unconscious, very immature essences of the feminine and the immature essences of the semester. I am talking about the sacredness here that comes back again, the sacredness of the conscious feminine and the conscious masculine and the merge that we call the whole effect. So, just like an example, what is an energetic essence of the unconscious feminine, it can be a manipulation, for instance. So just take a look at the world the way we’ve seen it media everything and so many older manipulation that is going on that is a fairly low vibrational and unconscious, immature feminine essence right and we have it in us each and one of us this manipulative or it is craving you know, attachments is an unconscious feminine. And then another essence of the unconscious or immature masculine could be to be the good girl or the good guy, effective and productive, always on the move, always to the next activity and just you know, take a look at our countries, people are running around in the rat race until they die. Yeah. So that is a very low state of consciousness of the immature and unconscious masculine. And we see it everywhere in the world, in the politics of, you know, religious beliefs, these very low states, because you make no mistake, you can be very spiritual without being religious, or religious without being spiritual.

Katie Wrigley  49:08  

I agree. I agree. I’ve seen both.

Ulrika Karlsson  49:09  

So we are all up holding these low frequencies of the immature, feminine and the mature masculine. Because what we all want to be we want to be loved, right? We want to be acknowledged, and we want to be included. So we do things we have sex without consent, we have sex with partners that we do not love. We have sex, you know, for people are nagging or you know, pressure or anything so we do things for the wrong reasons and we are looking for the wrong things in the wrong places. We’re looking for this love, acknowledgement and inclusiveness out there in the outer realms instead of looking for in the inside. Yeah. And just take a look at these past two and a half years. Like you know, so much separation that has been thriving and upheld by each and one of us and really do a lot of introspection and reflect upon how did I treat myself? And how did I treat others during this period of time? Did I contribute to the low density and the low vibrational frequency of fear? In separation? Or did I contribute to the highest state of consciousness of love, most of us contributed to the fear program, and not to the love. And that’s why we see the radius of the launch day.

Katie Wrigley  50:40  

Yeah, we see people getting polarized by how they felt about the vaccine and how they felt about the virus and how they felt about all the politics around it. And the thing where this really gets dangerous, and I’m guessing, you know, this as well, is that the immature, masculine, immature, feminine, that’s creating all this, this trauma out there, the nervous system pays attention to that, because drama means I’m not safe. So your subconscious is going to be riveted on that immediately, which means that’s where that consciousness comes in. You can say, you know, if you’re not conscious, you’re gonna get sucked right into that drama and you haven’t even realized that you may have had no intent of doing that. But you subconsciously got sucked in because your neurology every part of your body is going into it because that is what your subconscious is telling you keeps you safe. It’s a conscious thought to be like, okay, I see what they’re doing there, there is no benefit of me going into that lower energy, I’m going to opt out of it. And that’s not the easiest thing in the world to do. And most people like I’m just at a state now, even after years of doing this work, where I can really be like, no, I’m opting out, I’m not going to get into that and trying to explain, you know, the reason that the read the news and social media is so triggering is because it gets you to respond. If you aren’t paying for something, you are the product, which means when you watch the news, you’re the product, when you’re on social media, you are the product, which means people are now looking for you.

Ulrika Karlsson  52:13  

Exactly. But also remember that we are all different with different assignments. And I for one, in my soul’s mission here on Earth, I’m here to help people awake, to come into a higher state of consciousness. And I have also had the necessity of protecting my children on what has been going on. So I have spoken my truth. And I have been severely punished. Luckily, we don’t get burned at stakes anymore. You know, like we did when we were witches, magicians in previous lifetimes. But it sure as hell has been, you know, like a very witch hunts on those who did another choice. And this was also so interesting a couple of years ago and the me too campaign. It was my body, my choice. Right? And it was very people who went out, you know, on the streets, my body my choice. But now, my body is the government’s choice.

Katie Wrigley  53:14  

Yeah, it’s not right.

Ulrika Karlsson  53:15  

Do you see the incongruency and the distorted illusion, illusionary programs that we are being programmed with as we speak, right?

Katie Wrigley  53:25  

Yep. Yeah, and it takes one thing I learned in cognitive movement training is it takes six weeks of fear programming to be able to control someone. So we’ve had how many years of fear programming right now, so how pliable are we, as a space when we’re listening to fear programming?

Ulrika Karlsson  53:44  

Exactly. And it takes a lot of courage, a lot of courage to trust your inner voice, your inner guru, because who knows truly, what is, you know, best for you and your body than yourself? Yeah. No outer authority at all. Yeah, so it takes a lot of courage to, you know, follow your own inner guidance, your guidance from your soul, maybe to, to do the opposite, that everybody else is doing to stand in your truth. Like myself, I’ve been, you know, threatened. I’ve been, you know, censored and who is watching the fact checkers. I mean, it’s so absurd. And people are still not willing. Because here’s another thing, another perspective, if I know, like a circle has 360 degrees, right? Can we agree upon that? Yes. But if I am looking in one perspective, say like mainstream media, like one angle, one degree, then I’m missing out on 359 degrees in a circle and what is going on there? Right. What is going on though? So it’s up to each and one of us. To have this 360 degree look upon ourselves and others over time, that is being conscious that isn’t being, you know, sovereign says you can make conscious choices.

Katie Wrigley  55:14  

Yes. And I’ve recently I love that consciousness to make sovereign choices, I’ve gotten to a place where recently, the thing that I found really serves me the best to help with my growth. If I start to notice a pattern, because it’ll come up in chunks, there’s always a theme to each week, it seems. And so what I’ve started to do when I see the theme, it’s like, I wouldn’t see the theme unless the theme was also playing in me, because like you said, we’re all radio towers that were reflecting. And so if I start to say, oh, I see someone doing this, I see them holding themselves back, well there’s a theme of holding themselves back this week, where am I holding myself back, and I immediately turn it in and go, okay, here’s all the places and now the focus is off of the external where I have no control whatsoever, I’ve taken it back to me, now I have an opportunity in that moment, to choose what I want to do with that. And I can keep limited if I see where I’m limiting myself, if I’m not ready to stop that yet. Or I can say, I don’t want that limit anymore. And now I’m going to do XYZ, whatever to get around that limit.

Ulrika Karlsson  56:21  

Exactly! That’s what I mean, also, with taking radical responsibility, like, what is this? What is going on inside of me, because most people, they’re all also living in societies where we distract and numb ourselves, you know, 24/7 are so many distractions, so many things we can use or abuse a number of ourselves with. So and not to stand there, you know, pointing our fingers or blaming our it was my government’s, you know, decision, they made me wrong or my boss. Okay, so do you take the power back, you take the power back? What do you want? What is important to you? What resonates with you? Where are your shadows? As you said, Where are you feeling, you know, that you’re not good enough for that you’re separated, because we can never see anything in the outer realms, that doesn’t exist within ourselves, we can never see I can never see beauty. If I don’t have beauty within me. I can never see sacredness, if I don’t have the sacredness within me. It’s like this cliche with the oxygen mask, I cannot help anybody if I don’t, you know, put the oxygen mask on myself first. And it applies not only in the cabin, when you’re flying it, you know, it’s all levels and all perspectives of life. Where am I not in flow? Where am I not sovereign, where I’m not conscious. So and I think we never know you know. So, we are only having 5% of consciousness, who knows what we will evolve if we allow ourselves. So this is also why I do karma clearings in the Akashic Record. And this is also a beautiful tool. It’s like the resets of your soul. It’s like you have this metaphor as a computer, you have met a computer where there’s so many programs, and you have to upgrade and update your computer constantly. But how often do we upgrade and update ourselves? Right? Oh, no, we’re doing the same things and expecting another result. So the karma clearance is also a beautiful way to clear out all the inner shit that each one of us have. And then to do the clearing and have access to a high sort of consciousness and who you are on a soul level. Like, I’m from a planet called infinity gap. So my soul’s mission is that I’m here to inspire. And sometimes that inspiration can be thought provoking or challenging, right? It doesn’t matter the form it takes, because the only aim for the inspiration is for me, and therefore also you to grow. Right? Yeah. So but most of us, we are not connected to spirit, we’re not connected to ourselves, we’re connected to these programs of money or, you know, success. So this means that we are running around and we are never truly, you know, in our full potential, were never truly connected to the greatness and the sacredness within us. Yeah. And, and sometimes when I think about that, I think, wow, what an opportunity to explore, you know? Yeah. I mean, I think that I truly think that we are divine creators. This is my firm belief that we are defined creators and nothing is  impossible. We know that I can tap into your energy. You’re sitting in Maine and I’m in Sweden, I feel your energy. I’ve never met you. We’re a time zone apart, miles apart, but I can feel you, I can sense your energy. And we do know that our DNA are disconnected. Yes. So there’s so many things that each one of us can do, to bring heaven to earth to be a better version of ourselves, to contribute with a higher state of consciousness with no agenda without unconditional love. But I have to start with myself, all the things, all the changes I want, as soon as starts within me.

Katie Wrigley  1:00:40  

Absolutely be the change that you want to see in the world. I had one more question, actually, two more questions, but I want to end on the fun one. So that’s going to be the second one. Well, this one’s not not fun, but it’s more important. And I want to tie in everything we’ve talked about and bring it back into what we may be seeing in the physical body. So you had mentioned you know, and I didn’t pause in there because there was something else you had said that was more interesting to follow at the time. But you’d mentioned you know, we have a headache. We take a pill, we’re masking the symptom when we do that, whereas the headache is actually your body being like excuse me, there’s something off here I need you to pay attention. We aren’t taught to look at our body that way. So this separation from the divine, the separation from the sacred the sex, the separation from our conscious selves. How is this manifesting in the physical body? Where do you see the correlation with some of these chronic diseases, this pain, this influx, this rise of disease that we’re seeing, how is this correlating to what you’re talking about with your work?

Ulrika Karlsson  1:01:45  

To me everything correlates as I am a Yogi, and we talk a lot about chakras and chakra  – our energy centers within the body. And it’s really easy but not so simple or, or if it’s the way or other way around. It’s really simple, not always easy. Everything that we see in our physicalities such as not being at ease, this ease, is energy that is stuck. Yeah. That is energy that is stuck. And it’s jus that we are not aligned with who we are, it is that we are not paying attention to our sacred bodies, our temples where our you know divine soul resides. So each blockages whether if if it’s a money blockage, whether if it’s a spiritual blockage, whether if it’s a physical physical blockage, like I’m in pain, I have cancer, I’m depressed, suicidal as I was, is stagnated or, or blocked energy. And oh, my God, I mean, there’s so much to talk about this as well, because it all originates in that we are not grounded in our root chakra.

Katie Wrigley  1:03:03  

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. So and you said, like you said, you know, it’s it’s energy in motion, everything is energy and emotions are energy in motion asking, felt, you know, all it is, but there’s so much most

Ulrika Karlsson  1:03:21  

Most of us, we never feel it. We numb ourself with another social media post or with medication, with drug with work with sex with alcohol. Again, there’s so many things that you can use abuse and distract yourself from. And we live in societies that are in the illusion. Like for our countries, as an instance, that being a workaholic is a good thing. Yeah. Being, you know, attached to your work is a good thing. But actually, and this is, you know, like a yogic truth, universal truth. It’s an imbalance in the root chakra. It is a coping strategy, to get the love the acceptance and the inclusiveness that we are all entitled to just by being alive. Yeah, but we’re looking for in the outer world. So all these abusive patterns that each and one of us have, whether it’s in food, or drugs, or work. It is it stems from the root chakra that we are not connected in our bodies in our root chakra. And we’re not also connected to Mother Earth, because if we were, then there’s no way we could kill her animals. pollute her lakes, you know, rape, Gaia the way that we do. We were connected to who we are as natural beings coming from nature, we could never harm another being. So everybody’s talking about it, enlightenment and you know, moving into the ascending flow, we want to move upwards, we want to, we want to go up to the universe, we’re going to, you know, go out into space, we want to be enlightened, we want to have higher education, we want to have higher knowledge. But this is a main cause to all the imbalances we see individually and collectively in the role. As the energy is moving up in the body upwards, the energy is draining, depleting the root chakra, the Sexual Chakra, etc. So the energy is moving from the body up into the heads, again, overthinking being over analytical, and most of us we’re not working with a descending flow. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. So that takes us back into our bodies into our hearts into our roots. Because we only want to move forward. But the more I want to move forward, the more I want to expand, the further I have to go backwards, the further I have to dig deeper within myself. So I can’t, it’s like energy is not a single movement in one direction. If I want to expand okay, then I have to do the inner work. If I want to ascend, okay, then I need to descend. Yeah, so I can be grounded and connected to the wisdom and sacredness of Gaia. So I’m open to universal, you know, wisdom.

Katie Wrigley  1:06:26  

That makes so much sense in there, you know, and you’d said something similar that really struck me like with the shadow work is that we have darkness and all of us when we can understand what we’re capable of in the darkness, we’re actually less likely to ever go into it because we are actually inviting more lives into our more light into our lives into our souls by acknowledging the darkness by understanding what we’re capable when we’ve been pressed. And we’re much less likely to ever get to that point. And it’s, there’s it’s almost counterintuitive, you know.

Ulrika Karlsson  1:07:01  

It is the polarities, and the more light you will have access to the more of your inner darkness, you have to face yeah, love, embrace and transform.

Katie Wrigley  1:07:11  

Yeah. And it makes sense. Like when you look at an energetic scale, like David Hawkins made a great one, the author of power versus force from shame, to enlightenment, and you can see those more forceful energies, those are going to be darker energies that are heavier, they’re bringing down the body, they’re going away from the light, they’re pulling you down. As you’re able to clear those out of your body out of your neurology, your energy is going to ascend, your vibrational level is going to increase, you’re going to be feeling and experiencing and seeing what we’re talking about that everything is connected, you know, because when you think about it, when you hold something sacred, you do everything in your power, not to hurt it. You know, and I had interviewed a different guest about diets the other day, that was we were talking about the carnivore diet. And one of the questions I asked was, you know, like, what is your answer for anybody who has an ethical reason? And he pointed out, you know, in order for anything to live on this earth, something else has to die. And so it’s whatever our comfort level is, with plants, with animals, whatever that may be for any given person in there. But there’s, there’s a lot that goes into it. It’s not just a simple decision for a lot of people like what’s the balance between my health and what my body really needs? And where is my moral ethical obligation to this earth to preserve the sacredness, but you’re right if we held this earth as the sacred ground that it deserves to be held, and because this is housing all of us, it is nourishing us. She is giving us energy, she is giving us a home, she is keeping us here instead of letting us float out into space with this amazing thing called gravity. She’s giving us oxygen. She has a plant to help treat any ailment on Earth. Everything we need is here and we raper have a resources where there are 1000s of patents ready to go with free energy that takes from natural resources like the sun without depleting the earth or paper industry instead of using a replenishable plant like hemp that you can grow over and over and over again without destroying the environment without it taking 30, 40, 50 years to replace the same tree that you just put into your house. We had so many other ways available to us that we could have handled the earth and we didn’t because of the separation from our sacred selves

Ulrika Karlsson  1:09:30  

And the low low states of consciousness etc. And the darkness is really you know, ignited potential.

Katie Wrigley  1:09:40  

The Darkness I’m gonna write that down. Can you say that one more time that was great. 

Ulrika Karlsson  1:09:45  

The darkness is truly an ignited potential. It’s the void where everything’s possible

Katie Wrigley  1:09:51  

And ignited potential like a black hole.

Ulrika Karlsson  1:09:55  

Yep, we are writing about it in the Holy fuck. So we take it from micro perspective. In ourselves all the way out to the universe and then back again.

Katie Wrigley  1:10:04  

Yeah, I’m definitely quoting you on that. That is, I love that perspective on darkness. So I had one last fun question to bring it back in not that I enjoy all of this, you know, but bringing it more into the enjoyment and the bliss that can be found within sacred sexuality. So we, you did a great job of saying, you know, times where it’s not the best to be having sex when your head is in the work game when you’re not connected to your mate when you aren’t fully present with them. So when is the best time to have sex to tap into the sacred sexuality and connect to this innate wisdom, this innate part of ourselves as well as that connection with a partner or partners, depending on anybody’s preference?

Ulrika Karlsson  1:10:53  

I would say anytime. When you are conscious, when you are connected, aligned, in your heart, when you’re playful, when you are, you know, in respect and trust for yourself and for the other one with concerns, so anytime, but most of us, we are so stressed these qualities, that the more stress you are the less juice you have, right? Yes. So the more stressed we are, the less juice we have, pretty much so and so it’s like. So that’s why my motto in my work is relaxed, because I cannot do any change if I’m stressed. So first I need to relax. And then when I relax, then I’m able to produce what doesn’t serve me. I can every release when I’m stressed, because I’m just adding on you know, and then when I’ve released then I’m ready to receive. Yeah, so relax, release, receive. So if you feel that this is you so anytime that this resonates with you, and again, with consent, trust, unconditional love, and a lot of playfulness.

Katie Wrigley  1:12:17  

I love the playfulness, the relaxed, release, receive that is beautiful, and go at it with play because it is more fun when you’re in a playful mood. Like I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed anger sex, but when you’re playful, and it suddenly just spontaneously happens. That’s some of the most incredible sex you can ever have. Is the unplanned, in the moment fully connected fully present fully there with your partner partners. Again, I don’t want to exclude anybody.

Ulrika Karlsson  1:12:50  

Exactly. And you can also if you measure the energy after you had sex with with, you know, sacred and consciousness involved, you can see the energy you feel the aura around you. And the effects, you know, stay, it stays for a long time and anybody who has been here knows it. Yeah. So again, like men can have sex as a stress release. But we women, we need to be relaxed in order to enjoy sex. So there’s two different angles also, like women can never have stress, we dry up when we’re stressed. There’s no juiciness there. So so my gosh, it’s so many things in perspective, because everything is always multi dimensional. And it’s always you know, in the polarities, it can be like this but it can also be

Katie Wrigley  1:13:46  

The duality of the universe.

Ulrika Karlsson  1:13:49  

God knows that the world need way way more love so you know, go out and have a Holy fuck, why not.

Katie Wrigley  1:13:58  

I’m going to try to have one of those later today if my partner is willing. It’s been a long week so that would be a great way to end it. This has been an amazing conversation I really want to have I want to make sure that I’m giving you the respect you deserve with all the work that you’re doing with all the writing you’ve done so I want to take time read your books before I have you come back on the show and have a deeper discussion about Holy Fuck and everything sacred, all, all the things so you have the it’s the say the titles again one more time Ulrika and if you can also let us know where people can find you. So they can reach out and connect with you more directly if they are feeling called to do so.

Ulrika Karlsson  1:14:41  

Thank you. So my first book is called 2:47 am – the journey home to my heart okay. And I have five books, one is in Swedish. So I am not sure your English speaking people will appreciate that. And then the the book that is signed as the book of the here Holy fuck and Sacred Water – the sacred connections to everything.  And then I wrote a book, a chapter in the book about menopause, the Potent Power of Menopause. But my personal latest book is the Sacred Soul – the divine evolution through time and space. And the book is here to remind you who you are on a soul level. And you can find them on Amazon, if you however, I would prefer if you ordered them through me, since I know that Amazon actually keeps all the money. So, yeah.

Katie Wrigley  1:15:42  

So what is your website to go order them then?

Ulrika Karlsson  1:15:45  

It’s www.ulliskarlsson.com

Katie Wrigley  1:15:57  

Got it. All right, well, I’m gonna go there.

Ulrika Karlsson  1:15:59  

I also have information on karma clearings, and I think I have some podcasts there, too. It’s not updated. Because I prefer to sit on podcasts in real life meetings or to do my work, but at least I have a website that is not censored.

Katie Wrigley  1:16:19  

Great. Yeah. And they, you can probably search for your name within podcasts and find a bunch of different episodes that you’ve been on as well. If it’s been marked in the show notes, they should be able to find you that way to hear more podcasts that you’ve been on as well outside of this one. Great and so can you do these karmic clearings and these Akashic Record readings over zoom with people in other countries as well? 

Ulrika Karlsson  1:16:43  

Yes, we’re working in another dimension, with other energies. So but I always need the consents, somebody to enter their Akashic record about it’s life changing, you know, session where I do everything, the reading on distance to prepare for the karma clearing, but then it’s you as a free soul with a free world who activates your own karma clearing.

Katie Wrigley  1:17:09  

That’s beautiful. And that actually makes a lot of sense. That’s what I’ve understood is, you know, freewill is exactly that we’re never being forced into anything. And if you are being forced into something that is not a divine energy, if it’s forcing you. Exactly. Awesome. Well, thank you again, for joining me today, this has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you a little bit better.

Ulrika Karlsson  1:17:33  

Same to me, I’m so happy that I’m here. And again, you know, we can only see and talk about what we also have within us. So thank you for your openness and your beautiful energy and the important work that you do with your pods to which a lot of people so thank you for having me. I look forward to staying connected. And thank you also, who’s tuning in and listening. Thank you so much.

Katie Wrigley  1:17:59  

Yes, thank you, my listener, I am perpetually grateful for you, the gratitude never ends. Join me again. Next week, we’re going to talk about cognitive movement and psychedelics, where they’re similar and where they are vastly different. Yet both of them have tremendous power to help you heal. So here’s a hint, you can even use one of them to make the other one more effective. That is correct. Come back next week. And you’ll hear all about that. Until then, please remember that chronic doesn’t have to mean permanent. 

Katie Wrigley  1:18:35  

We are a brand new podcast. We appreciate every review we get, especially the five stars. Please help us share this podcast and spread the word that you can accept the diagnosis without accepting the prognosis. You can do this by subscribing and leaving your own five star review to let us know what you like and what you want to hear more of. Thank you so much for listening today. And as always, remember that chronic doesn’t have to mean permanent.

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